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you have a newish civic dont you?
oh not so newish
they still looked kinda normal then

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i think they have to
thats probably light tho
you need that or a loop
yeh that sucks
but thats still prob hella light
i had to take apart my door to get my broke window up
like chinese finger trap
oh wtf

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i like it
i been to lots of other places, i like it here
but yeah more people need to be like you, and leave
and stop coming here for no reason
that way rent and house prices get sane again
my failaccord gets 20mpg now tho
my crx gets 35mpg, but it prob got closer to 50mpg 20 years ago
cars got heavier because of safety/stability and electronics
like, you gotta have energy to push that shit around
so like, youre getting the same mileage, but its a better value!
was it quiet?
electric scissor jacks bullshit

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im saying like, you wouldnt get them with your big ocean crisis
you would still have p0rnography and working actors
thats 400ft above sea level
protected from tidal waves by bigass mountains
money for my failcar?
prob not
san bernadino sent me a collections notice for $130
fucking jalking ticket
its like 100mi away
i called to see if the cop had submitted the ticket
and the clerk was lie, no record of that ticket here sir!
so a week later, i get a letter like, you failed to appear in court for jwalking ticket
it was the christians with the bullhorns
why i got jwalking ticket

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you need an ocean
heh, what elevation are you?
yeh global warming wont help get you ocean
were like around 400ft
LA is almost sea level
like if the oceans raise 400ft we did something bad
downtown and west LA
maybe east LA is okay
valley, burbank, pasadena/glendale
see the funny thing
you wouldnt get where most of the working actors live
youd wipe out alot of rich ones in malibu
shit water raises 20ft at high tide and theyre gone
you wouldnt get p0rn

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man so i wake up because im cold because my blanket sucks
45.3 °F
that is kinda cold
i guess its only summer during the daytime this week

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haha @ http://timecop.mine.nu/loop2.png
i dunno
because its like a network with an unknown load and input
need to see least a bit of the circuit inside, or a description on pin impedances or maybe max current out
or a description blurb or block diagram or something
PUMP is funny tho
it is 4a tho i am half asleep

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my guess is you need 20pf version, but id try that with an avr on stk500
k food done bye

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what would maybe be neat, is like dip boards with dual row female headers
and then you make diff boards for like soic and ssop and mlf or whatever
with RA headers
that would actually fit on breadboards and into sockets on pcb
without blockin shit
there is 20pf versions and series version

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according to that random page, i thinkg you got the wrong one
this is for the eth chip?
im gonna go get some foods

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hey that loaded fast
dx^: send me dumplings
eggsalad: send me dumplings
you said mad stuff is missing
05:31 < DX^> I'm missing hella parts
05:31 < DX^> renesis: Do you have a list of what you sent me?
how come digikey doesnt have a list
didnt you make an acct?
eggsalad: wut
18-22pf on an avr
usually caps from one or both pins to ground
yeh i dunno youre making this all complicated

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yes dx profit point is we can do it for nothing
that sucks
whats missing
yeh you cant round down
thats why parts list is neat
so you go to next valid multiple higher

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wat indeed
dx^: yes
no because im like how the fuck do you do the bigger ones without being retarded
all like hanging off to the side or some shit
if you stick that in a breadboard you cant get at half the pins
ha thats so ghetto =\
ssop to dip would prob be extra easy

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like, with more pins on the longer curved edge

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like circular flat pack?
wait that exists?
id rather have like a curved rectangle

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yes eagle will do that
i think their example is called hexapod or something
i think my electric razor battery is dead

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timecop: wat
is +3v3_D a voltage rail or like from a divider or what?
rail is basically an AC ground, L3, R23/R24 are your filter parts

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inittab: wat

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its easier to cook like that

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40W headphones is not safe, sir
okay neat its loud, but does it sound good?

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inittab: oh hahaha it took me a sec
if you buy 100 theyre $6.70

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i had no idea what to expect but you are totally right
it wouldnt be hard
you should do it
whats usb headphones?
yeh thats a series
a dac and an amp
depends how shitty your pc soundcard is
they have dacs on them?

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heh @ maple syrup

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wait what
i thought you meant like a flash mp3 player
im like thats maybe not bad
but i think you dont mean that and thats really sad
isnt that free?
firefox just does it auto so i havent been to that site in years
why did he do tis

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damn i hate it when they dont leave a phone number
oh shit @ 250K miles

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thats typical
its usually on a big scissor frame
my dad was way into convertibles
prob because he was from pittsburg
like, shiny days are something to celebrate
i should get that
haha k not rly
yeah theyre awesome
for me to laugh at

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theres that week of 110F here
i should go to the bank and stuff and stuff
im maybe gone all day
damn youre gonna take the whole oil pan off?
just undo the two bolts and the plug
installation is the reverse of removal

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lucky fucker
he prob needs to like plow shit
80F until wed
whats rent on a 1 bdrm apt?
how much is a 3 bdrm house?
i guess 80F is too hot for inittab

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damn whyd you go and do that

