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i dont think so
not for 4 years
daniels2n youre not allowed to get apolitical in here
ha *politicial
but apolitical either

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then the walls spring back
and can suck water back in, turbine goes backwards or stops or slows down whatever
but thats overshoot on a square wave into an inductor
springs and gears and all that, im like, what
least the water analogy kinda works the same way, a density differential of electrons or water causing flow depending on their container
test them?
get a car battery
do you have a garage?
wtf is that for

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fluid analog for electronics works awesome
cap = membrane or piston, coil is a turbine, k done
transistors are magic
gates is easy
membrane changes resistance of a perdpendicular tube
transistor iunno
transformer is two turbines
mechanically linked
um, my shit works
it works
voltage is pressure and current is current
check it out, close a door behind a flowing turbine, and it keeps spinning, trying to suck out the space behind it
negative pressure, negatve voltage, it gets as much flow from it as the spaces capacitance allows
or the spinginess of the walls of that space

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i am

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cuz its in one of those weird sealed bags

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what are you doing with the linear reg?
i dunno where it is =\

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dx^: i cant find it
i put all my ic in one stack and its not in it

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i dont think tekrad had ever been last measured before

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hmm i can only find atmega48 and atmega164p
whats hvpp
parallel programming?

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but my 6% is closer to 4%
theyre timed, theyll sync to the strobe
theres -3%, 0%, +3%, +6%
the motor response on the 1200 is pretty awesome
it works for 33 and 45, and you see it change speeds in about half a second
erase it
yeh i guess i can mail it tomorrow at lunch
you need which one?

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members is the whats it called
you dont know about that shit?
cmon gnaa and last measure is oooooooold
i cant believe you made me up timecops last measure count
tekrad: srs, you didnt know tc is like world famous troll?
it has 3% and 6%
and you mean the scale?
i think 3 and 6 are labeled but its marked at each %
evens are labeled
up to 8%

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it says disconnect and measyre for 2.7K
so i did that, *then* the pitch center trim worked fine
but my 6% on the fader is not 6% according to the table strobe
so im going to try and adjust the gain trim and readjust the center trim see if i can get the fader scale to match the strobe dots
the oscillator signal was testing right
well, close
but i bet if i measured now since i adjusted it itd be close to dead on @ 0%
whats that about
oh wtf

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where the fuck is gnaa hq
i dont live in a house since 1989 =(
`nico: i got an sl-1200 for $120 and fixed it
iunno if i told you yet
er $150
i need to find another one with fuckey pitch control
pitch control was uncentered
saw it
so it has two trim pots
one adjusts the center
thats on the main pcb under the platter
but it didnt have enough range to get it to the center
technics service manual says adjust that
then adjust the 'gain' pot on the pitch fader board
you gotta take it all apart from the bottom for that
they really are tanks, was pretty awesome to take apart
yeh was close
anyway i had to adjust the gain first

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timecop: sec

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wtf is kindle

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i dunno man tp doesnt seem such a big deal in that context
the housekeeper cleaned it up by the time the cops showed up
wow really?

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