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maybe you just blew the fuse?
maybe you stuck it in the wrong hole?

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holy shit LM3886TF went up
fuck the economy yo

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def got the bloody mess perk
danielson: its in a VR mindfuck
see i just ended up punching her or something
i did that
well i was going to anyway
she had it coming
and i mad save for just sucjh occassions
yeh shes like vaporized me

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wtf its a tiny scar
appendix scars are scarier, ive done chicks with appendix scars
thats an awesome pic
ive seen like super closeups
i know im referencing it
its not like shes disfigured

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this is why you dont score from random peoples

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its like the opposite of oily its tacky
really good weed doesnt really dry out, it kinda gets soft and gummy
and yeh
if youre worried about people youre buying weed from 'chumping' you like that, dont buy weed
anyway wtf @ oily weed
srs like, if the weed is leaving oil drops on a bag or discoloring paper you laid it on, youre doing something very very wrong
you have obviously never dne this before

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like, how to overengineer a screen clogging device
itd need to be sharped grates and youd need a matching ram
what youre talking about is basically a poor hash press
the grates and rams would still clog to shit with decent weed
danielson: really good weed doesnt always 'dry' out so much
the water evaporates but the leftover glands are still hella sticky
also stop drinking, alc is fail

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motorized grinders are typically hella fail
especially with anything sticky
weed is too diff to really do it well
some weed would just pull apart and like squeeze between your grinders and just not come out
its a fucking dried herb its not playdoh
no i didnt go what because i didnt understand i went what because its an unbelievably bad idea

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no u
you should gnd the avr circuit and the panel at the same point
and your grounding on the avr circuit should already be unfucked
is it fucked?
if it is unfuck it
yeh its grounded could mean its touching ground thru 18000 feet of filament wire
you cant really schema grounds
i mean you can but it doesnt matter on paper, matters in layout and assembly
may your failure be yours
i think that means something else, slightly

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its just a normal silicon diode =(
you beat me
macegr: digikey is inconsistent about how they will rate parameters
like one diode will be at 1mA and another 100mA
and another just wrong
like they listed leakage current because they were tarded
.7 isnt awful
its silicon
dx^: eh
are you just using the bed or what?
so what are you using
what are you doing with it
wtf @ gnd is different
yeh you can diff it
but really fix it
fix it
not you

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wtf are you doing?
loading a solar panel?
macegr: made out of what?
haha @ schottky
its like hundreds of mV (which is pretty awesome)
maybe around 100mV very low current
If = 1mA
Vf = 715mV

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avr adc at max error is better than 1%
get over it already
an archiver?
im not sure i understand the question
itll make zip, bz2, and 7z (lzma)
use 7zfm
i think its called
file manager, kinda like winrar
anyway the only probs i ever had with it, i was getting the same problems with unrar
and really thats the only time i remember having issues with it
also lzma compression is pretty badass
id have to do some timed comparisons against bz2 to be totally sure of its badassedness, but it squashed better than rar

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youve never heard of microamps before?
most digital circuits prob do well under 1mA
no i mean twingy

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i prefer h4xor
137ing ever letter is like youre trying to hard
i hate it
i dont mind win2k

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cap takes time to fill ul because of the series resistance
omg RC lpf done

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thats why were here
people at work scare me
other tech was like 'i dunno whats wrong with this led, were not giving it too much voltage
and im like, dot dot dot
wyou dont understand doing shit at home?

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you do sound like an engineering student
dunno reports were never that hard
collect data, make some graphs, analyze data and make conclusions
welcome to reality

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dx^: i always did labs alone
i usually finished in about 1/4 the time we were given
youd rather just stare at books and talk about it all day?

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danielson, do me a favor and stop being you for a few years
no its not im not gonna give you anything
also i gain nothing from you now so im not losing anything if you do
like that, that is like totally utterly not funny or even offensive
its about as out of context as is average, for you, tho

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fuck popcorn
croutons > popcorn
i did
i do =\
that burn made you look lamer than me

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were prob selling most of it to all electronics
i dont have to steal it i can just take it
its not like were ever going to use most of it again
dude its like transistors from 1975
and ancient dips
discrete logic from when it was new and exciting
theres alot of mickey moused h4x shit
also theres ton of plugs and shit we bought a month ago because we thought we didnt have any
they were just hidden

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i printed altoids pcb to make sure they fit
no i suck =(
have to wake up early go to the post office
weed man owes me money
ya rly
no one even knows where to find that in the valley
our idea of bad weed is shakey kush
and its still pretty badass
smoke less
smoke more then
thatll go away
so like, we have actual hd44780 displays at work
like, with an actual hitachi HD44780 chip, instead of a clone under an epoxy dot
um, no
im basically cleaning up like 30+ years of cerwin vega lab crap

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danielson: everyone does that

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we have 10x stereo shit at work, makes smt shit pretty easy
shit i have to go to work bye

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yeh man thats just a typical controller peripheral
youve never done PIC or AVR?
or 8085
well if you were youd know this 2nd grade electronics shit
its a timer, a compare reg, and setting on how to count and when to reset and what events to throw an interrupt
theres prob a status bit register
in your case tho its prob simpler because its already task specific
at the beginning?
3 pole passive, gutsy
if it 5v digital into 3v?
it doesnt matter anyway unless the input is low z
timecop: do you use stereoscopes or at least a big magnifier?

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theres no cap
also whats the input impedance of the agc
yeh thats the important part
resistor in series and cap to ground is a single pole RC filter
the cap is between the filters?
its two pole then, most likely
2 pole filter
filters average
in most cased, filtered noise/signal is bipolar, so it cancels out
but you can pwm it and the duty controls the output voltage
in software?

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agc pin prob controls the gain?
is the digital modulated?
or its just like, AGC me, or dont
the agc digital output, is it pwm or something
its 12b pwm
thats my guess
you RC it
or active filter it
holy shit you dont know this yet
its pwm wave generation
say you pwm with a speed of 100KHz for you period
then you filter maybe 1KHz or 10KHz, whatever
lower freq for less switching noise on your analog out
higher freq for faster response
the filter basically averages the pwm output into an analog voltage

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you cant really agc digital
well actually im just thinking of the attenuating case, boosting would be fine
and maybe you could attenuate by running a smaller valid resolution window and then scaling down
makes sense as agc is an analog thing
well, if it wants agc its because it wants a consistent signal, like if signal is weak it wants it boosted and if its clipping it wants it cut so its valid data again
so like, it would work without it
as long as the input signal is at a decent level
oh ok youre saying you want to agc the sigital output and somehow get you analog chip to be digital

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