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yes wai
damn, no forgot
yes weekend
oh that sucks

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sounds fucked
its joellama
mrtube: i have no idea

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just make them

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youve tested current thru them?
yeah totally
youre running 35v or 28v?
8R drivers?
heh we sell 6R as 8R on some products =\
not like it matters theyre signal input
yeh could be okay

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mrtube: oh hi
hey how much did my amps costs to build?
and are they still running fine?
well mine like my boards like i created them
just the shit on the boards
not the supply
you totally bought those .1% resistors and c0g caps
i want to build the boards i have
two and a ton of xovers

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damn they dont fuck around

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just do series/parallel/series-parallel
that way you dont have to buy special resistors and caps

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the girl from md pulled up the usgs page before i did

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ima go get cigs
multisim is pretty okay, just not as capture
and multisim/ultiboard was waaaaay easier to deal with than orcad
ima smoke more herb, mofo
ok handle it

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thats a hard life
you ate the printed stuff
orcad, hate.

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sometimes i do it in my bedroom =(
man i want cigarettes
and ginger ale

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low Ron fets
oh shitty
yeh basically, ive never done it tho

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i always thought green/ywllow was weird
i want to get red mask yellow silk

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yeh why doesnt anyone get that

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whats cheap
# Graphical PCB editing
# Design rule checking
blackmoon: its a gerber editor not a pcb editor
its pretty much a vector graphics tool that uses gcode format
im just amazed that for $50 it edits and has DRC
instead of some view and panelization functionality
tho its not the same as viewmate
like maybe its better at editing

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oh you mean stale smoke
how else would you do it?
well, beisde one lung to fill the chamber and another to take the hit
stupid tall bongs, always gotta prime that shit
what do you mean effortless
you still have to like, lean over onto it
i would do a fan on a switch
anyway i like bongs with pullouts
its perfect because you regulate your hit density
you pull as much as you want, and then with the pullout off, you pull it in the bong is totally unloaded
you like slurp
a gerber editor
when you get a fully functional one working, let us know

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im not saying its the way to do it im just saying it makes sense
it explodes?
as it dries
it smokes better dry tho

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so in some odd twist of reality
at work im doing exactly the same shit as i am at home
im like ripping thru the old lab, cleaning shit out, setting up lab stations
next i have to organize all the parts =\
like, our lab is basically 5 labs from 3 companys dumped into the same common area
water isnt a gas
so its consistent
like, 1lb of propane gas and 10lb of propane gas can fit in the same tank
are you in jail or something?
yeh but its still not as consistent
as water which is always liquid in normal environments

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gps for little hikes would be awesome
can map out foot trails

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