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oh its a cap
anyway i gotta go to bed night

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wtf noway
dude thats so fucked up

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okay i found engrish mode
timecop: scope is pretty neat
persist mode only has infiniti and off =(
ima have to try the software shit out tomorrow

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timecop: this thing doesnt have an engrish mode?
also the manual
manual is chinese!
is there an english section?
okay if it has more languages ill find them
its pretty neat
the FFT is pretty sweet
i got alot of stuff working just from icons
or guessing

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got it, have no opened it up yet
i dont need a scope right now!
i was in my trunk for a couple hours
maybe it is broken now!
fucking rain, everyone was doing like 10mph on the freeway
dinner is gonna be like, pasta or rice

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i would make fun of the south or something
but its as bad in WA
guy died doing it with a horse =(
also wife called cops because she found her husband violating the family dog

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im not sure still
its the gcoding by hand vs using software argument
only hes doing using software vs using software instead

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yeh see youre saying design it again in a cam app
which is like, more likely to fail
i dont get why doing it over is better than importing
honestly cad operations in gcam are primitive
if i could impot from acad or solidworks it would making using the app alot faster
i want to try that
i dont
im not im saying cam in general
dedicated design apps are easier to design in
cam is machine operation based, but if you can pull dimensions in and just assigns tools and parameters
well yours like 1000% less likely to fuckup doing data entry shit

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i dont understand the statement
because solidworks is a badass cad package
cam apps are usually gimp at cad
so youre saying it should be done native in a cam app

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panhandle and south texas are like two totally different worlds
texas and cali could have a hella brutal wastelands contest
like, panhandle vs mojave

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then hopefully my Qtc=.707 and i will get like flat sexy roloff
sealed box
hey man thats what the numbers said
thats also what the revier said the manual that came from cerwin vega said
Rab: like, if i had done it private party, i prob would have come out close to $500 up
but i didnt feel like selling the accord and trying to make my schedules mesh with the people selling volvos
auto =( =(
i do have a 50% parts and labor warranty on all engine and transmission internals
so maybe if i really like it, when it takes a shit i can go back and see how much to get a rebuilt engine
of course
but hes a kinda ok guy
for a used car dealer he seemed like minimal slimy
i need space
im trying to save up money to move out around summer
i might try and find a house to rent
get a roomate or two
then i have a place i can do work
georgia is far
and its not on the west coast
so by definition its fail
so yeh now i have to go back to the post office and be like

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like, interior, body is in decent shape, he fixed alot of shit i pointed out
i have like 2 more weeks warranty on any switches
the seat heater switch light doesnt always go on, so theres one more
he replaced the power antenna and muffler and windshield wiper switch handle
i know but one switch glows
the foam in the speaker surronds and in the ac/heat vvents is fucked
trunk is super clean, shrug
engine is kinda rough, but it did like 100mi in a day last weekend thru canyons and up hills and shit
dude its like a tractor
hmm, k
prob needs a motor mount
haha @ ski hole
i thought it would be a big hole like where the whole back seat folds down
but no its literally a ski hole
so yeh i got permission to use lab and shp at work for personal shit on off hours
so im going to go buy 3/4" or 1" plywood and make a tinybox for my vegasub
which what
japanese cars just have a big hole they cover with the back seats
i was going to
no i need a tiny box
around .7 ft^3

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wtf i went to the post office
pink notice says to pick it up there today after 9:30a
i did
she only looked for like 2min
Rab: i got a volvo!
shes not fat yet
89 740 sedan w/ too many miles that i paid a bit to much for
dealer, traded in failaccord
yeh srs
so like i think it was around $1800 before stupid fees
but he gave me like $1200 for the failaccord
oh 194K miles

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well obviously im just more annoyed like HOW DO YOU HAS THE SCHEMATIC?
you gave me the clicker
wow thats alot
i guess its acceptable for advertising
you can put them far enough back in the slot they dont block air?

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if you somehow get a weird combination of components and conditions, those circuits can lock up, stabilize
thats alot of junk on those collectors, tho, eheheheh
alot has to do with the loads
the base
dude that sentence is so ambiguous i want to kick you
yes its in the fucking pdf
i have to go in like 5min

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you dont have 4 leds, a transistor, and a resistor
two resistors
funny circuit

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well are you going to do it and tell us or are you going to make me do it
because i kinda have shit to do
i mean the real answer is like, it doesnt fucking matter because its megohms and picowatts
also i hope you know basic meter stuff, because meauring megohms with a megohms dmm is prob gonna be pretty fail

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danielson: the collector will prob be at supply voltage
its like a diode in series with a big fucking resistor

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