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all this propaganda about we are digikey we stock the world and like alot of these caps i want are non stock
no like non stock
okay im going to have dinner
then im going to defeat this order
thats alot of mah
sad name =(

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when yageo doesnt make the cap you want you know you are going to get fucked
damn they fucked me
i hate filters

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eh eh

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thats a really fucked up way of saying 2/3
and i wasnt complaining anymore i was celebrating
i need one diode
and then i need to calc the lr filter values
and then order the fuck out of that shit
i feel like mrtube when he was doing this

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check that shit out
DX^: ive been doing that for the last 5mo
25v x7r 2.2uF 0805 \o/
man this box of digikey is gonna be pretty epic
45 lines, the passive crap dont even start until line 23
like bday in february

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burning holes in my pockets with little rice sized resistors and caps

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Twingy: very nice

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no man active xovers
and the passives im using are 4 pole linkwitz riley magic
what about that bolt on the front!
omg lucky
omg awesome

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Twingy: haha ohno!
Twingy: are you taking pics?
so i dont have to take mine apart!
im going to soon anyway
i want to inspect everything for wear and clean everything, regrease
im almost done ordering parts for the biamps
im taking a break before the xovers
im going to do 3 xovers
100Hz, 140Hz, 220Hz

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DX^: neat

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thats just how he programmed it

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holy shit guys i am almost done ordering passives
the manufacturing guy and other tech at work liked chinapcb board'

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okay like same price
all in stock
had to get the 25ppm/C ones

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anyway, with the series cap, its like 1-5mV
depending how much lowend response youre willing to sacrifice
with the servos, mrtube said he couldnt measure dc offset
like it was sub mV

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so 3mV input offset becomes like 60mV
its bridged/parallel
its be 60mV across .2R
like i have two amp outputs with parallel signal tied thru .1R resistors
so its not just offset on the speaker
60mV DC aint great for speakers either
even if it doesnt mess them up it rectiofies them out, less linear region, assymetry,
speakers suck enough as is

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wait fuck none of these are in stock at mouser
up to like 60mV
without the feedback cap
and i have 4 amps that have to be matched
BlackMoon: kinda sane
because its like gain of 21

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mm soda
and itll match mrtubes and i can test it for THD+N and response on the expensive audio test shit at work
so yeah i guess ill do the 1/4 1206 for the rail leds
i still have to buy standoffs, plate to mount to, bars to heatsink onto

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i have amp pcb that can be configured both ways, can parallel those and then bridge parallel with inversion in the preamp
well, layout i havent gotten them made yet
so maybe i can test like 1% vs .1% and cap vs servo
the amps at work use series cap, about 2x what natsemi using in their app circuit
but those are just parallel amps
and like everything else is so much on this amp
like, its alot cheaper because i have alot of the shit
and then im prob going to have to buy a new woofer
well, two
so like an extra $20 for the precision is worth it

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but yeh, you have 4x 50W amps in brodge/parallel, outputs seperated by .1R 5W 1%
so you need the amps to match or they just source/sink into each other
anyway natsemi spec'd .1%
mrtube build his with .1%
and theyve been working awesome for him
its prob about $20 more than doing it with 1%
maybe $40 more than just doing the bridge/parallel with just series cap in the feedback to kill Vos
so i mean, the amps are built around the Vos servos, and they work, its kinda magical
suck to spend the extra money and they just do as good as using the feedback cap

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so i got all the 1% shit
er .1% shit
man fuck passives
its bridged parallel chipamps
w/ intergrato servos to compensate for output offset voltage
basically tracks offset of the chipamp output and then mixes a bias into the Vin- to compensate

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nice resistors
1/3 watt even
the 1/4W are like .90

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but like, thats not even the right value if youre gonna be all .1% about it
for the .1% feedback caps in parallel
i guess just so the amps match
maybe the designed the amps with intentional bias current offset to one side
haha k prob not rly
stupid bridge parallel amps

