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heh, lots of those flat cotter pin things
and arcade button/limit switch style switches
lots of little mechanical bits
almost no plastic, mostly stamped and machined metal
CCFL_Man: did that happen today?

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because its prob glued if not like welded somehow
all the china stuff is mad glue inside
everything else asian, not so much
the old japanese shit, no glue at all
i had to add glue to these preamps, this pin slid out of a rotary switch assembly and the knob on the front wouldnt turn it any
i dont think there was any glued shit inside the sl-1200s either

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boxxy disappoints me
shes smart she could be awesome instead of the most fucking annoying girl ever
you cant be stupid and act quite like that
she wears too much eye makeup
so she reminds me of charlie sheen
so fuck boxxy

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i think its time for corn flakes
os this is boxxy i will stab you
oh no fuck you

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i mean how fucked up is it you get shot but at the same time youre like WOAH FUCK THAT WAS CUTE
theres a girls toe in that pic
damn now its less cute
yeh it could be a transexual toe, iunno
im hungry

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the .25V one or a sane one?
guys are you cold?
its fucking cold
ha its not 404
DX^: why does nomming bunny = me? =\
um, ty i guess
oh ha
that bunny is fucked up cute
kittens vs small bunnys would be epic
the bunnys?
kittens with guns should be avoided at all costs

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Marijuana use, in particular, is rising rapidly despite a stiff punishment . up to five years in prison for possession. .
nipponese stoners = hardcore

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fuck someone is doing laundry
who the fuck does laundry in the rain

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