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like theres this perfect puddle size and feed rate
and they work perfect
bit too slow and they kinda look okay but you cooked the metal around the weld
so its all weak or thin
heh, torch and tig were fun
mid was almost too easy
like, metal crayon madness
k i need more sleeps

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k im going to sleep
i ate *all* the sunflow seeds
guy needs to weave or loop more
or at least get his puddle started
they look the same
torch welding was kinda easy to pickup, i already new what fucked up non functional looked up
you usually got tack thing stuff alot else itll warp all to shit before youre done
thin stuff was way harder

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the pipe welders that like walk themselves around the pipes are neat
they kinda wrap around the joint
when you pull them off there is this perfect tig welded joint
welding is hard work and i dont think its very consistent
its hard like if your making mad monies youre prob doing something isnt great for your health
sucks i see lots of welds now that i know are kinda shitty
like its functional but its not penetrating, not fillet, just kinda metal globbed on

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corners suck
welding is more skill/art than any of the other industrial shit ive done
like, sometimes welds are functional sometimes theyre like fucking beautiful
what you do is get one of these artist/ninja mufuckers to program your CNC welder
and you do good QC on your parts
and however the fuck youre supposed to maintain that machine you do it dont fuck up
and you get like the most amazing welds ever
well yeah you need an artist ninja fucker and a pendent
\i think most of those robots you can just load in movements like a big macro
with the big remote thing
man now that i know more about speakers picking speakers sucks way more

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higher end migs are sexy
theyre just good
ive seen tig pipe welder vids i was like wtf
macegr: you kinda see it in the puddle
no im saying at the time of the weld
okay thats sane but now its optical
no you would have to add that
obvious cams go on the welder
anyway, just learn to weld
moving puddles is neat

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hes like what? DUH WTF IS .125A
im like, 125mA wtf man i use these things
they prob got pulse settings
and that
have you ever torch welded?
heh you need better feed mechanism
in your machine?
my stations mig had voltage and feedrate knobs
kinda, you can usually weave enough to compensate
the mcu would eat it
its pretty much like machining, getting good beads and penetration depends on tons of variables

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our instructor in welding stopped his disks by digging it into the 1" steel table
you dont hold it
they never broke!
naw serious, it was like whatever
he was showing us how to identify metal by spark color and disintegration pattern
yeah i wish i remembered more
i think its in my book
its color, spark length before the sparks breakup, and like how many particles the spark breaks up into
and how it fans out
you can tell if its iron or steel and what kinda carbon content
its weird to see someone explain this shit like duh, this is just reality
tho he graded me wrong...
because he said, for amp setting use the inches
like .125 use 125A
so i put use inches * 1000 A

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ugh, i hate those pics
haha i survived shop classes w/ dreads
thats kinda how you gotta be around machine tools
our instructor straigh goes flat to the floor he hears a loud sound
and even if youre safe, you can still get mad fucked up
fully shielded CNC ftmfw
those blowup if you fuckup
sometimes they just blowup
its really bad for your face!
dont wear gloves!
lathes are pretty awesome tho
you have to be slow and purposeful
then be paranoid
unplug it whenever you get near the blade
use push sticks
it cant hurt you if you arent near it
cant hurt you if its not plugged in
dude that shit is scary

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haha im such an asshole
instead od doing a calc for some xover freq
i put links for sound.westhost.com and ti.com
my speakers look weird with certain shiftbrite colors
if i get up its to crash out =(
so output impedance sucks
audio products has it
i need foods and sleep

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but yeah if i have some shop install the engine, and like do *everything* itd prob be like almost $3k
because theyll want to replace half the car
and labor fuck me
dude its like pipe welded to fittings
and a pipe bender
find a muffler shop
some of those guys are artists
time for sleeep

