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yeh all the cheap shit looks like old tools that lasted forever
prob cheaper metal
okay ima go to bed

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hello joellama
joellama: we have a set of 'pittsburg' wrenches at work
i tried to undo a bolt on a big load resistor and it just snapped
thats a harbor freight brand of tools
and harbor freight will let you exchange alot of shit like that
or people barely use it
only a one year warranty

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these are little screws
impact gun would prob just rip them apart
we cant even use 2 of the 3 drills because their lowest torque setting strips out the wood screws
100 lbs would prob warp shit
who knows
strip nuts
theyre china screws, remember

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can you get like 50 lb air ratchets?
cuz theres certain shit where you can barely move a wrench to tighten shit
like, this bolt take 20sec
this bolt takes 5min
pro shit. $20.
its weird how theres high end harbor frieght brands
yes it does not say

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im likw how the fuck do you test ohms without a psu
it has this cool leather man purse dealie
with cardboard leather shit
so yeh who knows
soldering irons like tire spikes
lots of torque wrenches and bigass vernier calipers
like, 6ft calipers wtf
the big ones are mititoyo
good shit
i used one to make sure the nuts were tight on the folded horn speaker
yeh i was tightening them more by hand
with the hex key

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tools = $$$
we have mad tools at work but like half of it is shit and its all disorganized
but like, well have some insane ratcheting AMP crimper
or like tele phone tech tools
like, how 80s
some GE analog clip meter
shit has to have been like 60s or 70s
we didnt see a battery, we had no clue how that shit worked
we tried looping it around the table saw cord but nothing happened
it has an inductive loop ac meter
yeh but it has leads
and an ohm tester

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yes i wouldnt be surprised if thats how it started
fuck going to la puente to look at that car
i dunno hes smarter than everyone
seems like good pizza need up to 250C

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is this on a breadboard?
do you remember the mosfet pizza cooker plan?
what was the logistic fail on that
was like, lowest ok pizza temp was right about where silicone melts i think
enpee stuff
no i think we just wanted pizza
and were talking about fets all day

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inittab: u
did ttmustang get his thermocouple sorted out?
guess not

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thats worse than cold and earthquakes
thats like dude wheres my house

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damn @ tornado gif
theres a vid of a tornado hitting a tree from a car
it was like, shredding bigass pine trees

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10000001 is 129, * .25C is 32.25C, or 90.05F

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notice i couldnt remember, i had to check, like you could have
the D15 first kinda gave it away tho
32.25 degrees Celsius = 90.05 degrees Fahrenheit

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The first bit, D15, is a dummy sign bit and is always
zero. Bits D14.D3 contain the converted temperature in
the order of MSB to LSB. Bit D2 is normally low and
goes high when the thermocouple input is open. D1 is
low to provide a device ID for the MAX6675 and bit D0
is three-state.
d15 is clocked in first
d0 is clocked in last
theres also status and junk bits
okay my avr datasheet has a cool little diagram shows devices on both side of the spi bus and its pretty clear that first bit shifted in is msb
no reverse just mask it and shift it

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no i kept reading, then they explain the cold compensation shit
so i think the value you get out = (Tr - Tamp) @ 10.25uV per LSB
okay so its even easier
see why am i explaining any of this you already know it
you just dont believe your water is 150F?
i mean thats hot but its not insane\
well that sucks

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10.25uV per lsb
look maths is on page 4
wow that sucks
you might need an ambient sensor too

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which is what temp

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ttmustang: also with ad597, you can dmm the output and make sure its not hardware

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if ( (1<<PINB6) & PINB )

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macegr: i dont think so?
i would make default XYZ shutdown origin + rapid Z height
avoid putting a toolpath in the top of a part
nice fade
those tubes came out neat

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like, check if youre past Z0 or Z[whatever] during the cycle
maybe be able to model keep out zones

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03:22 <@Twingy> if "I" do G00 Z0 then I am at the top of "my" material
if you mean yours like, in your backend, iunno
but G0 Z0 should go to G0, even if part top is at Z1.
like, its retarded
but maybe you have a pocket to Z-.1
mat thickness is really just a visual thing anyway, no?
so you know what an awesome feature would be
rule checking

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up to you weather those are relative or absolute
yes i think so

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twingy: it worked for the router because everything was basically same thickness
so you could code for .75" and just throw .5 .625 and .75" boards in with the same code, thing feeds so fast the extra time doesnt matter
so it was the bottom of the work that was a consistent ref
okay thats fine i guess

