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itll drc check it for you
thats not the drc checkers fault
its their fault, not the drc check

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how is american local
yeh thats why im cleaning up lab and everyone cleaning up warehouse
do it

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your kbd has a turbo button?

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macegr: heh @ taco bell
youve been in cali how long and you are still bad at being a mexican
then make it at home
meh, alot of them suck
cheap fatty meat and stuff cooked night before
thats what i was trying to explain about breakfast at mcdonalds
like im not saying its good food
buts its tasty
i get mexican pizza

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4k mem
its the same as my 20 year old scope, heh
theyre both mono?
that sucks
yeh looks like it
yeh theyre kinda dim, the ones ive seen

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omfg hurry up
my tek is fucked
i dont even wanna turn it on to see if its still fucked
you want dollars for to ship?
i hope it has a roll function
no instead of the trace scanning
itll start on the right
and go to the left
then instead of starting over, itll stay there and trail data behind it
its useful for tracking sensors and shit
yeh its only for long duration stuff
yeh im sure it can do that
6. Cursor measurements: Manual, Track and Auto Measure modes

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how does it hook to pc?
oh i see
i saw this centronics thinger
yeh what you said
alot of shit has it
damn 60MHz
well its got okay sampling rate
oh shit
damn timecop why
eal-time Sample Rate 500 MSa/s
Equivalent Sample Rate 50 GSa/s
haha what
im not sure
like theyre oversampling
but thats lower than the highest freq response
oh wait it says GSa
how much

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04:18 <@danielson> timecop, we all need somebody...to lean on
youre doing that out of context, but not random or offensive or funny thing again
does it comes with a hard case or a sleeve or what?
no i mean to put it in fool
just say no
or something
im pretty sure ive seen shells or whatever for the little ones
did you keep that at least?
oh how not little is it?
i thought it had more channels
wait which is it
omg you bought a 60MHz scope?

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yours isnt a worm its like a slime

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i think by definition they all do
else its just common virus
if it connects to something thats something to trace its controller to
well yeah thats what a worm does
oh wait no now youre confusing me
i think you want to run remote operated cached p2p on infected pc

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he got a new exploding game
whats a nuclear bus?
did you blow up vertibirds?
those blew up awesome

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oh neat

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haha your quasi french situation?
or wrong channel
wtf is flyback doing in here

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no not yet but im about to
my tek 2230 is freaking out again
how is that fake?
thats fake?
maybe she just had alot of babies

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timecop: haha @ link

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timecop: status of dicktrace work
i think my tek dso fried itself again
im like walking in the room and its making like cliky/crackel noises
and the trace is doing like a little chaotic light show in the lower left of the display
resetting it doesnt fix, issue is inconsistent
sometimes dso works, sometimes analog only works, sometimes the dso sections acts dead totally, sometimes itll be half dead but steal the trace from analog functionality
when it works it seems slow
timecop: does it have a hard case?
timecop: im about to be like fuckit and give you money for it

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