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heh, theyre gonna be bright @ 15V and 27V

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haha cool
i can diode test from rail to ground on my biamp
and it slowly fills the caps
then i can pull the meter off and the leds still stay lit
haha its still on
heh, any amp worth its shit has huge caps
i filled the rails up to 2.5V, leds are still on

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that might be why the fill line is 1cm lower =)

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gfr was random
wasnt cheater an #electronics troll?
like a much less potent flyback or wkr4kr
biamp boards almost done
nice and heavy, doesnt even have any of the ics on it yet

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ampers almost done
i should handle this smt led situation now before my dumbass puts those overkill protection diodes in the way
i was kinda wondering why i didnt go to220
but looking at it, this way routed better
maybe thats why

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45W ratshit iron turned these faston pcb tabs into my bitches
flat little .250' bitches
the_gfr: defend yourself
assburgers are a little bit autistic
danielson used your nick?
window was selected?
i want my shit to highlight if selected until i say something
rather 10 things
ha thats a good habit
thatll never happen in nop

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fucking thing prob has 5min warmup time
how are you not bant yet
did we figure out how he got here?
im assuming a stu tip?

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ki never said that
im seriously bummed out over these iron tips
its like the voodoos gave me this glorious moment when they gave them back
they have taken this glory from me
yes dx it is probably there
maybe in a few more years =(
i wonbder if i still have that radioshit iron

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i want my hakko tips dammit
i found them after they were gone for years i was like \o/
now theyre gone
iunno like 4 years ago?
936 ftw
theyve prob been gone like two years
my hakko tips
i have
one skinny one and the original one
and a unused one like the original
i dont want to buy more i know i have 3 more somewhere
whatever it got to like the 30s here and that was almost hellish

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this fucking sucks
i have these like 3 other hakko tips
i found them again like weeks ago, and thought i put them in this bin so i would remember but theyre not there
and i have a skinny tip on the iron
and im trying to solder in some male pcb faston connects
long and skinny

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its neat wat
dammit half of that sentence is supposed to be another chan
not enough enter

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.125" endmill at the maritools place was like $.50
$1 was like $200
1" was like $200!

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yeah but theyre the exact ones you wanted
and you didnt want 1000, just 2
we are not big companies so we have no buying power

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yeah those assholes
they masked my silk, prob with the mask layer
so the squares around one end of the leds got ate
blackmoon: sometimes its optimized for some reason
like straight paths to avoid features
sometimes its just crackish, like the algorithm just didnt get it
so it like deoptimizes, typical simple AI retardation
ok its prob always for a reason
just sometimes the reason doesnt make sense for that application
yeah open planes you usually do spirals or overlap
sometimes you do a zag
if theres nothing in the way, and it goes nuts, id prob put that in the eccentric/crackish category
yeah metal is expensive
doesnt sound horrible

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they do if it wasnt for the pocket permiter cuts you could almost call it intentional texturing
well, yeah or your have to do like 1000 pocket cuts with like 95% overlap
and it prob feel nasty
sometimes its for some reason, makes sense
cometimes cam software is eccentric
have fun
im gonna solder on amp board some more
i finished all the smt stuff except the leds

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and they mostly likely want the hard edges on the raised features
*most likely
Am I the only one that thinks these parts would look better if they were just left as is? Sure, the masses will always be drawn toward shiny things, but I like seeing all the tool paths and different lines throughout the part. Cool stuff.
heh, only machinists and cnc techs think toolmarks are pretty
the pocket cut marks clash with the circumfrencial cut marks nice

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you can see those toolmarks thru chrome?
no not usually

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apestate: where do i get cheap carbide endmills
square, 4 flute
fucking mari tool?
there was a place selling 10 packs of endmills on ebay, wasnt much cheaper
my machine doesnt go that fast
what are those for?

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