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cool, turntable guy called
hehe nice

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like maybe not great for an led but even then if you dont feel it heating up, its fine
i hope this guy calls me so i can get on with my life

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.88 sounds fine to me
keep in mind these might be machines within course tolerances
.88 could be .875 with is 7/8 i think
powertoy calc says yes
order from mcmaster
scrape it
if its carrying current it might be an issue

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oh, adjustable gib
you dunno how to adjust those?
it tightens the headstock against the box ways

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no not intentionally
oh wait
you men the coupler assembly?
because no i have never taken those apart

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ttmustang: no
Twingy: neat
Twingy: you just wanted a look or what?

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no but itll prob reduce noise if you do
sounds like yes

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DX^: startup times are mostly in consideration of ramping voltages
at turnon
neat i found another cheap sl-1200
says hell call me up in an hour
then ill just need a mixer

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danielson gonna fbi you guys now

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pirat nico

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kevtris: part number?
damn ima have to wait until i get to work to see what its called
its like some $700 usb programmer had a ridiculously long compatibility list
so itd be neat to find something it didnt do
find out if i remember
quad core is awesome
also whatever gpu i have, that shit works, yo

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haha wtf @ -9v

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i wonder if our ultramega usb programmer/dumper does serial stuff too

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