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the shiftbrites has a flicker

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hopefully ceramic gonna replace them
not really
theyre still electrolytic
k good

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!weather 91335
man when are we gonna be a real channel
no because we dont have weather!
then i have toi open my blinds
thats drama

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omg i got epic pole in the mini \o/
hehe full sec ahead of #2
then i got 3rd and 3rd because one of the other cars does 140 on the straight!
well, and i fucked up once the minis fronts got all worn out

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my older seagates are 5 and 7 years old
still spinning
no issues yet

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you are who
xorjoo: defend yourself
heheh @ having PA/siren for your car

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i think we have some sort of mplab dongle at work
looks like it was never used heh

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does microchip even have their own build tools?
or youre expected to do some open src shit or use some other companies compilere
(because avr studio is the shit, for free)

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say reactance
if youre using a fixed freq you can just source thru a resistor and measure voltage
and look for changes in capacitance
sry site is temp unavailable
you need to put www

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thats totally how he is
the more he gets worked up the more his writing gets fucked up
yoiu fuihvclkoing moroin
its weird if you just smash keys in the general area of what you wanna type, it comes out like avrfreak pissed
im always surprised how legible it is, heheh
like thats what hes doing
or kinda hit them with you knucles
liek thlis

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mrtube: k i found out how tax fucked i am today
but yeah tax guy is like, you need more expenses!
so yeah gonna buy all amper stuff and deduct that

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but yeah the mic thing would be neat because when it got louder they would change colors faster
maybe for debug
fuck rainbows
no im not doing fft
and i dont really want to filter shit
i guess i could do a crossover and use multiple adc tho
not enough friction
do me a favor and op me
dammit tenjitsu

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i think im going to do 256b color tables for each shiftbrite
with color that wraps
and then just do color like brightness
have like a base amount to add to each and then either a random amount to add to all or an average adc value from a rectified mic signal
ive seen avr c code

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i think youre thinking too hard
they have cracker
but they dont have that one song with the sandra bernheart video
and the junkie cosmonaut lyric
god what was that song
oh, ha, low
do it in the uc mofo

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send frame id, send frame config byte, send frame timing byte, send frame pixel bytes
k, go do
have id subsets that accept shorter packets
for example one that retains config/timng data
one that direct writes to a pixel byte line
if you want
say you want 32 frames, thats leaves you with 4 subset possibilities for each
16 frame storage would allow 8 modes i think
well then its all even easier
id byte is not cmd byte with integrated adressing

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bjork - human behaviour
heh, early 90s pedobear shit
just do a frame buffer or three?
do layers
anyway isnt this just like 64 pixels or something?
yeah multiple frame buffers and you can have one clobber another or have them mix additively or multiplied or whatever
you could do sprite based stuff!
woo black crowes

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its an acer its prob cheap for what it is
wtf @ 2k

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you bought the cheapest one, stop complaining
lenovo ideapads are $350, \o/
stupid little eee is still working fine, =\

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i hate that

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ima go make some jew food

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hahaha niiice
at one point i had a ton of those on my dvr

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WOOOO 6 alice in chains songs

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then you got married?
ha damn
i was talking to scroll
14:02 <@zzzz_> renesis i use to build a lot of shit before
i was responding to that!
kk bye
haha taco bell is just bad
tho i can dig on some mexican pizza if i have too
i would so get myself in trouble
ohno alanis morrisette
'isnt it ironic. dont you think?'
ha, alice dj - better of alone

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can i deduct that as research expenses?
dammit who knows about taxes
did you deduct it as business expenses?
well, if im doing this as a business maybe i can deduct the person stuff
because it pretty much is research
like, im not using it for pleasure im doing extended listening tests
maybe next year
its doable im sure
santa monica mountains in the way but i dont think it would stop it

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theyre instantly recognizable tho
even from the back, nothing else looks like them
they just look arrogant
air just sucks here
even if i wasnt smoking
like when i got off the plane in seattle
i could actually smell the nothing
it fucked me up, it was like so different from the air in LA that the smell of nothing in it was distracting
im not paying $400 for an air filter
so like
if im doing electronics consulting work
for audio companies
and i buy shit to make audio stuff
like, digikey, parts express, mcmaster, etc junk

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i quit for two months, then started, last month i been smoking bit more than normal
like on the way to and from work, sometimes at lunch
i should stop again
rolls royce come standard as cars to be driven in
bentlys are supposedly more driver oriented
not quite as much passenger bling, heh
okay i was gonna ask if they were hepa filters
you buy too much shit zzz
jezus fuck you prob got ripped on that
kevtris: yeah its goofy
they have a ton of power and space tho
rich people are into that
i think the bentleys have been more rounded lately

