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did he just list every possible paired combination?

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911 ultra-beetle bullshit
cmon you know thats sexy
you want to be inside.
timecop i know you are just trolling
BlackMoon: heh

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they are all so ruined
that one, indeed
you likely mean all of them, tho honestly that would just make you an average person, and ive obviously never cared
ah, but thats not a normal porsche tc
its a vw/porsche!
i hate porsche for how they neglected that car
in favor of the fucking frogcar

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it was just how they acted

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but i just did not want to be at that school right then
like, mad drama to get the financial aid reinstated, only for them to fuck me around for weeks before just telling me like, OH WE DECIDED YOURE NOT GOING TO SCHOOL SO WE DONT HAVE TO GIVE YOU ANY OF YOUR MONEY!
it was a fucking joke, they were just making shit up to tell me because they didnt want to find out what was really up
and its not like im really on any schedule
it wasnt even completely the money

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Tekrad: the financial aid office fucked me around
there was alot of details
but shit got fucked up because of an ed plan a counselor did with me
like, i dunno wtf happened but like she wasnt listening to me
so they basically said none of the classes i took counted for aid
also my free gov money stopped right before then
they basically like, youre not crazy enough anymore, youre a fucking genius, go do some repetitive tasks and get paid already
and no school aid, and my mom dont make much so like shit dont work very well if i cant give her money to help cover rent and shit
well, yeah for future stuff, is a possibility

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yeah give my seat to someone else
then i got my job
im prob not going to start at a uni for another year or more
so i figure i keep doing math classes
or iunno i should maybe talk to a counselor at pomona
maybe since i got accepted already they can just like, let me go instead of making me apply again
i needed a fucking job, and fucking school pissed me off so hard

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man she can work her calc
wtf is ball chin
im pretty sure under my goatee i have a normal chin
well yeah i think thats the next step
and etc
ok neat
its goofy, lots of tiny logics
tho it seems to like, be all related with all this filter maths i do
haha nice
dec to hex doesnt seem so hard
this is prob like 4th time in my life ive started a trig class =\
it was never the math why i quit
haha last time, i just didnt want to
i was in the class, i could have added, i just waited until break like

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girl who was staring at me started talking to me today
yeh cuz i was all cold so she was like 'COLD HUH!'
and we had words
geeker cute, neat body
i think she might have a bf
omg she works full time and is taking 3 classes
and i saw her drive away in some manner of newer accord
no i saw her talking to some guy before class
kinda a CC geeker type
i still see her looking at me in my peripheral vision
comm. college
maybe i have something on my face!
maybe she is staring at my ear piercings, iunno
well, yeah

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it really didnt come with a manual suggesting lubes to use for what?
that sucks
vactra is the stuff we used on the CNC router at my last job
no idea
if you get no response, 1
yeh wait and def have a reason the second time
like, made up reason or whatever
two weeks might be too long!

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3 in 1 might be a bit thin
like if it wants heavier oil, 3 in 1 might actually strip away whats there
i used lithium grease for my taig
not really, i think its higher temp than normal oil
but the stuff in the lubricators at work was like sam viscosity as motor oil
thicker than 3 in 1, but not so greasy
given the budget, prob was motor oil
we used motor oil as cutting fluid
well, like they add shit
ours was mobil industrial shit, was prob pretty vanilla
but i mean if you get stuff with the wrong additives it can maybe leave deposits on the ways or degrade seals or plastic hardwares or whatever

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flashfxp > *
tho i mostly use the filezilla lately =\
oh unless youre in some j00niks state of being
then lftp > *
it might not get shipped like right away cuz i been stupid busy
but i dont think itd take me more than a couple of days
just during the week i hardly get shit done
i dont think it took very long
its not quick like mcmaster, like normal UPS/Fedex
so like a week at most if you order midweek
does it say?
3 in 1 is prob fine
i think we used motor oil at school, not sure
the machines all had lube setups
so you pump a lever a few times and it drops lube on the ways, then you just slide over it

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i did miss emails from teacher =\
haha @ double taig
most likely
DX^: make it likie 1/2 to 2/3 as long, i think
then its fine its not so long i wanna stab
those last two flowers kinda bother me
like, its done! wait no

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not sure yet =(
tho maybe i just take it to the metalshop and ask to cut it how i want
the one at work is trashed
we have a table saw, but thats not exactly sane
i might get it from mcmaster
im going to find out the exact size i need and ask to order it
at the local place
hmm, not recently
i can test the amps without it, tho
so not super time critical
i think its too late to add a class
i can still take a CNC project class at school
use the haas or fadal
quick before i disintegrate or something
jezus fuck i havent checked my email in almost 2 weeks i think

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guys im tired
haha my lesbian english teacher was all happy im back in school
i said i was tired from work shes like QUIT YOUR JOB
nice, you did the couplers
i think im going to crash out
they didnt have Al like i wanted at the local metal shop =(
prob going to mcmaster it
i have a bit, not enough
like 10" wide by prob like 18"
i gotta cut it up
like 3/16"
i need two

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fuck i was up late doing homework
wed is my go to bed early for long thur night, too =(

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