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who the fuck cares
people will go nuts without the tv
itll be awesome

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he called the repubs douchebags
basically, dont bitch me out about spending, i was handed this mess by you jackasses
and you fuckers doubled the nat debt
he was really polite about it
he does this like, 'cmon, no... really?' thing alot
wtf is save up money what company saves up money

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stacked ceramic is the shit
50V max sucks
only Y5V
just cuz its small
they need to get more awesome and make them bigger
make that shit taller or something
haha i wonder if they still have those double stacked ceramics...

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he said panel so i assumed no
maybe your dns server has asploded
oh you mean the msn
not bad

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Rab: on the failproduct from canadian contractors
they put a rev diode on ever base for ever led driver 3904
i was like, damn, paranoid
but then in one revision they took .1uF caps off 74 series shiftregs
i thought timecops sense of humor is why we keep him
yeh idunno
no that is not of high value
fuck you im not american
im californian

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thru hole or smt
anode = assend
because its not on zeners and protection applications
.7v reverse on a linear reg prob wont kill it
prob sustained, it wont kill it
schottky, im totally sure itll be like whatever
and schottkys are cheap
i gotta go do dishes and clean my soldering and small tools shit off the coffee table
i forgot all that shit
you better not, fuckhead
well yes because its only 1uF but he put the stk500 supply on it
and srs diode is like no cents
fuck i need to do laundry
jezus fuck you havent?

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dude i dont even remember that part
i just routed the fuck out of it from ratwires in the editor
drain the caps on the inputs, dont drain the ones on the output
figure the rest out
btw reverse voltage on linear regs is really bad
i just explain how
also if you put 5v after the regs and never ran them from that jack, those caps are prob dumped for sure
cut that shit
you really are permanent power save moding it?
cut the trace
scrape away the mask and use the trace as pads for a resistor

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DX^: what is the 3.3V reg tapping?
the wallwart or the 5V
prob the 5V because you didnt get an ldo
or you did do it from the 5V but its not an ldo so its amazing shit is working at all
how much load
is it hot
oh no
h8, fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
haha because the stk voltage is dropping out and making it ok
but no rly prob not that you are having too much luck
yeh i know i tested it with shiftbrites
okay well
your regs dont have reverse protection diodes
but they have caps after the output
so already this is potential fail

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i think his psu is dropping out
needs more ripple cap
because hes shorting something
if its a bricks its a transformer, some diodes and a cap
stk500 is regulated
youre using a 7805?
prob same shit
me too
divider is for vrefs when you dont give a fuck

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do you have a scope yet
is there a cap on it?
did you put a cap on the pot wiper?
permanent power save mode iminent
whats on fire

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jezus fuck man its almost tuesday
fu texan
i dont watch snl
man fuck this danielson
youtube doesnt have commercials
watch the youtube
what are you powering it from

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bit definitions
cuz someone or some chip did it different one time now they have to do it both ways forever
timecop: im put 1KW on the scope tomorrow
because the devs argued over which to use so they just used both

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Rab: hi
oh neat who cares if thats broken
then i was prob being CO fucked by the car in front of me
neat, ty
possibly maybe but i only noticed this once
however i havent been under the car yet
and they did put a new exhaust on
so i wonder how far up it rotted
spi slave select?

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oh lame the probes are only 300V in 10x mode
well fuckit im going to use bnc cables into it from banana adapters

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haulin ass on an avr is 20mhz
i dont even buy/sample slower ones!
i wonder if they OC well
okay timecop im going to take chinadso to work and put it across like 1KW @ 1KHz for 20mS @ 1/25 duty
if it doesnt die, and manages to capture sexy the bigass sine wave burst, chinadso is officially awesome
if it dies thats fucked up it says 400V right there on the front

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hey weird
why would it drop it out at the refresh rate
how much current does it use when youre loading regs
do you load the config words before the color words?
i reload config everytime
havent had any emi weirdness
i just do it everytime hardcoded
what speed are you running at?
should work
make sure youre fused to run on the xtal
not internal RC

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wow @ sure electronics webstore
i remember when it was just ebay domination
macegr: hahaha @ robot
okay so i did 5 shiftbrites on 5 ft lines fine
signal at the end was still awesome
theyre good buffers, its just the power
10 was fail
i scopped it, it was dropping the 5v supply out like 2.5v
every 100Hz
which was my refresh rate
no i think itd need more
and its prob the drop
maybe like 100uF at the end
anyway its the stk500 supply dropping out im pretty sure
what kind of current does one do?
i dont think itll work
caps, so much
because alof of the problem is drop from the long line
i dunno keep trying
so it was 600mA

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wasnt there an equation?
it was just a counter
see just a prescaled counter =)

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everything else you can prob rework

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nice, i was wrong
yeah but i said within 5min
so i was wrong
to me, read signature is non fail

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im just saying because of how the previous two fails went
anyway like, certain phones will put out this weird 500uS pulse like ever 9 - 13ms when theyre talking to another phone
so you have this 60-100hz tone with harmonics until forever that couple into every analog amp i tested
so my guess is itll fail around 8:38

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so should i take my scope to work?
we has no storage scope and other tech needs to capture some burst response data
heh we have an HP logic analyzer with a 2ch sampling scope
but you can just capture you cant store
damn, then i gotta take my scope to school
itll work for 5min then fail
timecop: do you know about cell phone transmission signals?

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you fucked another one?

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like, jezus fuck no wonder that shit had the probes wired wrong
wtf @ red banana = earth ground
you should read it its a good quote

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one way jacks up the back edge so you have a little vent
other way slides into the roof normal
i am amazed
altho my EGR tube is busted
pretty sure its the egr tube, metal corrugated thing from exhaust manifold to intake
so yeh, i might have exhaust going into my cabin vent intakes =( =( =(
your targa leaks?
are the seals bad?
and do your doors close funny?
kevtris: i usually drive with the windows cracked
inittab: weird why does it leak
tho i had the heater on for awhile in the traffic jam
and windows closed
and i got kinda sleepy
i dunno if i was board oh i was getting CO fucked
so i had to rewire some probes on this remote sense LCR meter we have
it has five bananas
red black-red black-red
the solo red is earth ground
the the red-black on the right is the positive signal and sense leads
and the middle red-black is the negative signal and sense leads

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heheh @ mooninite
wow 1.31.07?
that old
heh nice
elaborate on tie-down strap?
kevtris: when he told me he fixed his exhaust i almost made a joke about jb weld
but it turned out to be the truth =(
so there was traffic jam for like 3 blocks before i even got to school
on the non busy sidestreet where that isnt supposed to happen
so i pussied out and ejected
so now i have to try and get into psychology tomorrow or nite after
yeh, all older volvos do
thats why they have sun roofs
some swedish explosive bolts under it
actually my sunroof crank works quite well
i was surprised
like, it goes two ways!

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not true for most sane people!
k work bye

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