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tho theyre ok songs so i guess i will give it a pass
wtf is this adamski - kill shit
hehe its got all the alisha silverstone aerosmith songs
prob has leather carpet
you know the headline is leather, thats gotta be like two cows right there
how much was that?
kevtris: naw they do something to give it a scent
cadillacs do something to make the leather smell a certain way
$80 is not so bad
thats awesome
i smoke
i need to quit cigs
bentleys are supposed to be the shit to drive
i just bought a pack

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damn this song is like trying to be reggae
but it has no bass
oh there it is
weak its synthed and got no low end
next two are house/techno trash
the last ace of base is just like synth/drum machine pop
i remember this shit from when mtv played music
oh cheater
this has got janies got a gun and love in an elevator off the big ones album
those were from pump, im pretty sure that was 89
yeah pump was 89
credibility of 90s collection disintegrating

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but yeh its really well produced
i hate linkin park for the same reason
i dont like the songs, but i really like alot of the instrument sounds and how its mixed
haha aaliyah
clean west-coast spunding hip hop beats are so vacant
haha 3 acdc songs followed by three ace of base songs
i dont know if i want to delete the bad shit or just keep it because its bad

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it was not so bad for happy sounding girly music
two 311 songs, heh
if sublime didnt happen, they prob would have been sublime
i wasnt a fan of either at first
i loved sublime once i heard their full albums tho
311 isnt so bad
alot better than later hiphop/reggae/rock stuff
are you watching how its mad or something?
those are pretty pimp knives
the ones weve broken were always just a shank in wood or plastic =(
tho weve had these metal handle ones with rubber grips since forever
no idea whats up with them in the middle
311 - down, is kinda one reason why i didnt like them so much
like super produced sounding, kinda reminds me of linkin park =( =(

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2 unlimited - no limit, i dont remember this techno trash
2 unlimited - twilight zone, epic techno trash, used in too many movies
heh @ 10k maniacs
natalie merchant was in some other band i cant remember

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i just put 30gb of flac into foobar2k
will it blend
seems to be doing ok
1001 file best of the 90s collection
1st is some pop/house bullshit =(
2 bigg ft marilyn - i got the music
2 unlimited - get ready for this
i remember this techno trash

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ew seed weed =\
they taste like pine and sunflower seeds
supposedly ton of protien
haha funny

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k moneyball is only half fucked
and 2/3 of that is for estimated taxes for this quarter
stupid government

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k going to put them back on white with dot correction down
they seem alot more linear with the current down

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woke up and one was doing yellow
i have dot correction all the way up tho
im pretty sure that scales the current sources
i turned it down, set it up just blue
and one was dark
now all 5 are going like fine
no man thats macegrs job im just a stupid user
actually he told me to keep it down im just an ass
avrfreak is talking about himself
!, moon
when the fuck is that
i dont see it

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santa fe mega beacon
if you have a real bible its ok to cram bullshit down his throat
but if you have an electronic one, youre the devil
i want to do a wave form in cad
and then intersect it with an array of vertical lines
and then use the intersection values to do my lookup table
haha i wish i had some sort of acad scripting ninja training
i thought it was a book about electronics
then he explained more
so im guessing the shiftbrite chip has overheat protection on the current sources
i had them doing saw waves with white

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and like, thermocouple
yeah man
its called me and a metter and the temp knob
no they make toaster ovens with fans
whats qtcp
what nut
oh right
ive never worked on a machine without some type of quick change toolpost
man avrfreak is trollish as fuck now
avrphreaq: stfu
tell him i got 5 red green blue santa fe beacon sims
all with arbitrary waveforms and exact independent cycle timing

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that was the most annoying thing about stupid
like, hed ban regs and shit all the time
trolls could loiter for weeks, or become regs
they make metal ones like the plastic ones
with the same type of pole dealies
i dunno i figured because timecop does projects
no bye the time he was here he was
he can learn its a trip
well thats typical irc vet form, become a fixture and then start asking retarded questions
if you just start asking retarded questions, get bant
blackmoon: no its always been with RF modules
because TV stuff
haha what
okay so we need to do a bga at work
im thinking, toaster oven
convection one, with the fan

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09:58 <@BlackMoon> but they all use particle board and shit
i have cheap metal frame shelves they suck
with the stamped/formed sides
either get hardcore industrial warehouse shit
or get the tubular pole shelves
plastic or metal seem to be fine
those the plastic shelves are probably better for small shit
metal ones are usually like metal grates
does it have the thick sides that are like hollowed and ribbed?
we have alot of those plastic tubular pole shelves at work theyre sturdier
theyre more hardcore than i thought
i find out how tax fucked i am in an hour

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macegr: burn out blue came back
i turned dot correction all the way down

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macegr: blue burnt out on one of the shiftbrites

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