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ha, twingy can prob do it quick, itd be a weekend for me, i think both of us are too busy to be of any timely service
(im assuming your arm7 is the same as our arm7 header thingers)
i would ask twingy tho, he prob has alot of that code around, maybe if you show him a timing diagram he can make you something
oh haha id have to get that open-whatever bullshit running too, fuck that
k ima do sealed enclosure spreadsheet then im going to crash

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omg almost done!

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im doing homeworks and its midnight =(
nm my shit is easy im solving the fuck out of right triangles
yes because he was going to kill nico because we dont like house
yeah thats about right

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daaamn $130

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neat pumas i want on sale for $40
its all flash now you cant link big shoe pics
cmon you gotta wear shoes!
dude these are so comfy!
and they last me more than a year'
heh, they still have mongolian show bbq

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have you raced it yet?
like jogged it around at 30+ ipm
do you have a backlash issue?
cuz mine were kinda tight but def not anymore, my backlash is pretty low on the x
my y isnt so great, alot more weight
with a light load, my x is almost nothing

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i wonder if the ratio is like the normal game, like itd be a bag of 9 red ones and 2 1up
laundry machines went up
fuck the economy
need a laundry bailout

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wordpress fabric?
does it look like a goomba or a penis
they got alot of mushroom stuff
you dont get to pick between red and 1up mushroom?

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jezus fuck simpsons is 20 years old now
they still make new ones?

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x86 linux isnt really the same as linux on an arm
seen ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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mr dobbs almost says cotton pickin politicians in a blog abut race

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naw my cat dont poo
we got rid of that badcat
haha i freaked out and cried
because my mom gave her cat to the pound or some shelter that was going to prob give it to the pound
just because its a badcat and pees on everything doesnt mean you should be like K GO DIE
timecop: peecat is dead, HAVE YOU NO FEELINGS
peecat is deadcat
fatcat, meancat

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took so long because i had to learn lpm flash access and had to make a wavetab
the eeprom is faster than flash?
i did his project already
it was wavetab based he could have made it blink however he wanted =(
he kickbant me for posting vid of it in #electronicstech =( =(
it was his
and people joined out of freakish curiousity mostly
i dont know im bant remember
well then mine was mathematically awesome
i have to start some
i kinda got stuff done
i didnt start laundry tho so im fail
theres is a mountain range of it in the hallway

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yeah diabetic girl i knew was too skinny
he should patent his train beacon idea
and sell it
i did his led throbber on my stk500 in like an hour

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$40/hr to sit and watch progress bars and to remove stuff from registry run nodes?
sounds exciting, challenging, and rewarding
i dunno how people get so many fucking trojans and shit
like i wasnt running antivirus for maybe 6mo
so i got all paranoid and run avg
shit is like, you are fine, stop being paranoid
did he have those autodialer things in his net properties too?
he prob click on the links on the ampland sites
and still manage to fuck himself
ampland = categorized gallery links
also boneme
opera =(

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isnt his wife not really his wife
my carpet is vacuumed \o/
i dont have to be afraid of being stabbed by dips and th jacks
this is tv ep autodownloader or something?

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maybe not but its likely common practice
how is he still in that chan
what happened to electronicstech

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sim is hella useful if you know what youre doing
tell him to secure something

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so i can use any resistor for 2R, then two in parallel for R
same with C and 2C, so layout is still the same for high pass and low pass

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pizza is soon
wow pimp
so i thought maybe since the 2C and 2R locations were wrong, i couldnt do parallel for R and parallel for 2C
linkwitz riley filters, so your four values are C, R, 2C, 2R, you use 3 of those values for high pass or low pass
anyway, R and 2C are in the same location

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i just got stabbed by a miniplug jack
well, no not really just now
like 10min ago and i couldnt figure out what i stepped on and i was all afraid of invisible spikes in my carpet
no it was the miniplug jack dont you read

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for the keys?
yeah but you can take measurements and see how they did the assemblies
so they used magnets on every key?

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patent would be expired anyway no?
yeh what kev said

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doesnt have patens listed in it somewhere?
its not that?
heh or 'patents pending!'

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he could prob google that
or maybe try and find a product manual with the patents listed
is it old?

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i should aquire foods
`nico: media mail is like $15
k msg me your email

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i think they call the connectors by bits too
wtf @ WOW @ work
so guys my room is kinda almost clean
i can almost vacuum this shit
only took like months!
i need shelves but i dont have anyplace to put them

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* > macs
who is THE_GFR|W

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kevtris: heh

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like most of those companies prob dont even exist anymore
i wonder if they gave a shit enough to define 'media' and 'advertising'
like what about blank media
but yeah thats like 1/3 price compared to usps and fedex
i have a big box of genesis games and a genesis i want to ship
the games would prob be media
but i dont think the genesis
heh, sega master system had a game on it
builtin, so i think that would be ok

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hmm, $51
hmm @ media mail
usps media mail $15
rox was maybe right!
mm waffles, bye
Media Mail is used for books, film, manuscripts, printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, videotapes, and computer-recorded media like CDs and diskettes. Media Mail cannot contain advertising.
The maximum size is 108 inches in combined length and distance around the thickest part.
oh advertising
well you buy old shit
im not sure all of that is technically advertising anymore

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heh @ initiation
i think the only people we knew and banned were charles, kanucked, and avrfreak
`nico: zip code?
fedex ground = $40
well $44
yeah going to see about usps and them

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eck0 has projects that can kill him and trees
mostly trees, i think its ok if he stays
my friend lived in the projects
but like, fureal projects in the suburbs
i think youve been here before anyway
no i cleaned more and then wondered about how much it would weigh
waiting for fedex failsite to load

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it has a celeron, 4gb ssd
heh, 800x480 max res
very 1st gen!
the 1stest
who is this mdx37
mdx37: say
eck0: hi

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looks like the black n series is flat black
damn i was telling everyone to wait a year before buying a netbook, i totally should have waited a year

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kevtris: heh
i had a thinkpad like that
the eee i have is like a baby thinkpad
i wonder if ideapads are still glossy crap...

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