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wtf it wants a serial how is this free

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doublecad is hosted on a bunch of download sites
for free
not free demo, not gimp free, just free
seems to be from the turbocad people
(turbocad is a pretty good acad clone)
wtf it was added last month, zero downloads

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her work was pretty amazing tho, so like for what shes studying that counts for alot
heheh, ceramics people get pretty nuts with deadlines or when doing alot of work
because like, you stick something in this huge oven thing, and it takes forever, and you prob babysit it because you cant have it fucking up
theyre like the only ones at the school at 3a

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we should work that into wikipedia somehow
he didnt notice because its not rly a big deal =)
they all are
my ex's was like a picture book
i think it was like 4 pages, and just loaded up with pics of her thesis show (ceramics masters)
like, 4 pages of text
4 page book would be pretty lame

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i was going to slap you or something
after pasting 04:28 <@seravitae> 1073741824 requires 4 bits to represent
and being like wat again
shit happens, get over it, keep h4xing
maybe you work better with deadlines iunno
i wanted that to be true somehow, too
04:28 <@seravitae> 1073741824 requires 4 bits to represent

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they pumped monkeys with smoke thru masks for extended periods of time
basically suffocating them
yeah no shit thats going to cause brain damage
the section about that starts out the gov now admits that marijuana doesnt cause brain damage
and its footnoted with 6 sources
teacher said he would bring in studies because he knew hed be able to find them
apperently hes never spent much time seatching for studies on cannabis, heh
im going to email him this shit

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sumatra wont let me select text wtf
okay but it also said in sweden they did a study
and they found out that higher doses of marijuana prefered by people lets say, such as me
NEVER exceeded impairment in driving as alc uses are .08% blood levels
so apperently, according to these scientists
wgho did their study in like actual freeway and urban environments
like, you can be fucked up stoned and not be as bad as a legally buzzed driver
which yeah, matches up with my experiences perfectly
this section sites 5 sources even!
different ones!
yeh but i found documentation
he wanted it
so i get to rub it in his face
see how that works?
i was actually looking for good documentation of the heath stufy on monkeys
that all claims of marijuana causes brain damage are based on\
for my psych teacher

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`nico: http://norml.org/pdf_files/NORML_Marijuana_Health_Mythology.pdf
page 5
more than half of fatal driving incidents involved drunks
7-20% had thc in their system
of the those with thc in their system, 70-90% also had alc in their system
some dude named dale, "marijuana, driving, and accident safety' journal of psychoactive drugs, 1988
so my guess was actually pretty spot on, according to these dr/scientist people
but wtf do they know!

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its a beetle
porsche has made tons of good sport cars
fuck the glory beetles
356 is not fast
356 doesnt handle great
356 was a small spyder when there was none
thats what it didnt good
it filled a vacuum
the 550 was proper sport
nothing its old needs brakes has tons of miles
ha i havent even checked the oil =\
like $1k after trading in the honda
so i came out $500 fucked than if i had done the shit private party
but i didnt have t fuck with selling the car and dmv crap and etc etc
so i didnt mind

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flat 4, inline 6, and 60d v12
are naturally balanced
wrx is a turbo and usually run shit because they were overdriven =)
then yeah i dunno
ive never been a fan of those things
also these v8 are prob bolted into cars with a good 1000-2000lbs on a smaller car
makes a hge difference as far as how smooth an engine feels
anyway last honda pissed me off
fuck the 911
thats all i gotta say about that
and yes its personal so try and be logical about it with me
mufucking frog car
glorified beetle
obviously comparing a volvo to a 911 isnt even a comparison
i didnt buy the volvo to get anywhere fast
it is
911 is a updated 356
which was a performance beetle
and a waste of engineering resouces
it was the drs pet
it is a beetle
unibody, rear engine, same designer

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i6 dont count, if you make an i6 that ran poorly youre fail
i6 is naturally balanced
i4 arent balanced at all
i4 have huge balancing issues, its why they dont get big
like, my accord was a 2.2L, and that was a big i4
v8s dont run smooth like i6, dont even fire even =(
my 280z ran so smooth it was almost like a vacuum cleaner
like it didnt even really vibrate, it was eerie
it was a piece of shit
boxer 6 is also magically balanced
er, no flat 4 was

