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omg where is macegr
i have a shiftbrite driven by a shiftbrite over a 5ft cable
bit dim from supply drop but its looks like the data is fine
this is 6 conductor stuff
ow fuck im blind
okay so its not dimming at all that i can notice
the red i had was dimmer than i remembered
white next to white looks ok

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i hope this usb printer has an iec...
stupid 2 wire power cables
at least i can jack it for space and a usb B

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its prob fine open

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it just says you need to load them evenly for it to perform symmetrically
yeh but it doesnt describe anything timecop
like how its being driven or if theres a bias circuit
damn i gotta go
and youre all dropping transmission line stuff

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dude filter on a square is a sine
square thru a circuit thats just not fast enough to do the fundamental freq's harmonics will pop it out sine
class-B output
are the outputs really inputs?
30 and 31 are the pins?
wtf now it makes sense
its either class-B or class-AB, they dont show you the bias circuit
anyway that shit you pasted earlier

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stick one side of the xtal on the input pin, stick a cap to ground on the other side
is my guess
you prob need one of those series load caps
now im confused
'09:30 <@timecop> im thinking i can take any of the out pins
out pins on what?
you means xtal pins?
i think those are outputs from the xtal oscillator?

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