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eggsalad: what it is, my brother
eggsalad: what it is, my brother
eggsalad: k
eggsalad: no time for that right now

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doing work invoice stuff, then prob going to crash out
me too i have to try and sleep more in the week

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what are those smd pins called?
you see them on DIP pcb modules
those look fake
nice butt tho

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it wobbles

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thats fine im prob going to crash out soon
lost that client buffer
did you email it?
cuz that makes more sense
yeh man all the kids sayin it
wat up nogger

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05:01 <@BlackMoon> renesis: go design me a constant voltage high current supply
that works
constant current constant voltage supply would be pimp

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possibly a flamethrower on a coil
i dont know
linear current regs ftw

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pfft i was thinking some active constant current shit
blowin shit up.
we have two at work, mmmm
i have to rewire them the strain relief came all lose and i know one of the inputs is all twisted
constant like how its ac
it should be fairly constant until you move it with the variac
you change the load
but not in the variac

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no i forgot im doing it tomorrow before work
i need your adress mofo
mekius: !
use ltspice its more free, like totally
spice is spice
ltspice is known to work well in wine and shit
ive seen it recommended as the simulator of choice for geda
which is funny because its a win app but whatever

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dx^: somewhat i have to do laundry

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blackmoon: theres a few of them mounted on the L brackets
with like some sort of fiber board washer
that i bet has a flange on the inside to keep the ceramic rod centered
then its bolted to a similar bracket on the other side thru the ceramic tube body of the load

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damn, thats still 5400w rms
so yeh they want to be able to test stuff like that

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we have a dumm load at work, like 9600W array of load resistors
have to figure out how to mount them
well its not a dummy load yet sorry
its dummy loads
anyway that project got all interrupted by other crap then layoffs and now redoing all the labs
we have one amp at work from the china factory, was doing 180vac thru 4R loads
lemme redo that its really like a 6R load

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calvins mom is hot

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dude just make the parts\

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octopart > orcad silliness

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i wonder if they keep transformers underground
nice like a blow torch mixing chamber

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haha yeh no shit
if that was a movie i would call it poor effects
like shit is happening all in stages
right now its switching from smokey mode to blow torch mode
wow @ mixed fire/electrical plasma ball
its probably gas and electrical
yeh but theres so much fire like how long can wires burn

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hmm i dunno where illinois springfield is
blackmoon: neat they make 2.5V rail splitters
cuz half VCC seems like a psrr mess
they only do 20mA

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thats prob okay for a pcb with the chip underneath or right behind but youre maybe having a prob because of the soic2dip adapter
omg its dioxide
sunday, nothing yet
near chicago or random illinois?

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you need perfboard
ttmustang: is your cnc working?
if you have copper plates, maybe do a little board for the soic and some drills with big pads to solder the thermocouple wire to?

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penguins go brr
thats with or without your connectors tho?
cuz yeh i could see the crossing of the metals somehow just cancelling out stuff
yeh, read backwards
i think the buffer amps are voltage feedback hiZ?

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hahaha thats mean
electronics is srs business
brick wire
has two wires in it
yeh your breadboard is now being a big heatsink assembly
instead of being a capacitive fuckhole
well, its still that too
he got a temp yesterday and it was close
it would read negative temps i guess
but then yeh he said cold water reading was only 80F
thats probably in correct

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hey is that an soic4 to dip adapter?
i wonder how they would fit it in between the dip pins
they dont
i dont think that worked even with soic8
unless you had offset pads
you need a tripod
yeh focus is fucked
ghetto tripod
stack some books

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damn you get pcb thick flexpcb?
or this is normal flexpcb
blackmoon: kapton is like the coolest things humans ever did
you do this on flexpcb?
or youre using something thicker
wow @ thick kapton
oh nice
i didnt see that
dude yeh new pic
and you need to have the thermocouple like right on the ic pins for it

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mta100 might drop enough heat that is makes the ic ambient and the cold side of the thermocouple would be diff
where the thermocouple connects should be the same temp as the IC
the ics have ambient sensors in them
yeh thats pimp
so now the connectors themselves are you cold thermocouple end
oh you got pimp thermocouples
you get those for $25?
oh ok
yeh if youre building them
the wire is cheap
i have a bunch from when i was hanging out in ceramics dep at exgfs school

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i have one left, and a bunch of those little sensor boards i made
hehe the boads are like .5x1"
kevtris: whats the range on T types?
interweb going slooow
oh up to like 200c to 400c
for thermocouple?
if i didnt have fancy connectors id use solder pads the size of dimes
you need really good electrical connection
well, those crimps are usually for stranded core
and now you have a crimp connection and other connection
also its a thermal transfer thing

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kevtris: soldering K thermocouples sucks
theres one wire that the solder doesnt like sticking too
oh yeh im talking about K type
but you can just like trap it in a cold solder blob
like, so it cant wiggle loose, and you know its contacting
and i didnt even have probes
id like twist the fuck out of one end
like, my shit on the dmm read 99.8 in boiling water and like 2C on an ice cube
yeh spot welding would be awesome
thats pcb side contacts?
the ad59x chips have the built in
i had it on a tiny pcb basically right at the thermocouple solder points
i was amazed how well that shit worked, like chip plus one cap

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