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fuckin rain
thats not a speech thats a press conference

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k im going to go to bed
chocolate milk is win

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dunno reword that shit
hey what
he did something cool with the plot command

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?? Error using ==> echo M-file not found.
that shit worked
okay so just a variable on a line and itll print variable = value
wait what
so it did 1 thru 10 divided 100 times?

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it just finished installing
it says i should watch this video, see demos, or read getting started
this man has an accent
k now what
>> x = urmom
??? Undefined function or variable 'urmom'.

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yo guys
chrome cant open files in apps?
wtf it makes me pick where to download it first
like it doesnt want to rape my tempdir or something
firefox would ask if i wanted to open something with an app and just put it in my temp dir

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dude the list of like, libs of modules or plugins or products or whatever was insane
im just installing it all
it was like, econometrics, eda, embedded, filters, finances, wtf
fixed income
so theyre just builtin math equations?

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dx why is matlab so big
holy shit dx what is this thing you have given to me

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connect a cable, test from the other end of the cable to the pins on the powered off jack
yeh if you probes cant get to the contacts on the plug
oh thats right none of that side is broken out
well then cant you just test pins for coil impedance or something?
so you dont know if theres signal getting to the jack tho?

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im pretty sure his shit is connected right
every time we actually sit and figure out the schematic it ends up matching the application schematic

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looks neat

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haha @ 3 robot laws
thats not the second rule of robotics club
i bet pomona has that
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
so those vacuum bots are bad robots if they dont save your life
ok does that make it a bad robot
or not a robot
according to asimov, no
haha so they shift responsibility?
new era laws of robotics

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wat u say
inittab: you are trying to buy your car stereo back?

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was yanking the big cat around by its neck
wtf how is that manly
youre weird
no u
youre actually quite unweird
okay you can be weird
did you check sucks
ha not enough down key
DX^: did you check the connector isnt fucked?
oh no
i had k6 pcs
they were pretty awesome besides being slow

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Rab: no he struck out with her
Blackmoon: there was pics!
wtf am i your buffer
nice butt
wow dx i think that is the hottest gtirl pic you have posted yet
he like socked it in the head and shit

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haha shit
my phones been dead all weekend

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danielson: old?

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yeh it is
digg is all trying to claim it was them
notice they dont mention 4ch in the media when they are doing good things, heh
who is on reddit who is on efnet etc
Internet observers along with information from popular websites such as YouTube, Reddit, Digg, Facebook and Myspace, came up with pictures posted by a teen in Lawton that related to parts of the video.
heheheh poor 4ch

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how come enter doesnt work in my firefox addy bar anymore
i have to hit the green arrow
w t f
still doing it, lame
dont they do that anyway?
and it is installed

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We are /b/. You can post shit like gore, you can post your lies about emos, post your fappies, post your worst, post ANYTHING you want. But do NOT fuck with our cats.
Cats are the one and ONLY thing /b/ stands for. You fuck with cats, you are fucking with ALL of /b/.
Can you understand that? Now GTFO our /b/ and please stand by while we proceed to find where you live and fuck with YOU!
heheh, this is why deep down i <3 the 4ch
Anonymous loves cats. Anonymous does not love jews. /thread
stop creating paradoxes

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neat @ $6.60
juvie/kids court is worse than getting beat
nice @ wheel of misfortune

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fuck cat abuser
=( @ kitty yelp
omfg click on the video already

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why cant i write off my car
i need it to do my consulting job
how do you think i get to work
also sometimes i have to go buy stuff
i dont do it enough
ha i still have $20 in a foam cup in an office
thats my expense acct yo
i thought you didnt wanna do grad school
thats good
for what this time
thats better for you

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DX^: omg link to matlab
DX^: so i can put filter eqwuations in there and like tell it to give me a graph for a set of input data?
or what
ha @ eqwuations
piratbay is gone?
wtf @ piratbay image
kk ty

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so yeah this is old
and not their fault
so now why do you have hatred
okay 10 days
so its a day late