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D series engine w/ CVCC heads
shit was like, dying and still got 35mpg+
did they make a D13?
it might be that
1984 - 1987 Honda CRX 1.5 DX (Engine: EW1,D15)
do i have a carbed D15
with tiny intake valves on the wrong side
and like this like dual path intake manifold
like it has a tiny rich barrel in the carb
and then the cam for the tiny valve opens early, i guess the escaping exhaust preignites the little burst of rich mixture, which gets the lean stuff to burn completely
haha like, the very first thing i thought when i opened the valve cover was OH SHIT THE HEAD SON BACKWARDS
thats so ghetto
i hate those mufflers

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i think the esd thing is like under 200pf thru 1.5K or something
The Human Body Model for capacitance, as defined by the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA) is a 100pF capacitor in series with a 1.5k. resistor[1]
but i dunno i seen people do some pretty awesome sparks
rebuilt or just pulled from something?
maybe i should get my old honda a rebuilt motor
no i have an 86 CRX HF

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haha like half of the dead hdd i pulled from peoples dead pcs was fireballs
who the fuck names product with high speed bearings and data involved a fucking fireball
well, some plastics you can use solvents to literally weld
otherwise, 2 part epoxies from lowes or home depot or whatever will work
use epoxy
itll prob break again
hole isnt pimp
the esd model or in reality?

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well you save $3
poor crx

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maybe i should save up for a failcar like that
really all their cars since then have been pretty fucking shitty
no macegr that is a handsome car
the s200 is interesting
what caps you got on the tiny?
macegr: maybe like 100pf cap on the clk line?
wherever putting yout finger makes it work, heh
no dude
your knob
from honda
with the baggie w/ the fucking part number ever
its not even a dub

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i prob wont do anything for the face plate
the volvo grate foam is disintegrating =(
this dnb song reminds of like an 80s john hughes film that never happened
like i keep think oh like that song, but no not really
its not raining maybe i can do it this weekend
a little bit rusty everywhere =(

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i really like dnb
no say drum n bass!
but yeh
this track so reminds me of the 80s
they are pretty okay
i listen to dnbradio alot
its efnet heads
well, i have 10" 3 way speakers on my pc
silk domes, so high end not thrashy at all
i need to buy shit to install my amp into failvolvo
like cable and connectors
i have a retarded volvo amp in the dash
so i have to find that to get at the speaker wiring
also they revieted the 5.25" speakers to the front door
back door is normal so i know they didnt do drugs every day
yeah probably
im not using the volvo grates

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hahaha, prick
its from like 6mo ago
level of rework was low
cops are people too
they have moods and feelings and shit
oh nice he ended up using a jumper for the mute
he was gonna 0R 1206 it
why are you trying to steal data from weather channel
you know they give it away
like for free

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i have two boards and lots of xovers
so im going to build them
haha i showed them to an analog hax0r at work hes like BUILD IT BUTT MUNCH
old guy, really into beavis and butthead
mrtube says they behave rather well

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damn 10V is so pussy tho
i def gotta go red power rail leds
goes well w/ the black mask and the red mask on the xover module
kinda of a vader look
did you see those amps boards i did for mrtube?

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but my application, even clipping off both rails at non audio frequencies...
well, rails like 10v higher than what i will prob run
which cant happen anyway theyre not rail to rail
like 4v, this cap
but i still want to get the 22uF 16V one
its also only X5R
but i mean it prob beats the shit out of bipolar electrolytics
for temp stability, even if it doesnt, fuck those big cans\

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ballsy cap
very large uF for that size
its only 10V

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what side?
i think you can get NiMH that big
AA i mean
yeah NiMH isnt
thats neat i only had to change like 3 schema parts
oh haha i have to put a cap and a resistor as a value for one resistor

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i have to work on schema till i die for the night
but yeah dont buy tl082, its just a noisy tl072, and tl072 are cheap

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theres DMM response that keeps you from catching thru true data
for example, i was measuring noise, or non fixed freq signal today with two diff DMMs
ac mode
should be an average
totally diff readings
my fluke is supposed to be true rms
it was reading way off the other one
if youre thing is doing stuff at 10us, the DMMs might not even see the power pulses
but yeah do it in a sim then
and use it to plot V*I
with an opamp or mathematically with the data?
hehe yeah its cool
you can just go away i usually just keep talking