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phone number is a shop
prob something is wrong with it!
said the owner would be there in an hour
yeh thats some hax pcb editing
dude alternator is easy
you prob dont even have to lift the car

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yeh i know =(
wtf is 'engine work' =\
This car runs very good. Volvos last a long time. Must see
-- Located in Anaheim (Magnolia/Crescent)
ha funny
thats far tho
ima call about that its ight up the street
omg nooo

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rab: that 128k one says 'extensive engine work'
im calling

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dohc ^

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i can rebuild my crx
well, have it done, and its prob a 50mpg car sometimes
its a 1700lb car tho
what engines?
both i4?
okay the thing with failaccord, it has a 2.2L i4
so it kinda has balls for a family gokart
no i know
i have a friend has or had a turbo volvo
i dunno if he still does, i know he got a new corolla
and also has a 2nd gen mr2
that the exhaust side?
maybe he peeled the paint

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like, the shocks
or the bushings and maybe springs too
oh fuck that
thats what this accord has
the bushings are gone but alot are all cracked
and its the creative multilink shit
exgf 960?
i can maybe even sell the failaccord for half that
like, either it really has a fuel pressure issue
or it has a wiring or grounding or ecu issue
fuck either of those things
plus the suspension, plus the driver side window
dude failaccord gets 20mpg

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i just want a turbo 940 because they made me go WTF when i was 15
fuckin anehiem
no v9, i6
there is no i6?
omg 200k

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what other i6 are there
*60 = i6?
is the i6 not as reliable or something?
because i6 are awesome
id rather have an i6 and an i4 turbo
tho if this i4 is indestructible, maybe i want an na i4
do they come in manual transmission?
i can has 80s i6 manual volvo?

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man whats with all the wagons
i dont want to be that hardcore
dude im buying a volvo i dont care so much about weight now
maybe if i love it, i will start wondering about volvo vs volvo specs
should i get a 940 turbo?
if its cheap i assume because its used up'
i dunno a volvo turbo is a curiosity
im not trying to take a turbo off
i only saw soccer moms driving them
the whole engine is mitsubishi or just the turbo?
theyre i4 or i6 or what?

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or is that just cali
yeh its drama
they got good lawyers =(
oh they were uninsured?
yeh thats a bunch of ccourt drama
i think most states do now
but like the person has to pay you
and if the person doesnt have money, well the state pob isnt gonna give you money
money cache > nice car, right now

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rab: you has a lot of volvos, right?
which is least crappiest
or is this like asking someone what their fav song is
like most reliable
did you put lights on it?
honda does that but everyday i am more and more afraid its going to die
so thats kinda impressive
because that shit got hit hard
and like, rear glass fine, most of the quarter panel around the passenger area, pretty ok
i want a trunk tho
to put teh speakers
rab: you have mandatory insurance laws?

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really cold doesnt happen here so im like what?
oh he wants a new a/c
i get it
its prob cheap because its the to-220
20A is more than what he needs
yeh old a/c is shitty and expensive

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transformers are neat
not neat, just suicide
and over
and over
kevtris: nice
i was just thinking that with relays
because thats typical inrush limiter stuff
see thats fail, $.50 uc for timing, done

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they only drop a few volts
if that, <3 triacs
yeh i dont think the big coil in the way gonna let that happen
not to a 300A spike
thats what the caps will do
but transformers are coils so they limit current changes, and theyll saturate, so they limit how much energy is transfered
0-180Vdc spike
yeh but 300A-400A prob isnt going to make it into the caps if you turn it on at peak

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gluegun, feer
its awesome
its non conductive, its strong
its easy to apply
its not hot enough to hurt anything, and you can get it off if you have to
its cheap as fuck too
that would be fun to rig
we have a box of mostly tube socket relays
from the lab im sorting at work
he got like 1000A relays
all i remember is a pic and they were like, way big
we use those in speakers at work

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mine was like just 15A =(
no for the drive circuit moon
yeh basically
mrtube: you just need to flip an led
yeh but the triac and opto might be cheaper than the transfornmer
yeh but i have boards
yeh like, transistor driving optotriac led driving to-220 triac
yeh i should redo those
as im trying to buy a car
tho i guess i can afford both
no moon
it is a really nice plastic box w/ terminals and neat looking potting
so you dont feel ripped off
i dunno man those are nice looking boxes
are 30A ones really that much?

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haha wtf
mrtube: theres a 6 output dsp crossover at work
i <3, i want
its $1k =(
mrtube: that + amps = biamp/triamp anything
its got built in EQ and delay, too
since its balanced output, you can bring the signals straight to idential amps
and bridge the output
to drive it?
the board i did was like, 5

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racing against people is fun
is totally diff with the same 15 humans every weekend
pfft, get bant
all you play is arcade racing =(
which is rare
slow corners are like 30 usually
exception being the hairpin at monaco
but monaco is like, epic street course
is there 15mph turns?
nurburgring turns are almost like a freeway
then you accel to that point and hold it
yeh but the ring is high speed

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