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ampers are done!
er, no wait mure headers and jumpers
okay and not really because i havent soldered in the chipamps or socketed the opamps
need to test psy stuff first (!)

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yeh kinda

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well fuck you then ill be richard pryor you can be sam jackson

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mmmm new pumas
feet = state of euphoria
no i dont not know any of this silly music you speak of
i dont for the most part
most people are used to it, its heavily used in movies and commercials

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i lived down the street from where he had his firefro incident

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no i was born in the suburbs =\
i hate how they come laced
the bottom lace on top insead of on bottom of the holes
so you have to do an accentric crossover on top or bottom
we dont have cold air that wouldnt work here
heh, cold is neat it makes the failvo more powerful!
during the day im actually sam jackson
i should have taken richard pryor

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danielson: what
`nico: ty!
`nico: pls to msg or email shipping cost and paypal acct for due compensation
my pumas shipped \o/
ugh wtf
it says they delivered today
[ ^ happy peoples ]
i think my mom stayed home today
so she signed for them

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