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carpet tacks suck
theres a strip of exposed one at my bathroom door
got my toe =(

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i always get protractor and compass mixed up =\
`nico: i has a box
just found out while waking up so havent opened it yet

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ccfl_man: they pretty much make resistor arrays in any configuration you can think of
they even have r2r dac ones
usually its one datasheet for the familoy of configurations in that package
kinda sucks because ill see what i want in the datasheet and half the time its non stocked =(

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but yeah i can look at that shit this weekend, sounds like something id dig

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have they fixed any of your other bugs?
what was the one pissed me off
the scroll zoom thing physically moving parts vertically
yeah because i wants to alight with pins
even after i insert nodes between the point im trying to tweak and the pin
it like eats the node =(
timecop: i think it might have to do with selected objects
but it doesnt seem to happen if you zoom slow, heh
its when im like mad zooming to pan
like, zoom out to zoom in someplace else, but sometimes shit just starts moving up and down
its fucked up when you dont catch it =(
anyway, ima go eat and prob sleep

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shit i dont even know if i have diptrace installed
start menu says no
will it run standalone?
like if i start it will it do the reg shit so i can undo the reg shit?
its prob still on my drive somewhere
cool im pretty sure its somewhere
so probably start it, kill it, fix it, productivity
just tack notes all over the schema like you did before
estimated complexity compared to reworking the expresscard after china footprint fail?
oh like gateswap/pinswap?
haha, yeah i can see that getting frustrating

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man i am so many tired
hey who knows about audio circuits?
im like 430K, wtf
but i might do it
but im like, nanoamps, wtf
thats maybe gonna be noise and emi sensitivity and wtf wtf wtf
but yeah if i use more sane values, the caps end up being like 1uF
and that shit just wont fit on the chinaboard
oh shit
maybe time to pay for my scope
this is the bga thing?
just qfp?
single sided placement?
im guessing height issues?
or emi paranoia
oh heh
i prob cant do shit until friday
tomorrow is my off day but im prob gonna be up even late doing the homeworks
oh nice
theyre cheap

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timecop: mmbt3904 ftw

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