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youre also a domestic car extremist
only the i4
and the rwd ones
american car companies
pfft ive seen enough parked american economy with fucked motors to know thats not the case
my dad killed at least two engines in his lebaron
one of them was a mitsubishi engine heh
the other was american
i dont think ford bought mitsubishis
mazda engine, probably
and yeah my friends probe drove like complete shit
my moms escorts engine changed radically over the time we owned it
thats like american economy i4 defined

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it was built like my civic tho, with easy servicing in mind
like if i had $5k to drop on a car id prob get a later model prelude
maybe later this year
this was pretty much, get rid of the accord, try out odd swedish things that people get addicted too
because as much as people who never owned volvos say they break and shit...
every volvo owner ive spoken too is like fucked up in love with them and has usually owned a few

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hehehe nice
fuck thats what i should have done today
volvo brakes
figured if i was going to have a high miles failcar, id get a notoriously reliable one
new ones maybe
the engine is like a fucking tractor, eheheh
no its just like wicked simple and looks overbuilt
anyway, the i4s are known to be tankish, all i really give a fuck about is the engine keeps going
i like older hondas
i like lots of cars
if i had that accord in 1991 id prob love it

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depends on the room, the speaker system on and off axis response, what kind of shit is in your room
etc etc etc
just do whatever sounds ok
hehe cool
so dont
as long as it sounds okay to you, the fact that they changed the spec kinda tells me its a pretty loose spec and dependent on a ton of variables

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mrtube: its hdd monitoring
temp and timing parameters
and some other stuff
like itll monitor how many times its started up
it has built in limits, so when parameters get out of acceptable ranges, your bios can read it and tell you something is up
the only time i seen smart parameters throw a warning at boot tho was a drive in a pc that was stored outside
also the data isnt always standards, seems proprietary
those alot of monitoring apps can figure out what they mean based on your model of drive

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its jfurs project
i was taking nap earlier
im finding out how tax fucked i am tomorrow
then im going to order the aluminum for the blocks and backplate
been busy mostly from school, and i have a month to do this led project to help a friend with her masters thesis art show
so its dropped to third priority
but yeh i just want to make sure i dont somehow owe crazy money, then ill blow the rest on the amp supplies
ive had no luck with those WD diagnostic tools
i had one tell me a drive was fine, i could hear a head dragging across a platter and windows was finding bad blocks
yes, as far as i know
you may have to enable it in bios

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i have 3 byte buffers because it needs to be 3 bytes for this, doing 4 bytes would be pretty useless

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dunno, you can just keep incrimenting and masking off uneeded bits for your adress offset
instead of checking for a max and resetting
its really not, unless its for a reason
no reason why you couldnt do buffers with non 2^n values
if mem space was more a consideration than efficiency, 2^n with no reason is dumb

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rotate it 90d CCW and figure it out
want to modify for color changing
have like an absolute amount of 'color' they can jack from each other
either for each of the RGB values or from a spectrum in a lookup table
i prob going to go spectrum from a table, so i can tune their colors
okay i said CCW
and your dick must look weird yo
it means less than 3
you mother never told you she less than threes you?
explains alot i guess
google saves the world everyday
the even explained asscone
thats awesome

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k so i have like 80% cpu time to fuck around with color and tweaking throb speeds
heh, 98% if i wanna scale back all the way to 100Hz sample rates
this is why i <3 asm on 8bit
jezus fuck you dont know what an asscone is?
like you were just born on efnet yesterday
so macegrs game of life idea is maybe awesome for color

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its not full scale tho
kinda like a dimmer
also it has bits for a test mode thats always needs to be set to a certain value
they dont really define the test mode functionality in the datasheet, least i didnt see it
so theres like maybe 5 bits of the 32 that can fuckup the shiftbrites noticably
if the dot correction corrupts, its not a big deal
high bits of the words might be noticable but it wont trash output compltely like if it sets pwm to external clock or puts it in the factory test mode

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it was prob like 50 yards away
at least 30
it was a big fucker tho
it was taking out the net racks mounted high on a wall, supposedly fucking wifi for the whole event
yeh kinda
ridiculous voltage step up
so yeah my shit updates the config register before sending color data, every ms
so its maybe more sensitive to getting fucked config
but it recovers in a ms if it does
sets up the pwm clock and the dot correction
dot correction is basically another 8b of brightness control on top of the 10b

