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nice but, weird jacket wtf

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what do you do with green laser
that would actually be kinda neat in a survival kit
hes prob still sleeping with big lizards
unless he killed the rest of them

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apperently one of our amps oscillates and makes far away waterfall sounds
and it goes away when people touch it to measure stuff
i was going to see if i could replicate it by switching thru a coil
dunno hold onto it
ill send you your parts
find pay me then
also mxman when he is around

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soic and 0805 are pretty easy with homebrew
macegr: heh thats neat
You probably think of op-amps as audio components, but did you know that their original purpose was to process information in analog computers?
haha yeah 'operational' doesnt mean, like, not broken
whats an egong
oh trippy

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how much is one of these printers?
i need to install ltspice
ha neat
sec lemme install and ltspice and wait 5 years while it updates
i need to get attatchments

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damn @ 50A
make a gokart, obviously
try setting it to 0?
maybe you need to initialize it somehow
OCR-B font should be checked by actually trying it first before use.

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eggsalad: autofail engage
wai wat
yes at times
dx^: is your tabbed foxit crashish?
oh its like that
this is foxit reader 2.3
is this old or something?
completion pwnt
free motors are good

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ok i gotta go bye

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