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like you do 10% duty but at 10x the current its the same as a fast response linear
yeh but those regulate and have calcable ripple
and use catch diodes to take advantage of the inductor LC
well it seems like a really slow response linear reg
yeh so if you new kirchoffs node current laws youd know that its all the same
your way or the standard linear regulator
of course it is
im saying yours is about the same
measured how
you cant just take DMM readings
heh, k
go do it with a scope and sense resistors
the dmm isnt fast enough to catch the massive current/voltage spikes thru your linear regulator
you need to get wave forms of the voltages and currents
and turn those waveforms into power readings

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so everytime the pfet is on its dropping from 12V to 3.3V
with enough current to fill the cap
to supply current to the output
so current thru the pfet is about the same as current thru your load
well its more
it has to fill up that cap
to account for the deadtime
current in current out
i dont think its as efficient as you think
it might just seem more efficient because of the way youre measuring it
you drain the cap out at 1A, you have to fill it up to the same voltage, in less time it takes more amps, but it all averages out

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what vin what vout
what kind of regulation
its a linear regulator its doing the same thing
theres opamps w/ feedback inside those regs =)
comparator setup usually
anyway, want schematic
well yeah because it loses not so much current
its actually prob a bit less than that
do you have bridge output or just one pfet?
if the nfet and output or what

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dunno need to see schematic
smps have oscillators
and use pwm
are you using a coil and catch diode?
whats your input?
yeah but how are you switching
its oscillating or what?
yeah but youre like half explaining with no schema so i have to figure it out
okay thats a linear regulator
well then i dont understand your efficiency stuff unless youre doing this off AC rails or something

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yeah but thats not really its operational range
8mhz is still primarily an audio amp
you dont get really fast voltage feedback amps
yeh but it makes your fer slower to response
so you lose efficiency
if its a steep spike, youd need a RC tuned low to really do anything to it, and that turns your fet switch times to shit
anyway what are you using the opamp for
youre driving the fets with d flops?
nothing is infinite gain
you mean youre using them as comparators?
like no feedback just rail to rail output swings
i think youre doing a linear reg?

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i hate how they do tl0xx series spec tables sideways =(
heh the tl072 freq response graphs look exactly the same, direct copy
Twingy: tl072 is like same thing, less noise
and neither of those amps looks very good past 200KHz

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figure 12 is a plot of open loop gain, its like Av = 100,000,000, but only until like 20Hz
then it rolls off
like, your feedback loop determined gain needs alot of open loop gain headroom to be accurate

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thats unity gain bandwidth
open loop gain hits unity @ 3MHz, an ideal opamp has infiniti open loop gain

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but yeah i just realized my parts list is shit because it has parts i wont populate or will use 0R jumpers
so i might as well do a version of the schema how im going to configure it
hahah @ .1% resistors
maybe just use 1% for those, its not many tho

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man i so put the pot in the wrong place on this pcb
schematic rework
i was thinking a vap
with like a copper coil heating element
but yeh i put it to early
so some of the filter stuff that was originally gonna be buffer driven came after, and the roloffs are dependent on attenuator position
but i put a coupling cap before that too, because the board is made to work standalone without the xover module
so i can omit the other ones

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oh was this for that matrix led driver?

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but the max in the table is 2mV
wow joke is possibly on me
they say .5v is typical maybe they meant uV on the graph
defnitely good enough for the output servo things
permanent powersave mode achieved

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haha what @ this graph
offset voltage (v)
domain is like from -2KV to 2KV
damn even if its mV thats still pretty shit
4% of the parts are over 1V
or 1KV
depending how literal you want to take it
16% are zero offset
but the next step up is 200m(K)V
oh my bad just 200V

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man fuck opamps!
tho guy at work gave me like 6 opa2134
okay i changed my mind i like them again

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i hate shopping for passives

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you dont need an opamp
adc are almost always high impedance input
zillion ways to do what?
thats just a dac
anyway its hella cheap and accurate
because accurate resistors are hella cheap, you can get them in arrays too
that pic is neat because it basically shows how you route it