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did you win or what
thats good
ir reflections or beam interruption or what
tesla coil made your shit go nuts?
sometimes when you a h4xor you just have tesla coils lying around
im sure moon has them like on his bathroom counter and sticking out from under his bed
tesla coils fuck everything
cell phones can too
like it was jealous
tesla noise would get into macegrs VU meters things
and wed watch the noise propegate thru
cuz serial shift register based

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nothing wrong with using amps for whatever
how did it launch candy out?
omfg i love gobstoppers
okay so neat like, half project is done
well, code wise
assembly is prob gonna be perfboard and screw terminals
gotta thing of a way to do the color

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omg im good
1KHz system tick
so 1000us each processing period
im using 130us
for my code so far
so like, 15% cpu time, 18% of my 8k of flash, 6% of my 1k of sram
wtf is a buffer
and wtf is io
im just doing o
i have a buffer for my shiftbrites
im just doing 8b, so 3bytes for every shiftbrites
at the end of my processing loops, it sends out config words for every shiftbrite (tesla coil immunity technique)
and then sends out the color data
then waits for next system tick interrupt
in general, i dont do a ton of serial io
when i do, my code has been fast enough to handle it in realtime
if it wasnt, sure id use a circle buffer
just two pointer values and a couple of comparisons

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ha neat its cool how dev time speeds up once you find your completely retarded swapped register error
k i got them all throbbing at diff rates
neat, even the saw wave throb looks organic

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haha thats when i used to read about racing in magazines, when we didnt always have cable
yeah i followed my first few seasons of F1 reading abhout it like a month after it happened
no ive been into cars since i was a little little kid
i prob got most of it from reading car and race mags at my dads work
prob just got air under the car because of the hill
im pretty sure by then most of the downforce was the ground effect shit underneath, so like fuck that up while going over a hill, heh
most tracks were designed before cars were capable of going so fast
yeh totally
soon as the nose got up the whole car followed it
k i gotta get some more shit done

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little crashes not so big a deal
just racing, especially on starts
but seeing a car hit a barried at close to full speed, go from like 150mph to dead stop, fucking makes me feel literally sick
alot of that on youtube
oh shit
i remember that
i think those were like 95 era porsche prototypes
naw it didnt look super torn up, kinda ripped up slow
hmm maybe thats an older porsche
kinda looks like mid 90s paint
yeah, def mid 90s paint
weird organic swirly like, veins, with some of the spaces filled in with primary colors

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hehe the 908 is cute
yeah didnt really look out of control
they were still air/oil cooled
why do they launch it?
yeh waiting
that whole people watch races for the crashes shit is some bullshit
wicked fast prototype and F1 shit, seeing crashes at speed makes me feel pukish

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inittab: its basically two porsche flat-6 put together w/ two massive turbos
inittab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kVhnaGV__4&feature=related
you cant even hear the exhaust over the turbo when it spools up
it doesnt wine, it sucks like a fucking hurricane or something
the one i linked too i dont think anyone died
it was a canam car, basically unlimited racing, not much in the way of rules
final version was over 1000hp
and wasnt no drag race shit, almost endurance race lengths
it killed canam
it like never lost
the canam one with the most power was open cockpit
=\ =\ =\ =\
she was almost hiding by the pedal
but yeah last vid is nuts, dude is like half out of the car

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vid at the bottom is unreal

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#dnbradio dj, brit guy
i guess its sat night there
but yeah hes like how i know its saturday almost
he got a girl emcee, sometimes
haha ive listened to live sets while riding bike or driving, and i hear shit like
im like what ohnos then realize
<3 my old flapjack sets

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didnt it throb?
or something
dreamcast was so amazing when it was released
i did internet with the controller
goofy shit
its fl4pj4ck
must be saturday

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the .ca and us sites dont seem to be able to access each other
work was actually pretty fun on friday
i got to do electronics stuff instead of speaker stuff
if they stock them at all i bet its pretty spotty from store to store
the actual inventory
you dont have a frys?
best buy prob has overpriced cheap fans
id bet 80mm and 92mm, maybe not 120mm
120mm fans are so awesome
push so much air, no noise
yeh i cant stand 80mm
the 120mm psu with open grate backs are pretty cool
you can feel them pushing a good amount of air, and almost no noise compared to dual 80mm
i have some panaflows but i think theyre 92mm
pabst and panaflow prob run almost double that
yeah like $20
fuck glowing!

