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i seen those
k fuck this sleeping bye

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you can fuck suspension, and tires, and fenders
like, you can fuck your suspension into the tire
and itll wear your tires and eventually make them flat
you def feel that

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i can fit a system in that pretty easy
ive lost feedback in races
it sucks its like your car got damage, limping along just to finish

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yeh the feedback is really good in what im playing
it actually has a mod for feedback, you can control it with numpad in realtime
force, damping, mix
dunno in the sim racing stuff they just do what cars would do
like when youre all sideways, you can kinda let go and feel for when it gets grip back
then yank it towards the way you want to go to recover
maybe im going to copy rab and get a volvo

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i mean, prob just 1% of the time on really strange src material, but whatever
if theres bass out of phase on the src, something should happen, shouldnt just sit there and do nothing
hahaha what
its the zero g forces that kills it
sim racing is kinda hard because you have to figure that out from other cues
like, real driving, thats your #1 indicator

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haha @ counting the lpt port
that + like 6 amps
like, universal biamp/triamp driver
fuck anything .1
actually yeh i wouldnt mind that i guess
i just dont like the one channel vs summed sub dilema
they both suck

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ha @ for embedded applications

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see usps is good

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poor planning, moon
i dunno if i slept or spent the whole night like, almost sleeping
right when i know i fell asleep the alarm went off
wow @ topic
thats def intelligent
midnight pizza is pretty awesome
theres 3a thai here
but its in sherman oaks =(

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