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omg i accidentally made a gimp emote
its pixeled out
04:41 <@macegr> cylon smiley
omg that kid got bombed
hes obviously the best
dig the blast sphere
hahaha @ tags
fukung = bant

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dx^: obama won
dx^: he must be double secret evil
hahah wtf!

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pie is known to the state of california...

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mom maybe threw away a $30 paper bag of single sided copper clad and various sizes of perfboard
night is ruined
i need to move out
this is not acceptable

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haha what
i need a turntable so i can actually collect the music im into
dammot county ate my turntable moneys

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macegr: you send them eagle files?
dx^: i paid court $1350 =(
four year old fixit tickets
they fucked up
and i took care of some shit but they say i still owe them $670
also i owe san bernadino $130 for jwalking
also i owe FL $130 for speeding
also i owe $200 for the registration on the crx
so not so much

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damn moon you are like on a fukung bender
im about to pay chatsworth courthouse $1300 =(
i did it =(

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all tha drama and money i paid for my ticket in malibu, and they say i owe $670 for it
w t f

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damn like $20 in perfboard is disappeared into thin air

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this sucks i cant find my all electronics stuff
perfboard is gone

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anything with alien armadas and like waves of robot mecha?

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blackmoon: recent awesome big robot anime
However, those days of being bullied by classmates and escaping to a fantasy of being a hero are put to an end when a certain .accident. bestows on him a girl and a gigantic humanoid robot called .LINEBARREL..
i need to go to tmart
does he get better?
did he blow his friend up?

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ER16 spring collets
and yes
straight shanks up to 3/8"
unity stable, stupid high speed, awesome noise
offset, not so great,

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dx does your dc jack really have pads like that?
like, pins i guess
okay so not rly
you modded your parts
you use sandpaper on your electronics a lot
you had to sand all those pins to make a parport fit into something

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haha @ tldr tag
we have 3m breadboards
i wonder how much your thing cost

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yeh dx obama gonna get you
he will eat your racist babies
wf @ oscillators
you mean crystal?
wtf blind?

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wow i <3 that guy
kevtris: ..
he has some sort of mask

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guys how do cheap distortion analyzers work
like, phase distortion is prob just distortion to it, no?

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dx^: you can be a ninja and calc the ripple @ your load current
then find the psrr spec an see how noisy it gets
does anyone still manufacture asbestos?
78* and 79* dont have the same pinouts
317/337 have an adj for gnd on the same polarity parts
omg kevtris cornflakes is safe for everything
i had two bowls just now (rly)
most candy w/ sugar has no fat

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'more fun'
why is it hot
wick is how you clean up smt
my car starts every day
i havent done anything yet

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seen this
eggsalad: seen eggsalad
yeh i seen that too, it is hella wtf

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maybe i should get one of those

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