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omg still soldering

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timecop: i think 8051 has a mask register setup
and like vector addresses
youre prob doing it in c so its prob like, a function like()

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the mexican resistor people made the resistors fit my silk perfect

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my output resistors are mexican
the labels are like rolled on crooked

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CF seems heavy compared to paper
doesnt everyone do it with paper and balsa?
dude paper is paper
can you get CF as thin as paper tho?
without it just being brittle and useless
no paper is like .003" thick
fuck mm

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structural batteries
that are also the frame of your lifter
has anyone ever made this work with an onboard supply?
k back to sorting parts

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your peak amps at 3v is prob something like 50A =(
youre assuming badass efficiency
blackmoon knows more about this shit
whats you supply
that can do 3V at 50A
see what you need is like 10000 tiny batteries

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calc says 600Hz
so you blip a pin as fast as you can @ 20MHz, and kick it for 1.666666 ms
also, you need to drive some ultrafet into saturation and turn it off with some degree of precision, and the fets needs to actually respond that fast
so you need some sort of badass fet driver

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so anyway, fastest pulse you can get is two cycles
pin up, pin down
so on a 20MHz uc, .1uS is the shortest pulse
i dunno, what is that .00006 of

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you need to be able to count enough so you get the resolution you want, right?
okay say you want 100 points of resolution on your period
so you can set dury from 1-100%
so if you period/cycle/switch freq is 100KHz
you have to run a counter up to 100 every 1/100KHz
so you counter frequency is 100KHz * 100
already youre at 10MHz
you lost me there

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so you need like 10000 count resolution?
calc says you need a ghz counter unit
and really, that just gets you .9999 and .0001
so like 2GHz counter for .99995 and .00005
you want to switch at 100KHz

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9mH isnt that much
tell me how youre going to get a duty of 99.994 with a uC
also i still dont think youve worked out the low side current
how slow do you want to switch this thing?

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i dont see what the difference is you have one coil or two coils
i dont think is is loaded at all except for maybe parasitic capacitance?
without coils?
wtf is really needs 100w?
wtf is loading it?
of course

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DX^: heh, do the power conversion math
wtf is your load
why the fuck are you going to use deep logic for this at all
put 12V thru a 1:1000 transformer
rectify the output
thats how they do it in laptops for backlight inverters
diodes and caps
okay guess how they get HV in a car

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oh this is an HV psu
i was talking about signal amplification
you need a forward conversion smps
switchmode thru a transformer
is how most offline switchers are working
how many cards worth $.05 do you have
no one with $3000 should be playing that game
wtf @ hooker
i hope you mean like 20 hookers
or like one hooker, but like all the time
wow he knows prices
maybe, but rly, no
THE_GFR: youre being awkward

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i dont know =(
DX^: wut
THE_GFR: you need to cut down
DX^: are you still talking about cars or what?
and for Av=13k you want multiple gain stages

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k screw you guys im checking my order more

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its prob heat
bike engines will go like 15k
but theyre not very loaded
less rotating mass
amazing it ran at all
did it wrong
hot the fuck do you fix that
sounds scary

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no alot do
alot of CNC use recirculating bearings on the ways
instead of box ways
its more expensive and i guess its less reliable in the end
much less friction tho
balls that kinda roll around a track
i think thats alot of work for not so much improvement
turbo is prob less work + more power
also rice factor is much higher
wtf @ more displacement are you a fucking american or some shit?
BlackMoon: they would prob die
this is true
i assumed heads and accessories
yeah, itd get way hotter
i think alot of the issue is heat
connecting rods

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`nico: yes but half the time the staple thru the extra sticker
DX^: oil pressure
DX^: i think its a waste of energy too
and its very big and heavy
F1 researched this years ago
solenoid controlled valves
theres is prob a valve between the main oil chamber and the vtec pin actuators
i seen how that shit works im like, how does that not just break while engaging/disengaging
k i finished checking all the biggy parts
now 40 lines of smt to check \o/

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fuck you
why are you so mean

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i got all the parts for my amper
im tired i dont want to solder forever =\
walmart sucks
and i get molten solder on me all the time
it just bounces off, shrug

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i hate it when that happens

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