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IRC resistors
we make good resistors, i am proud
cheaper than digikey too
now im making two orders
guys there is an obvious solution to this
i get a job right at the digikey
er fuck and the mouser
man that idea needs a failsticker
hey wait
they say use a .1% input bias current compensation resistor

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they said available =( =( =(
haha sucks
1000uF FM caps dont exist anymore
they are gone from all of octopart
i have the last 4 in the world for my amps

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theyre prob going to be like %1 each
i need like 32 of them
with the PNP ref?
itd be easy with an opamp
is their current regs in the chip?
32 .1% resistors is not the end of the world

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oh, then theres that Ic to Vbe log converter dealie
i bet that mad fucks up when it gets hot
some natsemi fantastic contraption VCO
so those current sinks are neat because there is a resistor that determines the current thru the ref
so you can kind of tune the Vbe
like maybe warm it up a bit so ambient temp changes dont fuck it up, iunno
its pretty easy to figure out the current error because of the sink transistor base on a current regulated transistor
that sentence has too many words
so should i actually use .1% resistors for the power amp gain and servo amps?
or just be like fuckit and use 1%

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LM317+1 resistor works
then transistors and resistors
transistor and fet
npn ref and then the mosfet to suck up the rest
you can just use 337 as a sink
yeh not really
but you can do it with a PNP for a ref and a mosfet as a voltage drop
or two pnp but then you have 1V dropout
mathless led yo
thats like standard discrete audio stuff
the current sink, the mirror, the long tail pair
its like your ninja styles
the Vbe multiplier, feer

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power save implimented
macegr: thats why current sinks are ereet
then i gotta go back and buy 0805 parts
also i think i lost my phone

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no like a chick in a dress
you buy her a desk and some filing cabinets and then your life is better
well if you get that software, youre now married to this software and its limitations
there is no chick in a dress

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i hate ordering passives
like, i want to go outside and breathe or go someplace or something

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so nico says something about ceramics caps and esr and tuned circuits
like ceramic esr is too low
why cant you just use way higher voltage caps?
i guess you get fucked for capacitance values
i believe all special parts are ordered
well listed
just smt RC left
no wait i need diode bridge

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it even has the periodic table in it
i think it might have rs232 or some serial, has usb
it has a removable faceplate i was about to be pissed
but i removed it and they silked the same stuff on the plastic underneath
so not so hideous
all i remember doing with these calcs in high school was playing drug wars and doing pixel art
stuffing it with all the physics class equations

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i just use spreadsheets
i just bought a ti-84
i use powertoy calc
if youure really bored you can enter equations into it
and just feed variables
so you can turn it into a calc for filters or dividers or whatever pretty easy
and its like multi line display and text input, not stupid buttons
its actually alot like the graphing calcs
like i know i can program the calc i just bought to do it
but its like a goofy $100 calc, it should make me breakfast in the morning

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i just have epoxy drop ones
yeah but i dont want to break them
theyre expensive!
i have a bunch of 1% panasonics
for the crossover
that thing tested like i was living in a sim
was disturbing
did they spec esr?
heh that equation is etched into my brainz
you can swap Xc and F or C
but i need 4 diff values
hehe yeah

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i think ive looked for esr in those sheets and not found it
yeah i just saw the temp specs
metallized film
im like wtf is that electrolytic or like metallic/film roll
polypropylene \o/
the high values are fucking expensive tho

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no idea
my firefail is failing
yeh that sucks
im prob just gonna use normal caps =(
we might have the vallues i need at work
probably do, we dont use any of that shit either
i think it was like $100 on parts express, 8 coils and 8 caps
theyre really low esr, no?
yeah so maybe its not really a limiting factor in their voltage range
what the esr is?
or the current

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60x 1uF caps
if i wanted to do the parallel SMT crossover
100V 1uF is cheap!
and just for the highs and mids
well the coils will be so fucking big it might just kinda fit under them
i need 30uF for one
but its for the LPF, so its to ground
so i can put them like on both side of something

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those guys are so weird

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topic is still heh

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seems to be some sort of sales board or forums for the emogoths?

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