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who the fuck is spybert and euphelia?
whos bot?
slackers, k
haha bot love
bcas is blogger, he behaves
banning blogger seems to be the only thing that makes timecop cry
logs whatever i say to lordpil.com
blackmoon: anyway lemme know if you want me to call greyhound about the package

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chanfix wouldnt save stu
because he doesnt op up anymore
so you kill the bots youre good
youd have to make the bots go away
really only charles is an issue, i dont think any other ops got much love for stu
unless teknique is still active
but tek didnt save stu in #cars
his cat is ugly
i dunno if he took the cat with him when he moved out
likely a spy

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its free
is he still pretending to not be an op?
yeh, still
im sure charles is still his lapdog
he runs the bots, and ertyu is awol
and no one has balls to do a takeover
chanfix would prob fix it anyway
yeh its very un efnet
but its better than full services

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prob multiplexing/stream encoding shit
`nico: i wore a blue and orange hawaiian shirt and some khakis
they knew not to fuck with me
heheh, i only been to a cure show
ocean of black with red and purple trim
robert played a forest for third encore
mufucker did it just for me
teh cure #1
so he was paying one bill for his whole building, probably
haha funny setup
call your neighbor up YO YOU WANNA WATCH A MOVIE!?

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there was a few people besides ttmustang tho
cam software, its pretty functional
hes always had sympathizers
and i think he enjoys the debate
even if hes doing it wrong
also hes learned a ton from us
wether he wants to admit it or not
i wouldnt mind a guiness or newcastle
maybe ill see if that sunday night dnb thing at the tiny bar is still happening
i liked that scene alot more than the big promoter club shit
they keep changing venues and dying
`nico: k be careful
gothers think they are vampires
they bite
thats pretty classic avrfreak

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it seems shitty, but if you were fucked up youd prob want help too
hes a bighead asshole
he cant handle being wrong
and he doesnt understand that being smart on irc in a sci/tech chan doesnt make you exceptional
in fact being a fucking genius doesnt make you too exceptional
whatever, you can be lonely and not be an ass about it
honestly i dont think he is that different
i just think his real life peers and his irc peers are a totally diff category of people
to an average person, who doesnt know bullshit from practicality, alot of his technical ramblings prob sounds like the ramblings of a frustrated genius
thats the most credible criticism of him ive heard
he just cant handle being with people who can challenge his intelligence with theirs
he doesnt accept criticism as means to progress in his pursuits
he just sees it as a threat to his status
so he tries to go head up
but he doesnt seem to be used to arguing with intellectual peers
no i believe that was someone else
he wanted to buy a machine tool forever
ttmustang built a wood cnc
seems to be getting some decent results from what ive seen

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`nico: haha what
@ morrisey dance
avr or morrisey?
think like, depeche mode, but more of a bummer
more whiny
robert smith could kick all of their asses
theres a few ok morrisey songs, like in a historical sense
but i cant remember any of them off hand
k i set the dd throb upcount to 1, so like sample update speed is 1/256 of my sample speed, which i think is 1KHz
status of throb period = forever
if he is fucked up and qualifies for disability he deserves it by law
i dont have much issue with it

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yes he wont admit it tho
but on one of his ramblings he detailed his wifes hemmoroid surgury
or his non wife
depending if you believe avrfreak or if you believe avrfreak
you havent seen the pictures?
with the hats?
he insights it
hes a better machinist than me, you know
even tho im not a great machinist or anything
but no rly, he is a better machine builder than me
even tho hes never built a machine
you know why avrfreak hates me?
because i challenged his right to use that name
because i told him the lower regs on the avr arent fully functional
no prob tomorrow after tax guy
today im coding
which means sitting around in my boxers and spending half the time fucking off
oh anyway
he tried to say r0:r15 were fully functional
and he found out he was wrong
and hes hated me ever since
also he didnt know about the buffering on the 16b peripheral regs
they cant do immediates
and alot of the other opcodes only work with high registers
thats why generic working regs are always defined from r16 and up
thats why atmel asm examples will specify how many high regs and how many low regs used

