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the basslink has speaker level input
most car amps have speaker level
man i have a john bonham hairdo wtf
dammit, turntable guy is not responding

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what insanity are you on about?
go to sleep fucker
thats how people die and universes collapse
so what do you want me to do about it?
amps, you wanna find thd @ power
but you prob wont get that
and speakers, like its more to do with your box than anything
30Hz what
dont get a tube
but yeh i got my sister to buy a basslink
the infinity powered thing, 10" w/ passive radiator
i think like 150W rms or something
she loves it
because tubes arent known for having the greatest sound
i want to build a sealed box
i hate speakers!
so this is really good for me
i dunno does yours sound shit?
does it have line outs?

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the clash > *
how come we dont have a weather bot
wtf @ look outside timecop
it looks sunny outside
its 60F
i could have died.

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