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neat @ geniuses

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link to datasheet\

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like one blows, so the other one really blows?
what are you wiring anyway?
wtf insane

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thats prob off limits for normal house hax0rz
thats for like, building h4x
double wide
that 20A one looked to pussy
i wonder if its literally a double breaker
it says 30 on both of those
yeh i was like, what happens if the lever connection fails

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ha @ wire not fitting
to bend it
heh @ nH
twingy: if that can swing around so its base is out of the way its awesome
theyre getting popular

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twingy: i dunno id assume 1/3 that or 1/6
but thats still alot
no do what i said
get a vanilla smps chip
and put an external output switch
it depends what kind of smps
if youre replacing linear regs you prob just need a coil
not a transformer
and diode and cap
twingy: neat
did you use a vacuum table for that?
next time take pics of fixture, id be like 10x more interested
thats some good setup

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if it works do it like them, i guess
how hard would it be to invert th data stream
anything commodity with external switches
tl494 or mc34063
you can maybe find a 3A integrated thing
like one of those 5 to 11 pin to-220 looking things
natsemi has alot of simple switcher stuff like that

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okay well is 90d or 270d is one, and 0d or 180d is a zero
it wouldnt matter
or some similar shit
next to the top ferrite looking thing
stfu memristors arent real
you know their shit works?

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timecop: i took two semesters of RF =D
one of transmission lines and another of rf circuits
for his tv jacking shit
it kinda doesnt
is it a carrier signal?
or already decoded
ok so its still modulated?
yeh it maybe doesnt matter, iunno how its modulated tho
based on phase, might not matter
maybe they know it doesnt matter and it routed better for them, shrug

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from me?
wait i thought you already got that
not enough information

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for what request?

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