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im going to try and buy a signal gen from work
we have like 10
we have like one half a dual psu
naw its fun
but they arent fast enough to do much past 100KHz
haha for what
you steep filtering square waves or doing like 4 sample sines
yeah even the shittiest signal gen with xover and peak distortion can do better than that
i just use what i have alot of
you only need one value for r2r
r2r http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_4/chpt_13/3.html
you use the resistor as 2R and two in parallel for R

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RockShox: did they fuck you or you just meant go someplace else
heh @ bk precision
we have signal gens by them with slow ass counters, and yellow print on a gold/yellow plate
and a cheap analog scope i think
we have an old hp one
like 36 chan w/ 2ch scope
ours is jacked up
its like floppy disc old
i had to do body work on it
a subcontractor fucked it up, sent it back in a box with hardly any insulation

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knob and a DMM works pretty good unless the pot is turned to shit
i wonder if those cheap ones skip values (pretty sure the digital supplies at school did)
hardcore, no current limit besides the fuse
theres mpja
and whats wrong with circuit specialists
so nothing is wrong or what

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its freq dependent
thats why its an inductor
thats loss
so was that like parallel RC or what?
or LC i guess
oh weird its 3pin?
we have one at work i <3 it
no some old thing but its pretty accurate
im might get some rack chassis from there soonish
what do you mean accuracy like on display?
meh, check ripple @ rated load and regulation voltage error

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im independent contractor
i prob ow like $3k for what i earned without withholdings from last year
eating up my moneyball
fuuuck that
my credit is shit
like nothing super horrible
but nothing long term and i dont have credit cards
i have a student loan
i have to call them up like 'HAHAHA YEAH IM ENROLLED IN SCHOOL DEFER PLS'
but i mean thats whatever its not even $100/mo
heh, its weird im doing pretty okay moneywise
its weird being employable
like wooo i can pick jobs
d-ff oscillator?

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heh, bill \o/
omg ramp fail dude is prob dead
rampfail dude
20:30 <@inittab> http://www.fukung.net/v/11833/8b78583ac8a304308f0dbbd48d237812.gif weeee
im about to spend a bunch money on building those amp pcb i did for mr tube
then im going to be tax fucked
for how much and from where

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maybe i can do something else for throb speed and just use the average as random seed

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they hurt my eyes if i keep the dot corection registers full =(
was he shifting constant
at low speeds or was there a refresh pulse?
for the driver or the leds
they havent failed yet
well, im going to do looped cache averages anf dds throb
i can do randomizing after
well i was going to do a color table
so i can control color shifts based on an audio input short average
so i could like change up the color themes

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***Particular given in good faith but without guarantee***
sumatra pdf doesnt text select i dont think
im trying to think how to make the shiftbrites random in a biological somewhat random sort of way
i think im going to do throb speed based on a long average and color based on a short average and do like range limits and tweak factor for each shiftbrite

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thats prob a pretty good deal
prob prety hard to find parking for one of those
thats mostly funny because it reminds me of rong way, or whatever that pilot dudes name was
how do i make chrome just open files from a tempdir
tai fat

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one of the china speakers broke today
yeh actually today wasnt so bad
fun cutting up fail speakers
thisw one has a two layer spide, i guess they silicon glue them together
and then glue the edges to the frame
glue holding half of the top spider cracked, speaker rubbed all the insulation off its aluminum voice coil
im amazed it didnt die and fuckup the qsc amp, it just had a noise

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19:18 <@kevtris> heh my innertubes are so bad fuckin' DSLreports speed test doesn't even work!
heh, sucks
haha @ lc filters
broke sucks

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because the circuit is like one of our production amps, but x2
w/ servos i dont think theyd be into using because it turns out putting a series cap in parallel with the feedback is not as good but good enough, pretty good

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09:37 <@timecop> <timecop> 'round down after decimal point'
sounds like truncate to me
it doesnt say round it says round down
but i means its prob from china
they could mean round down the precision of the number
one on top
round up
this is for a timer?
ok, shower, work, meh
im taking the pcb i did for tube to work

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