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i need to hit up cinemageddon

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400C sounds right
if it can get to 400C, it can prob handle ramping temps better than a lower temp oven
even if you dont ever use it at 400C
maybe i didnt read that far
im tired but clothes are still drying
and more insulation would cost $$$, make it heavier, and would hurt cooling performance

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timecop: 0.5mm from the edge mofo

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worse that happens is it gets routed
and its not multilayer in a ay that that will really matter
if anything id worry about weird striplining shit happening because of the double ground plane and (i assume) high speed signals

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.wz -d 91335
it doesnt know me
retarded bot'
!ws 91335
this bot is better at weather
!ws set 91335
this is too complicated
oh i thought it said will not work for this location
ok good job bot

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you better bring the fucking weather bot back
.wz 91335
see nothing
eggsalad: .wz 91335

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need a garage

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guys i need more drawer bins
i have sorted everthing into localized piles (plastic shoebox)
so this release is pretty final?
twingy: i gotta sot out my electronics and clean the fuck up\
then i can make a mess with the mill again
its like half done
i need another table or something
or a smaller bed
or both

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theyre rated @ 100MHz
id get the 2nd
less series resistance
oh either is prob fine tho
its like half ohm series resistance

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Filters EMI Ferrite Beads and Chips
what current do you need?
what kind of current
its 600R at 1MHz or something

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holy shit guys
im sorting thru all my parts
i have some awesome shit here
i forgot ordering half these parts
which dumb bead?
and whats wrong with ferrites for signal lines
its an LC filter
LPF, the inductor and the caps are the pole
its for filtering a supply line
theyre not low frequency
theyre inductive, theyre have more impedance at higher freq
timecop: put what it says to put there?
higher frequency you dont need as much inductance
you could use a smaller ferrite core part vs air core
sec tc

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pics of your results with acetone
i might use the 1" acrylic to make a sub box
maybe if the glass is at 1000F
twingy: no idea, id prob do a ton of holes
or open areas
at least
wtf you put it in the mason jar danielson
the solvent was assumed

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ac-130h: i know i dont care

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i will kick that nick if you dont change it

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could prob fuck up your intake/injection system
ttmustang: is it OHC?
cant see the holes for the rods
no assembled pics?
those things are pretty hardcore

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engine kinda feels like if you took my accord engine and made it push an extra 1500lbs
has new timing belt
its non interference according to the dealer guy
its also warrantied so if it breaks hes do a new one

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like 195K one

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i bought teh volvo
i pick it up tomorrow
only like $1k after trade in with 6mo engine/transmission internal warranty
30 day full electrical warranty
its weird it feel tankish

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damn i made salsa verde last night
i waited like a couple hours for it to chill
then it was so fucking hot i would only eat like 4 or 5 chips
*could only

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to ground it thru the cables or whatever
which is fucked up
everything is iec cables and extension coards
but when youre grabbing a bunch to plug shit in
you get there and like an iec and an extension dont have ground pins, gotta walk all the way across warehouse to get new ones

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wow volvo dude called me
many many volvos 1000 to 8000
blackmoon: theyre trying to unground it

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a small install you can maybe wire in or create a local ground
anyway with balanced signals and AC coupling, and somewhat sane grounding, most equipment should be fine
but yeh i fine alot of power cords with pulled earths, sucks

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i did this for a week straight at work
alot of people pull earth pins on equipment
so you get shitty earths
because alot of pro audio shit, you use the cable shield as an actual shield
its not continous
so if you dont have an earth
and you have actual shielded cables, shield grounded on one side
yeh then you got some major ground issues
if its balanced, no
it does
well shell isnt usually connected
shell is device chassis
lideally, you want all devices earthed
iec cables are win
then you dont have shields connected at one end
and you run balanced signals
and you keep the power grounds close, like into a power strip or power conditioner
in most small setups that works out

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blackmoon: have you ever been to concert venue and they got dozens of speakers hanging off frames
and then like row of bass bins
we have a ridiculous amount of that here
its amps like that
only one of them, not like, 40
like, dual mono w/ bridge/parallel options
yeh thats why i want a dsp crossover
you get that and like, 3 or 4 amps, and you can biamp and triamp all sorts of stuff
ive collected most of the good parts into a big box
now i have to sort them

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like, voltage fluctuations, really bad ground continuity
like, people at work go there and check out factory lines, help with qa procedures
like, testing shit can be fucked because sockets right near each other will have like 60V diff on ground
it burnt thru its wires eventually
and this isnt audiophile shit, its highend pro audio shit
and the bigger amps didnt have normal iec
they were blowing out firewire cards when they connected devices
prob because a powerstrip hell situation
that was just a little dsp audio box
the big amps are for testing woofers
we have a 21" you can plug into a wall, in free air
it was disintegrating cieling tiles

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we have like 4KW amps
i plug them into the normal 120V sockets
hahaha @ audiophiles
all the gear runs on 120v
anyway its pro audio shit
some have iec some have fatter ones like IEC except with sideways pins
they plug into normal sockets
we have sockets broken out from the 50A 120V plugs
its not mine
i believe those particular ones are china samples
well its not ours unless we decide to silkscreen out name on it
well, apperently its all fucked up

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is it 120v or what?
iunno its like canadian harbor freight shit
we have 120v 50A plugs at work
hehe, usually in pairs
big twist locking modular thing
like the 3 phase plugs, little less hardcore
naw theyre like almost the size of 1: coke bottles

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look at all the people that love this guy!
http://ltzauto.com/home1.html haha at inventory page
he uses craigslist now i guess
its a used volvo dealership
the ones i saw were all under $3k
i want some shit with an engine that doesnt feel totally fail
wow at $60/hr thats only 80 hours to pay it off
thats good

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those are prob mostly shitty countries
even alot of the shitty ones
wanna move to vietnam or cambodia?
china, mongolia
russia would be kinda neat
virtually no dif between organized crime and government!
when putin does those meeting with the laptoips and the tvs and shit with the two other suits
like, i dunno speeches or something
thats some ganster shit
ima go to a volvo dealership

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wait what

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you should just use a bunker the gov has already built
or your gov didnt do that everywhere?
if you bury it how do you get the moneys
or a long lines bunker
yes thats what those bigass horn relays are along the west coast
they were phone system relays, but they were nuclear reinforced
nike missile silos are really just doors and platform elevators for missile racks
(little missiles for bombers haha useless)

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someone typed it in wrong wtf magically
and then
my mom made like almost no money for years because the irc was raping her paychecks for my dads failed business shit in the 80s

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wow is that normal bga pitch?
how far down do they go
fuck me ive reached a point in my life where bga looks big
we have 300W dale loads at work
too many, all bolted to aluminum plates
we have 2 bolted to each bench
i left them
kevtris: we have these dog turd looking ones
theyre not sticky but ive never ran one to see how hot it gets
no zeners?

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* Note: If your drive has CC or LC firmware, your drive is not affected and no further action is required. Attempting to flash the firmware of a drive with CC or LC firmware will result in rendering your drive inoperable.
seagate just fucked up everyone in the worlds sunday
isnt seatools their low level format util?
none of those dosfail shits ever fix anything
i could hardly do worse than that

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.11 is like 10 diff models
is diamond max maxtor product?
that 3 to 5 shit was bad news
5 to 3
numbers are bad, k
wow really, i have to do dos shit?
nice my model is on the list
sounds like a forever thing

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you have an affected seagate?
i should really check mine
i have a .11
im fucked huh
i know i know
Barracuda 7200.11
can we get an aw fuck
this could be the end of seagates!
now no one makes good hard drives

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