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usually i get as far as usng a few of the win avr function, realizing how retarded they are setup, getting angry at the ridiculous amount of time it takes for int handling
and how wasteful it is on resources to do pretty simple shit
and i go back to asm hacking it
i dont even know about msdn libs i dont do that kind of programming
!avr on
heheh @ ambiguous nature of 'avr turned on'
`nico: for why!?
`nico: eh
avrfreak called dx out because dx is not married to avrfreaks wife?
w t f
avrfreak isnt married to avrfreaks wife
thats not really his wife
avrfreaks wife isnt his wife
hes stated as much
hes also stated intricate details about his wifes butthole surgurys
no i dont think theyre married
he goes on aboyut how he was around for the children and that makes him practically her wife
or something

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prob almost eat the gains id get from looping
good when im done with this project you are teaching me c on avr
you have like a month to prepare
better get ready because im prob going to be bitching at you alot
hahah @ 62% ram
hahaha no rly
no i mean like setting up libs and dev environment mostly
dx will teach me but i want to make danielson do it
i think it will produce funnier moments

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man avr without the hardwae multiplier would suck for alot of stuff
i dont think any of the tinys have the multiplier
i think maybe its some of the old megas
it drops the results into two low regs too, non destructive
k bye
cuz yeh without the multiplier, working the immediates and constants out of this macro for looping would be a bitch

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operators need setup skill, its more a machining background
alot of hardware controllers are directly wired into the driver hardware
and the comm shit is to just load programs
rs232 is really common
at school we have a win 3.1 machine hooked into the haas minimill
so you program in the classroom, drop it on a floppy, and then load it into the win31 machine and transfer to the machine
its silly, but its something you prob run into in shops alot
random machine with a hyperterm type setup that been working forever, so they dont want to change it
new shit has eth ports, usb, sometimes the controller is just a pc
blackmoon: eh? context

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i left shift the adress
but i dont left shift the value added to the adress
ok pimp
fuck yeah
wavetab based shiftbrite throbber is functional
when i have all 5 going at diff rates
my macro for loading and unloading the dds counts in sram needs a constant
so i cant loop it
computers are hard for machinists
programmers are prob ok at computers

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heh @ turbo
does lpm not pack data?
so i do .db $01,$02
and its doing $0001,$0002?
im not sure about that
because it uses the low bit to select high and low byte of the word
well yeah
if its an uneven itll pad the last one
i believe to the right
okay so i dont think i needed to left shift the addy
or wait

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depends on server
efnet is huge, you just asked for a fuckton of info
that usually works
you know it
yeah you can do a search
best motd
that server
so he does it
you might be right
im not sure if the server is filtering or the client
that would prob be a huge load on the server tho
to do a bunch of search queries?
it does when you consider all the users
irc is a stupid light protocol
danielson: thats why you would allow searches
to trade cpu for net
you ban them from searching
and you abort queries that gen a max limit of results

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also sci/tech/programming channel regs tend to be very intelligent
on the other hand, irc prob has a higher rate of social dysfunction, heh
literacy and knowledge stats in america are a joke
like 1/3 of the country seems to be hopelessly uneducated
not irc as much as efnet
efnet still is pretty lawless
dalnet was bought by aol?
i dont go there
bust a list of topics, place is mad gay
like, literally
lots of geographically oriented gay chans

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fuck that kind of shit
like $100 dont matter, but big money, shit like that gets people hurt, killed
people do stupid shit when lots of money is involved and theres mad pressure involved and no kinda law governing the business
yeah i have friends who are cool with me, like they know to keep me uninvolved in bullshit
but im not trying to be around when someone trying to get payback
not trying to be shaken down for info or someone elses debts
people do stupid shit when lots of money and no law is involved
blackmoon: heheh
irc has a min intelligence, of sorts
there are mad exceptions, but even the idiots here arent like your avg aol/yahoo/street idiots

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maybe i should just call them
danielson: homeless people and transients are big part of greyhound population
you gotta keep your eyes open, dont look like an easy target
danielson: what makes you think they can afford that?
greyhound stations are active 24/7 in urban areas
and like, standard behaviour is people waiting around
and the clients tend to be of lower income class
transients just fit in there better than anywhere else
also its easy to scam bus riders
popular one is gimme $20 ill go get you a dub of herb or meth or whatever
guy dissapears
some places people will sling meth and rock right outside the door
guy was selling tweak in portland last time i went up to WA

