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i want one of these xovers
ha nice

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maybe okay for recovery
but yeah its just cooling overheated bearings most likely
if the failure is mechanical
tho i mean it could realign the head wrong and make it read worse
dont even breathe on it

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like, click one others pop out
BlackMoon: what type how old?
.9 or .10?
wow massive
like a 10v supply
ha 25% regulation
so like 10v unloaded
Rab: are they soldered on?

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Rab: maybe want a pair of those, if you can figure out the money thing
k ty
the back panels come off?
yeh i dont want those
are they center tapped?
if they end up being work switchers
im prob gonna do something with relays and tactile buttons and leds
because where do you find those exlusive on buttons

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one fuse for 4 banks and input?
hmm weird reflections

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then yeh maybe valuable, else yeah decent audio companies spend a fuckton on research compared to what you are spending
but like, under 200w
anything you can do with an affordable qty of chipamps
you can build a badass amplifier for maybe even $100
zzzz_: hi
dont question it

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thats totally something we could rework for work
i had to undo one end of banana and speakon cables to use this spring terminal switch box
like its stupid big for a switchbox, but installed in a rack thats prob better because it makes the rear easier to get to
a good one?
not if you have the loads that can take it
building a personal one, yeh like the money saved (which likely wont be much in low build qty) is kinda pointless when you consider time involved
i mean if its something you like doing and have the money, and you already know what youre doing

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can you weight one and measure the box?
can figure out how much shipping will be
so the backs are drilled?
maybe i dont want them so much =(
hmm i wonder how much smaller the dissassembled one are
cuz i assume its way cheaper but they prob put them in a big box anyway

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neat my toroids will fit
yeh too bad they suck
gotta revisit the good ones
Rab: do they have rear mounting tabs or just front?
well, either way, want
racks have rails in the back for big amps
how do i send you money mofo
are they a bitch to break down?
sweet like that with mad tape is fine
how many?
Rab: well figure out how you want money

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its cool that i like those
Rab: http://circuitspecialists.com/prod.itml/icOid/1632
look, cheap
what is viertually?
thats 3.5"?

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dial and digi calipers can be had for $30
we have 6ft vernier calipers at work
a couple of them actually, mititoyos even
theyre fucking goofy, like a vernier scythe
the one that serves only one item?

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i barely remember
heh i prob remember more of caddyshack
yeh that was def the high point of the movie
lemme guess adam sandler gets the girl and saves his mom or something

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no my response was 20:59 <@renesis> you just said you eat shit
danielson: okay even if i did remember the happy gilmore reference
id still say 20:59 <@renesis> you just said you eat shit
that was the golf one?
right because billy madison was the kid @ school one
wtf was the football one
o, the waterboy

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its all in the id number
cornflakes > u
you just said you eat shit
danielson #1
well whatever they taste good
and they dont work for that
20:59 < danielson> renesis, I eat pieces of shit
direct quote
you dont eat me for breakfast
i did direct quote
i need to get a diff car and put a decent system in it
kinda sucks rocking shredded/missing surround drivers when i work at a speaker company

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almost 5 trillion?
i know that but did you make up a meaning for ndpr?
oh =(

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theyre kinda expensive, and theyre big
soic 14 and 16 are weird tho
wait hmm
its weird because dips will come in multiple widths
only soic 16 comes in multiple widths
anyway proper soic pads dont fit inside dip pins
soic comes in wide?
i was counting the super wide widths

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ima go read more about our $1.5K super xover thing
heh, the guy who does folded horns just uses it to power tests stuff
so he never needed more than one channel =\
DX^: clear tape mfkr
you will has it
no theyre prob manufactured
because its a bent piece of metal, yo
they have the ones with the alternating direction bent pins

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and the brit/mex failed at kick drums compared to our cali/china thing
well, our highend 18" woofer
the lowend 18" woofer was pretty good too
okay well guess what youve mentioned it more that anyone at this point
the brit/mex thing sounded alot like our little sub with the high tones
no im pretty with it

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dammit i want to go back to work
were doing comparisons of 3 of our folded horns and some brit/mexican thing
thats way cheaper
but yeh youd adjust parameters on a dsp xover channel...
and then go to do another channel
and check the previous channel
and it resets one of your parameters
unfortunately, wifi doesnt work for shit in the warehouse and i couldnt check the manual
`nico: it was a bit deeper in tone
but ours was louder and cleaner up to the 112Hz 24db LR xover

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