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technics kinda fucked up in their service manual
they say to adjust the pitch center
then adjust the pitch gain pot
but the pitch center pot didnt have the range to center it without first setting gain trim so it measures 2.7K like in the manual
i fixed my $150 turntable \o/
gentoo is such a personal thing
timecop: itd take me like 30 hours to do a full install on a barton 3200+
thats mostly open office =(
you have to be good
and you have to be comitted
really its a personal distro
i wouldnt use it in anything commercial or critical
but yeh my gentoo was awesome, lasted years
course this was back when there was no installer

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are you using orcad or something?

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macegr: where is it
oh no

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you dont need super fin solder

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11.5" octogon works out pefect

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okay so i think im going to convert my turntable to green
the speed button leds are orange
and the strobe is red
they used some weird lamp circuit for the stylus light, pitch 0% indicator is already green which is awesome because its a fucking rectangle led
twingy: wait i dont get it
you leave the stencil on?
its something like mylar or what?
thats kinda neat
can you get custom stencils?
or they just come incommon packages
oh nice

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you heat it up and stick the part in with tweezers
wait for it to wick up onto the part
remove soldering iron, hold with tweezers
other pin is like, super easy
because i route it
twingy: it takes me way longer to get the parts out of the tape with the tweezers
paste seems like, extra steps
yeh but then you gotta like bake it
and you cant do parts on both sides
see the idea of aiming paste seems weird to me
the solder goes where its supposed to
yeh when you bake it im like, before that

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macegr: yeh but that was like in reference to being the government
because i think it would be a completely diff kind of frustration in that case
prototypes are life
deal with it
getting 6 assembled seems like a mad waste of tooling costs
then homebrew a pcb
god that seems slower than just soldering shit
ill go thru and tin one side of every passive
and pin one
and then just go thru and stick them on and do the other pins
im like prob 3x faster with magnification
i dont use it at home, tho
you dont tin the resistors
you tin the board
no thats like tin plated
tin it like you tin your iron
you put a little drop of solder

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$50 setup is pretty awesome
danielson: buy 10 boards and extra parts and learn to solder smt?
i mean if youre going to be doing this electronics shit much longer youre gonna be pretty limited if you cant
oh someone else is paying
you might need to rework it
yeh really
slower than china
you said 28 days one time
10 days is a long time
3 weeks is like, i found something else to do
why do you think i didnt move to maryland
lots of reasons i wouldnt like the gov

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whats the finest pitch?
is it so many parts you cant just assembly them yourself?
dude get magnification and its not that tiny
no it isnt
its freakish how well you can see the solder joints with 10x stereo scope

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i have to find an octogon width thats height is 11.5" and has volume of .65 sqft + speaker motor volume + brace volume
youre weirding me out

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oh, i can male like braces for the corners of the box
that turn the chamber into an actogon shape
that gets me some length
neat ima make a 13x13x13" doombox
w/ mad bracing
i never had those
thats offensive, sir

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ok this is pretty awesome
to get the response i want in a sealed box (2nd order butterworth) i have to make a .65 FT^2 box
12" woofer w/ a 6.625" mounting depth
so i can subtract motor volume, that maybe makes me equal with the mounting depth w/ 12x12 box
i can add a ton of bracing, thatll make the box bigger

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or get a 2U rack enclosure
thats kinda too big tho even if you can get one like 6" deep
oh yeh you def need an enclosure
i gott go fix the pitch control on my turntable
thats awesome, the cam scanning freq makes the sub look like its mad warping

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i got one of those subs
the qa engineer forgot to smash that one
haha, those three amps he has
they sledgehammered like 40 of them on the warehouse floor
i drive a 91 accord
we sold the mobile business so R&D isnt supposed to have them anymore
but there was one installed in a box in a corner of the warehouse, i saved it \o/
testing your autojoin
yeh the system sounds shit
i want to try and get the driver pareameters for it and do a proper sealed box for it
thats a horrible enclosure for long throw sub
twingy: make a sheet metal brake

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i have to ask for a day off so i can go to school grad office
she was at school?
i thought you didnt go so you could see her
wtf dx^
well sleep is important

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i hooked up that audio test thing yesterday
that shit works im like, wow
heheh its all clicky with mad relays
all ive tested is a 3K RC filter and the machine itself =\

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haha nice
do you have babby formed link?
found it
becuse these babby cant frigth back?
eggsalad: they are taking the three baby back to new york too lady to rest
okay i gotta turn that shit off
the first time i saw that i left it looping the background for way too long

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i have no idea i dont do diptrace schemas
i just do boards

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dude are you visually verifying your pcb?
because thats fucking crackish
run the drc and connectivity checks

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reassociate the schematic with the pcb

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