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blackmoon: for lbs, at usps, i put 100
Please enter up to 2 decimal places.
you broke teh postcalc
greyhound id have to drive it across the valley
but i think i can ship on weekends
The weight you have entered exceeds the 70 lbs. limit.
sec maybe greyhound has shipping quotes
do they go all the way to canada?
i think they handoff to another carrier just N of seattle
oh neat
on the east coast, you transfer to some peter pan bus or something
yeh its very green, same shit as greyhound
i dont see vacouver, bc or canada

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damn i think they might have my payment info on file so im all afraid to hit continue
Total $278.62
$75 shipping
$15 tax
they wont even ship ups to me
moon wants an enco grinder
thats just to my house =\
i think theyre local
and fuck id have to get it shipped to work i think
yes that usually happens at some point in the moon needs help with shipping adventure
maybe greyhound
tekrad: its 100lbs
so why you trippin

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that project took like an hour, and like 30min of it was researching and playing with lpm instruction usage
and i dont understand your dual timer thing anyway
that seems like, how to make triangle waves and saw waves
blackmoon: they are trying to corrale it!
danielson: all my methods are lookup table based you you just load in the waveform you want
fuck sine waves, any waves
anyway a throb is not a linear ramp, this is just for debug
like im looking at it and i can tell something is overflowing wrong or i swapped a high/low byte for the fixed point
blackmoon: $550 sucks =(
i dont think its going to tell me how much truck costs
Liftgate service is often available to assist customers with getting their truck shipment(s) from the back of the delivery truck to ground level. This service costs an additional $70.00 per truck shipment
at least its not that big
its not available under 151lbs

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well, one of the ways
the other way was fixed table lengths and variable sample rates
haha, max speed was a series of cycle counted loops
to get sample output at rates faster than int code was capable of
i have like 4 loops i think?
one loop for something like 15 cycles, one loop handles 16 and 17, then next handled like 18-22, and the last handles the rest up until i was matching int code cycles
hehe, lots of nops and condition jump time matching
no mine didnt have a feedback loop
mine was just a sine generated in a spreadsheet loaded into flash
the DDS way gets you better freq precision
thats fixed sample rate, and fixed table length, with like dynamic use of the table values
like sometimes it loiters in a value, sometimes it skips values
thats how those dds synthesis chips work
kevtris actually got me to do it that way
however, the sine waves from the fixed table, variable sample rate were sexy as fuck
pwm throb is sante fe beacon sim

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oh i have to select a gift
i can get a enco hat or i can get no thank you
ha, shipping method, TRUCK
damn this isnt uC for 3rd graders
im driving serial led drivers in shiftbrites, im using a table of constants to define the wave shape of the throb
and im using DDS synthesis techniques to control the rate of throb
damn i explained this to you like last weekend are you on drugs or what
do we need to organize an intervention
danielson: yeah is basically some fixed point math having sex with a lookup table to get exact cycles
its the same way i was doing sine waves

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blackmoon: fuck, no i forgot
link the product again
i might have to call them, im not sure they do shipping calcs in the cart
most places like that just charge you the cost of the product then do shipping after =(
but do you need usps to you?
or fedex or ups or what?
i kinda remembver fedex/ups being drama for you
oh hmm
yeah i think thats the big issue
im not sure when usps trips out
i love how finding your own failure in programming can make you smile and laugh like a loon
mul temp,temp2; mov r1,temp2
seems to be fucking up
that dont look like a linear ramp to me

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stub schema, useless dots, =(
but yeah the tool with the green line and the letters does that
you dont need to, it just makes the net name visible

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name tool, click the trace in pcb or wire in schema
make sure both are open, itll back annotate, desyncs if you dont
recyning shit manually is rather hellish
but straightforward so you end up doing it =(
you dont have to, it helps tho sometimes

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blackmoon: high speed is less chip per cut
so yeah if loading was the issue, not heat, that works
and steel wont melt on you and fuck your cutters like Al
you should be threading at under 100rpm
and you wanna take small cuts
threading is very high scress, creates cracks perpendicular to the center axis

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avrfreak wants to do audio now?

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heh @ 0805 = tiny
why did he buy a dso in pieces?
2MSPS is like an ugly 500KHz =(

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