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and that everyone sets the top of the work as Z0
heh, the wood router was weird because we worked in positive Z
and Z0 was the spoilboard
thats actually per the machines setup manual, too
also if your part has like 90% negative features with some datum surface at 0
and then a few positive features
rather than redimensioning a whole drawing
yeh that works fine
X and Y are working perfect

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should be whatever the user wants
i cant think of sane reasons right now but im prob just not trying hard enough
multiple setups i guess, if you want to retain and absolute Z ref
*retain an absolute
see youre doing it again
youre assuming everyone does origin bottom left

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twingy: working pretty good
origin Z setting resets to zero
in project settings
and i got it to crash with your fish example
by click selecting and then inserting a template
i think normally when you select a line in a sketch
insert template will be dimmed out, no?
when i click select, itll highlight the line, but allow me to insert a template while in a sketch
and segfaults
ok then thats why that doesnt work
the other thing is more current

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i can test for a little bit

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ttmustang: i dont even see where youre calling the spi_slavereceive function

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yes but you need to know bit locations

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6601:44 <@kevtris> SPCR = (1<<SPE)|(1<<MSTR)|(1<<SPR0);
why is that odd?
you can read thatr without referencing a datasheet
i usually do the whole reg, then do like (0<<SPE)|(0<<MSTR)|(1<<SPR0)
to clear and set bits
youre setting CS low then clocking in two bytes then putting CS high?

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id never buy a taig with extended rails
doesnt matter
it wont suck for awhile
well, i dunno maybe itll suck immediately
but id be more concerned with wear and reliability
like how it does in 6mo
hhow are you extending the screw?
you dont have to move the coupling assembly out?
or the bed clears that fine
oh ok

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sure, either way is ok tho
i dont mind if you leave it
what you bought?
we had big cubes of Al at school for plastic molds
its weird like that

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omfg my sister got arrested for dui
and my mom wants to borrow $1k for her $3k bond
that miatas engine sucked
but i have perfboard so i will call that mission a success
yeh thats fine
ctrl or alt click to select stuff
i think zoom and pan were on mod keys

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ima try and get that for $3800
then sell my failhonda
because i lovehatehate it

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the adc in that is pretty good
same LSB error, but like @ 4x resolution
like, it just says set CS low and shift in the 15 bits
16 bits, bit 0 doesnt matter or something

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post a link to the device
how fast do you need it to go its temp data

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i fucking hate the cold like i dont wanna do shit
wind is offensive
no i mean go out and do stuff
i need to get food and mail stuff
and i actually wanna go on a small hike or to the beach or something
yeh garage would be neat
i park like a block away
like, we have two spaces, but i have the dead crx in one
and it sucks because the spaces are in series
so if we both try and use them, juggling cars can suck
ccfl_man: you lost your personal weather channel gear?
haha it says wind gusts up to 5mph
either it was way worse before or im so wuss

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smell is a dead giveaway
like, you can tell when someone is growing in a dense neighborhood
itd take a bit to pinpoint it
but chances are if you live in it, you cant even smell it you think youre ok
how you gonna take a cat on a plane
yeh i dunno police dogs are around other dogs all day
haha wtf
dude then your car smells like ultra cat piss

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yeh, not like its coke from columbia
its usually like, sell to one dude who sells mostly to his friends
always risk
i should get my medical card

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i have like four computers with burners =\
one is a cnc and one is my moms, tho
thats like when they get weed
and they weight the stalks and roots along with the buds if theyre even there
heh, like he hired people to run them 24/7
sigh, nm
haha yeah really

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Over the next two decades JBL, went more mass-market with their consumer (Northridge) line of loudspeakers.
ha weird, northridge is a city like 2mi from here where their building is
inittab: haha
they have to decide if they wanna charge the parents or not haha
damn i gotta mail dx stuff
and do laundry

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Cerwin-Vega participated in Sensurround technology which was developed in conjunction with Universal Studios in the 1970s.
blah blah...
Sensurround was premiered in the 1974 movie Earthquake, and was a great success, but most sensurround units were later dismantled due to structural damage caused by the vibrations.
haha, they could set it so it kicked everytime the bed hit the wall or you hear a slap or something
Sensurround was a movie theater special effects speaker system which used multiple Cerwin-Vega folded horn subwoofers triggered by an optical soundtrack system to create low frequency effects which simulated vibrations felt during an earthquake or a battle scene
that was the blah blah part in the middle
someone said we did a tshirt like:
Cerwin-Vega. We have big cones.
and it had big speakers where tits are

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