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sparkfun 1p jumpers
i have boxes of cables for situations like this
work has like 20 boxes like that
theres only 20 signal pins?
thats good info
tab side = good

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yeh one of the pins is like bussed to every other wire
or maybe many of the pins
use every other wire
and hope that its just one wire thats bussed or you missed those pins with double plus luck
you have to unsolder your failribbon
your shit is like connected to to much shit
hahah @ taking apart pc to complete project
i think cdrom are ata66
im pretty sure thats 80 lead territory
you need a pc from like 2002
for $1204
its prob cheaper to buy 500 than 10

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the way the connectors work, id say yes
but the 80 pin connectors, im like wtf is going on there
those connectors are had to pop apart
rab: yeh but that seems so prone to fail
rab: i seen it tho, ive even used them
80lead ide cables
the udma ones
somehow they get a gnd signal to every other wire
and you know its some sort of blade connector inside the housing
are you using 40 lead or 80 lead cables
and are you using the connector on one end?
because yeh thats some major fail potential

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someone said digikey doesnt have min order anymore
but i dont believe
rab: i found $150 turntable w/ fuckey tone control and missing tonearm clip
im not sure but panasonic parts site says its a $3 part
but that cant be true because that seams resonable
but fuck these people with turntables never being home
id have to open it, but it had a adjustment resistor
in the parts list
so prob dont even have to replace shit
nice fail

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i thought you did that
i can send you mine tho

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use ltspice and sim it
its prob hiz input
then you basically filling and draining a cap thru a resistor
you can do two poles
but it might lower your max voltage
yeh thats hiz as fuck
the resistor and gate capacitance form an RC too, so you might get a bit of filtering from that too
anyway i need foods

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prob somewhere
calc says thats like 500Hz timecop
what speed is the pwm
i dunno because the output response lags
the lower you filter
and i dont know what kind of input your agc thing is expecting
or how sensitive to ripple it is
yeh but is ripple gonne freak it out or just make decoding harder or nothing or what
anyway w/ a 500Hz filter id try like 5KHz pwm period

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er shouldnt
i rabbed
you has a deadline?
dx^: take other pins and route to the bad pins
itll either work or blow out the new pins
itll work for a dac thing

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i found an sl-1200mk2 for $150
the pitch is off
and its missing the tonearm clip
which is awesome because now i dont have to feel guilty about opening up a perfectly working device
cuz i was gonna do it anyway
so yeh hes not home, so hell maybe call tonight, or i call in the morning
i prob should buy one on ebay because id have to get it shipped to work
and theyd be all like WAT THAT
and id have to be like, enemy product

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they have cheap rack cases

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do the photoplotters use an actual moving head or its something digital thats projected thru a lens or what
yeh but is it actually mechanical?
damn really?
i figured by now itd be some sort of digital projector thru a lens, all software
youre using circles
circles is insane
yeh thats the only way i ever seen those
awesome yet scary

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machining plastic or what?
just make a mold, but a injection mold machine
its doing dots?
i wonder if thats easy for the photoplotters
prob slow
it it making dots or like, circles?
yeh because youre detecting edges

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yeh those where do i get those
i have them machined? what
$10 for 64pin and it needs to be made wids and it wont route nice
oh i see
i socket the machines pins
90% of the work in that is finding funds and factories
so that sucks kinda i thought those pins on modules were one sided
but i think theyre those edge clips

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wouldnt dip my soic make more sense
its as funny as soic my dip
wt @ dipshits
dude you dont buy them from digikey you get like a million from china
macegr: those are neat but i think it has same issue
the clips prob stick out as far pads for header pins
tho in general, i want those where do i order
do it right
but i can route around them like pin headers
i thought they make ones that were just on the buttom
oh, yes less board space

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im not using them im just routing them
so i mean even the way im thinking to do it is pretty fail
or have to use tiny traces
see like, hardcore would be using something like that in a linear circuit
like a quad amp
those are prob expensive
but yeh thats totally ideal
for what
every chip ever

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you have a light?
mine has a button you can press with the key
i did a board
what if we do them on the bottom
it routes more awesome

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i use castrol high mileage
because we paid like $1000 once for our cars
im not trying to like, match that in oil
which i change like every 500mi
it runs better, with less power, with oil suicide thickener stuff
but i get better gas mileage without it
you have a nice car
if i had a new cars id prob throw in synthetic after it was broken in
supposedly its not as good for breakin, like the mating parts dont wear each other right
but lots of cars come with synthetics so iunno
maybe tolerances are diff
i would prob do a couple changes with whatever the factory uses
synthetic oil is more awesome

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`nico: my 86 crx is easy as fuck to work on
i dunno they came right out of my crx
drill it
as long as you put your fucking wheel on right
they hold the disk to the hub
its prob coil on plug
so it prob has modules with small 12V/GND connections
maybe just 12v
car people are insane at grounding
it needs to gnd thru the plugs anyway

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to deadbug?

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rs is maybe register select
or reset
dony you have a datasheet with a little table that explains what all the pins do

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hello yes before its too late
im hungry
i hate buying old cars
hey did failboard work?

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heh, so they forgot to pay me for one of the four invoices i submitted
so i email about it, theyre like ohshit yesterday
they fedex overnighted my paycheck
like wtf
why didnt you usps it and give me the money you fucking wasted
some need a negative rail
mine dont
no that shit is weird

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k i have to go bye
i left three slices of pizza in the fridge at work!

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but yeh 150 is kinda wtf
even half that would be awesome tho
with the same level of safety

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hahaha wtf

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anyway, pics or links or whatever, and its still like $200?
that sounds better
but we realized right after you paid me that would have worked out better
so it became a next time thing
damn mofo
youre still doing two layer?
im at work all day or sleeping
theres few hours of irc up in the mix but its not like im reviewing hours of scroll everyday

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they prob didnt wanna make striplines with signals in the die
im assuming its some rf shit
they lost it
we get a delivery notice
yeh that sucks
i need to fins a new car before failhonda is fail
why didnt you remind me before i had to pay the count $2k for shit like 5 years ago

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