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but then the c hax0rz would be like eh eh

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in this case its maybe pwm fucked rail dropouts
im go sleeep
dollar signs

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the $60 cable was 24ga i think
i have 5 off cable like that
only like 8" tho
dunno, gonna go sleep
did you get that from a table or what?
depends on ambient temp and how the cable is packed and whats up with the insulation

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$28 for 100'
its prob just gonna be like 5 in a string
could double up vcc and ground
its 26

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i wish i had cable like my 6 pin jumpers, but like a roll of it
or at least like a few continous sections
heh i have the telepone wire
could test with that
that sounds like a plan
on rolls
if it works, maybe i but 100ft of shielded 6 conductor cable
its like $60
or 80
oh, yeh 40 pins, yes

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i should mod my shiftbrites with 10uF
stack it on top of the .1uF or whatever
you dont have decoupling?
damn far
know anyplace that sells cable by the foot?

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my cable comes from shunsheng

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see youre supposed to do a PWR bus
and put all your rails and gnds in it
and have that snake around or branch off to all your parts

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because 10uF smt is expensive as fuck
sb v2 is like 5 products
for smt its expensive as fuck
what kind of cable were you using?
was multichan cable or flat?
he wnt give up on the gnd bus

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anyway how much for maybe 20 or 40
yo whats 4 times 40
$160 hmmm
dude 40 is kinda armyish
dunno maybe 2-5'
maybe less
how did that work?
theyd be in groups

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macegr: jenny wants to do a bunch of shiftbrites, prob reacting so sound
in weird organic looking ceramic things with glass rods coming out the top
she was thinking heatshrinking easter eggs around the cables
so they look like kelp floats
no prob more like the egg pod groups from aliens
i dont think ping pongs would look organic enough
anyway she was like 'how much work would it be to do like, a bunch...'
shes like, 100
im like, o shiftbrites are $5
damn thats alot

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you dont really need the flux so much with tinned boards
i usually heat up the solder on the first pad and slide the chip in
then get alignment right
watch for the solder to wich up onto the pin
if its a bit sloppy, fuckit because you can go back and fix it after you done the other pins
thats gets messy
i just tin the tip and touch it to the pad/pin
and when they get hot enough they wick off as much as they need
we have sponges at work, sucks
i want my coily pod

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that shit is so easy with magnification
or are the pins all fucked
so did it work or did it fail?
paste flux
tho at work we dont use flux except whats in the solder
you just do a corner pin
then do opposite corner
then the rest are stupid easy
no i mean danielson
always do one pad

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hes an odd one
no one knows the next line
cant we just do ssop to dip?
thats so much neater
i was going to do ssop anyway because itll be fun compared to the soic fail shit

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a bus for vcc/gnd isnt uncommon
bad schema competition
no because we didnt decide hoe to do it
okay fine
thats so weird!
weird @ thin 20 soic
i know that one
what acrylic case?

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flow should go left to right, top to bottom
positive rails should be above negative rails
try and keep symbols grouped into subcircuits
whatever either works
thats not a horrible schematic
theres alot of little things you could do to make it look better
and wtf @ dx's stub schema looking okay
i routed that whole board i had no idea what was up with the circuit

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well convert
well this is half that
same thing you want to do most likely
smaller ic
ive used, works awesome
kevs used it, and he does temp monitoring and control for a living
you dont put it in the fir
and i used it up to like 500F
itll go as high or low as your voltage rails
its 10mV/C, 0V=0C
(you need to run neg voltages to do negative temp)

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damn yours is all complicated
i got ad597 its soic8
so what
it says single supply operation so its fine
why did you get that instead of the ad596/597 part?
too much space between the thermocouple connection and the IC will fuck your accuracy
how much was yours?

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the dust covers are like $40 new from panasonic, prob need hinge hardware too
i dont care about fucked cables im probably going to redo them with good cable and neutrik plugs anyway
whats that for again?
the taig bed?

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i bet those are stolen
theyre like $500+ new
and they have amazing resale
so hes coming back from big bear, says to call around 10
he doesnt remember if he has the dust covers
and he says they work fine
anyway for $200 each, theyre worth repairing

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but my mom might be cool having a setup in the living room
she has old records she prob wants to listen too
i want to start buying records, its not like im gonna do gigs anytime soon
a turntable?
most of the music i listen too isnt even released on cd
rab: djs hate those mixers =D
rab: we have a dsp xover at work, i fell in love with it =(
i want to buy it and like build a bunch of amps and like biamp/triamp the world
1RU unit
macegr: vinyl sales arent dying like cd sales =)
and i dont have any cds anymore anyway

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rab: possibly holding off on those chassis
i paid the city $1350 and maybe have to pay $670 more
(fixit tickets from 2005)
(i forgot about those because i was dealing with court shit they send me to jail over
dx^: hahaha
prob not for a bit
im buying a turntable
at a time, possibly
local ebay sl-1200 for $240
i tried calling about a local pair but he wont answer
actually i should try again
rab: i have no space for two really...

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*how does

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its like that synth
see how is sticking wart wires under battery terminals get on the same list as shit like that

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damn i was expecting like 4700uF caps

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Air strikes are either purchased from a faction or found lying around Venezuela.
dont leave your air strikes lying around yo

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