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have you ever looked at those pcb?
cell phones are like most advanced mass produced devices you can get
oh you like those flexpcbs?

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i mean like how does the cell phone company track you, how do they get your phones signal info
yeh but if its off
so you cant track people if they turn it off
other than which tower
wow not many people know this
well yeh emergency feature
phone prob dont completely shutdown
thats normal phone company shit!
i mean you make the bills

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wait so you basically toss the phone to diff cell sites and ask it for signal strength and triangulate?
i can see alot of shit making that innacurate
haha nice
i hate texts
inittab: do cell phones or towers put out a big signal burst every 9 to 13 ms for some reason?
its ok
but the towers have to initiate that, right?
thats not a normal function
yeh but how do you do it from the network

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theyre talking about dated hardware

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Twingy: are you running mainloop code that disables ints?
like maybe some lib shit
k good lucks
omg you have all become ccfl_man

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Twingy: what
c fail
i dunno i dont c but im pretty sure kevtris could roll some asm that took less then 24ms to respond to the int
er 'i dont pic' not 'i dont c'
tho i dont c much either

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sounds like a plan
exexgf just called =(

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wtf does that mean is it a dip or an soic or qfp or what

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do you have open or led io?
maybe you can see where its taking so long
when you send it one byte are you sure it exits the int call?
what package is the pic?
can you scope a pin easily?

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its prob something about how youre entering or exit the interrupt
this c or real code?
theres no loops or polls for who knows why?
but 40ms is weird even for a paranoid c compiler
haha what
1 byte works?
haha try 3
maybe it gets the last one
you code doesnt reinit
so you know its not a watchdog set at 40ms!

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oh this is a slave?
i thought this was in the mcu i2c
oh it is
i was thinking reading status pins or remote register bits
anyway how slow is int handling?
just send a byte instead of two?
or space them out more, or i dunno if you already did that
put a delay
int code is too slow

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how big is the buffer?
overflow it see if the fullbyte foes up
er full bit goes
does full bit go low when overflow bit goes hi?
if it locks up maybe it doesnt consider itself full
like, ready to read
well i mean, does it reset full when it overflows
and lock up the module
why does it lock up, you have to reinit or what?
could it have rx'ed two bytes before you services the interrupt/
what speed is your data and how slow is your int handling?

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damn my wallwart bin is kinda getting thin

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susan wang
susan yang?
usually when they tell me soon on msn i get quotes within 20min

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