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i dunno if i can
work needs to give me my 1099 so i can file and know how much im fucked
just math class for transfer reqs and the last class for my lib arts AA
after work, 7-10p
pomona but prob not for like a year
yes this was the plan
haha my boss is like YOU SHOULD DO A 4 YEAR DEGREE
who the fuck knows since i need to take alot of math and science prereq
who knows
if i really hate it i might just get a tech BS
like, electronics engineering and computer science technology or whatever
no idea
if i want to do an me i prob have years of math to do
er ee

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yeh but it the base heavy enough that it wont lean forward?
but thats nice, we have something like that at work with just a 10x lens
awesome for assembly and rework shit
Twingy: its more balanced if the base is heavy else it just wants to tip forward =(
thats too much
like you wont be able to see the iron or the solder =\
or prob even both sides of the resistor
i have to pay for school and buy books and shit tomorrow
yeh as long as the base is heavy enough when its swung around the boom looks long enough

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sperm in the semen?
no clue
you cant really see .0002
yeh i know
the base kinda looks like itd be in the way

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okay alot of those are cmpak and compak
wtf is mpak
micropak, no
i think timecop had some rc networks like that on one of his boards
do they come in bigger sizes or what?
avr wouldnt fit on that
prob do it fine with magnification
0805 with magnification is easy like 1/4w th

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RockShox: yes it should
what are you doing this on?
it has jtag?
i dont think tinys do
might have debugwire
my dragon died =(
that does debugwire
debugwire works with isp
it does jtag
wtf is m-pak
and prob no
they come in qfp
they come in qfn too
Records matching criteria: 122

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Twingy: neat
no is it free or do i have to pirat?
i have to install sw anyway
i almost redrew his schematic
a few times
just to make it easier to see whats going on so i could route it
you made it and have been using it for months
ha like a year
that thing is a bad influence on you =(
you can talk to the chip fine?
does it hold what you put in the regs?
so this is neat i can get to my cnc and i almost have room to work aqgain
yeh thats how projects work, you get to the shitty part and you dont want to

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well you neighborhood seems to be getting worse
damn kids
that is the schematic load it again
no its too late now

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she doesnt seem cute + fat
no im saying shes not cute and shes fat so is she like super funny and you have a good time hanging out
does she cook and clean like a ninja
wow there is no story here huh
DX^: hahaha
her as a tweeker is prob a pretty bad scene

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shitty insulation is shitty tho
shit happens
we have two types of speaker cable at work
that stuff, which doesnt last very long in most cases
and then the two conductor cable with like two wires and some paper inside thick outer insulation
totally flexible, tough as shit
i bet its expensive =(
she ate all your money?
was this the brown shirt one?
did she get fatter or something?
this is like a fat girl fureal

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our shit was mostly mdf
well that sucks
along with everything else ever
diff resistance
just get copper?
is weight that big of an issue?
i hate lamp/speaker cable
is it good insulation or squishy plastic?

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said msds would be available on release, heheh
well for the price its pretty awesome
but yeh tiny envelope and the Z res is kinda shitty
i found a place sells rack enclosures pretty cheap
twingy a .010 res dovetail sounds horrible =(
t slots prob come out ok
for wood?
wood was fun
SUCKS MY FLUTES WOOD, that shit just moves

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.01 is course but it looks like maybe the material is kinda course finish anyway
well i can see it being useful if all your shit fits in the envelope
mating stuff you design with tolerances in mind
technically you can make mating shit no matter how fucked
but i mean if you were designing to mate shit from that thing youd prob have to design diff than metal machined or molded parts
yeh that makes sense
its like finishing castings
i wonder what resolution on the XY plane it can hold

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inittab: yeh i did that and then complex filter formulas put me to sleep
hmm how big
5 x 5 x 5"
oh .01" layers hmm
and produces robust parts that are strong enough to be thrown across a conference room table!
heheh that doesnt seem super strong to me
nice bunny

