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timecop: what do you use for lossless?
except happy hardcore?

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its not the engine, cuz its still there if i lift from the gas
i might buy that gerbview shit
the sony doesnt need an uploader?
they look cool too
i should go try one out see if i like the ui
i have to rockbox my gigabeat to use it without uploader and with flac
`nico: will it play flac?
ups was supposed to call me in an hour about if i could pick up my package
its been 82 minutes
i can convert flac into mp3

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my volvo has some strange face plate situation
also speakers are rivited to the door panel in an odd panel
just the front ones
w t f
yeh i have to drill those out
yeh i traded in failhonda for failvolvo
i got ripped off a little bit but i didnt have to waste all sorts of time selling fail honda
89 740 gl, like 1800
he gave me $1100 for the accord
but like, registration fees transfer fees etc etc
he fixed everything that i pointed out was wrong with it
shit is quite
over 45mph like the whole fram rumbles

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wtf is that dx
ive broken my gigabeat twice and used two dead ones to fix it
i bet you can hear the switchers in your phone
does it send digital streams over the bluetooth?
or is it analog encoded into digital back into analog

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where are bins cheap
yeh this is kinda fucked up
im doing the same bullshit at work as at home

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hhaha for digital, you can prob get away with 10uF, .1uF, 1uF and 20pF for xtals
alot of RC stuff you can just use 100nF and fine tune with the resistor

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im putting shiftbrites in these ceramic forms look kinda like tidepool creatures
like sea anenome + urchin, probably (theyre not done)
with glass rods sticking out the top
i should see how shiftbrites work out at stupid lengths

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thats just wrong

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