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17:11 <@timecop> totally wwrong
17:12 <@timecop> hm, it does
17:12 <@timecop> just shitty looking schema
haha awesome he did it to you too
i did alot of routing on that board and i barely knew what was going on
im surprised you never redid it
so people could actually help you with it =(
i went to read about riaa filters
i ended up taking a nap
but also reading about them, weird dreams
fuck the rain
how do people in super cold weather not just roll up in a ball in a warm shower and go to sleep until they are dead

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you prefer cash?
zzzz_: thats all i did for a few months

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um, the swedish are all pirats
hehe they didnt even have copyright laws to back that raid up =\
no free is always cheaper than fairly priced
i bought morrowind
oh i bought gtr2 for $20
that wasnt bad tho
haha damn

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play that

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do you have like one 4 unit ghetto apartment or something?

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no it has this recessed face
i think the shifter only gets in the way of the fuse thinger
but yeh whatever ill stick it on foam blocks or whatever
i already have to drill out rivets
because they riveted speakers in
that sucks
maybe i should by the volvo harness
its just power and ignition and ground, tho
sucks its too wet to do any of that shit

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i know people carry half their lives in their car =\
almost like, too cluttered to find important shit to steal
yeh but i park my car in the suburbs a block over
well also i have to retrieve speaker wires
yeh because of that
yeh im prob just going to lie it on the bottom of the big hols
and do something so it doesnt move
and maybe if i feel especially motivated i will make a blackoff plate
fuck the harness

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its slanty on mine
someone did that to my crx i had to replace the whole dash to put a new stereo in
i try not to leave anything in the car

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you need shit like that with a funy tab
maybe itll work without the funky tab
Rab: whats up with the stupid stock stereo stuff
stupid faceplate/dash amp

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what do you mean tiny little ribbon cables
like, ide .5" pitch
flex cables
you can get stuff like that at digikey but sometimes the terminations dont always fit
is that your model?
theres standard flex cables and connectors
but theres alot of diff connectors and alot of times they do custom flexpcb
the cooler shit its super custom, like 3d pcb layouts
but they make straight across flat flex ribbon
and id guess from digikey theyll be like $4 each

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loading furiously
omg $300
does it do inductance?
o it does

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Eggsalad: no that was george orwell, respec
they made the xB so ugly =(
we saw that already

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also they have hella storage for a car that small
guys its raining so hard the apartment is making noise
the back seat is like split reclining or some thing
and it has that moon roof thinger
like the newer 911 targas
well newer since like 10 years ago
i wonder how much...
Eggsalad: noooooooooooooo
Eggsalad: tho keep up this 'stu is a...' thing
Eggsalad: excellent

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oh shit instead of stopping the rain appears to be getting bigger
i hated that about the scion xb
so i have to like find a stupid little volvo amplifier in my dash to get the speaker wires for my doors
yes its 5 speed is okay and it did 90mph heavily overloaded for 3000mi straight with no breaks, twice
also the view from the back seat is awesome
the new ones suck
no the xB
the tC?
yeh those are kinda nice
my sister got drunk and totalled her new xB

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i think mine was like 14w advertised 32w or something =(
Rab: i think they really want to do it to one of our speaker products
im like wat
and yeh that should be illegal in a car thats the most un-ergonomic interface possible
well im not going to mount it like in the dash instead of my gages

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trunk release is noisy and complicated!
you are a non emergency sir
its raining more
i wanted to try and finish more cleaning and then like go someplace
is it bridgeable 100Wx2?
oh its a face
the pic didnt load!
50W is alot for a face
oh lame
hahah so its normal now for them to stretch the peak from the rms more than 3x?

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did you have your top on?
oh its probably blizzard status where you live
are they just using gotos to get to the code before the returns?
or its just everywhere
problems suck
oh thats not cool

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10:31 <@v8> Current: Light Drizzle Temp: 46.8°F/8°C (East) Humidity: 85%

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