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shoe me chicks in lingerie driving a stupid fast car or solving some engineering problem
or some artsy stills
danielson: yeah thats called a fasion show
or gogo dancing

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does anything happen danielson
its not even a strip show
level of adault entertainment = gogo dancing (extremely mild)
fasion show + * = loose lose
theres not even nipples or muff
i forwarded thru it looking for entertaining shit besides model in swimsuit shots
get a usenet acct?
its a fasion show
you know they pretty much dress like that at alot of fasion shows

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so you know mulders secret identity
zalman kings red shoe diaries
google it or something
he did intro narratives for a soft porn series on cinemax
i guess he was supposed to be zalman king
hes married to tea leone
or was
and he went to some recovery program for sex addiction
which im guessing is high paid actor for, i fuck around on my hot as wife
buy what shit
either or
hes pretty freaky
its not like either is flattering
tea leone is hot
and thats all that was really important about that bit of news

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steven baldwin was trying to be anti pot legalization on larry king
if hes not trolling, hahahahaha wtf baldwins
i guess hes trying to be all good, god fearing and whatnot
he is by far the best baldwin, tho
half baked and usual suspects
these are maybe two best movies ever if you dont count pulp fiction and ferris buelers day off and prob 20 other movies
theres 4 baldwins
theres the old fat one
theres the one from sliver
theres steven
and theres the one who cant get work
no but being like 13 at the time i prob masterbated to sliver
so i may have been masterbating while a baldwin was on the screen
also, of course i masterbated to keyser soze flashback scenes
like all of us

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im pretty sure the germans would have disapproved of tc, too
mad patriotism, charismatic leader, economic crash...
i has one more homework problem left
do you mean like, [whining], or like, wut
anyway, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, youre cool, fuck you, nite
i dont remember
maybe half baked

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aight i gotta finish homeworks

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omg @ 2.54
please to just call it .1 like a proper fucking human being
jews are prob metric
Standards. Israel insists on strict metric packaging, not just labeling. If you're selling corn flakes, your package must not only say how much the corn flakes weigh in centigrams (American packages do), the package itself must be in a standard metric size.250 or 500 grams or whatever.
timecop: who is the jew now
damn im out of cornflakes i cant check

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im laughing if its only battery type
timecop: terminal block is generic as fuck
yeah use that
or something leik taht
anything else is drama
this is dev shit, no?
oh wtf is the 5v breakout for then
well, theyre used alot on commercial shit
i think theyre like a old euro standard for balanced audio interconnects
strain gage i wired up used them for mains voltage input!
i think they were pull testing the flying hardware
like, for hanging speakers
ants are neat

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yeah shitty
i figured that would happen
well, no i figured the black plastic ones would pop up
battery gauge
well too bad gas gauge is already the name of another device
i hate gauge
im just going to say gage from now on
for both
cuz it means the same thing =(
you think im not calling TI stupid?
timecop: i cant remember the real name =(
how much is the chip?
thats not so bad i guess
you need an eeprom to set it up tho?
how much can you config?

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but then you gotta pay more shipping
and you obviously have issues with $7 of cost
did you check the eeprom datasheet to see if they have some sort of lock mode?
or maybe you are not programming it with the device itself so it wouldnt matter
at midnight?
yeah just use those
screw terminal i think
oh wtf

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to save $7 on shipping?
read the datasheet, change it
replace the eeprom?
if they wanted to fuck you theyd just use an otp rom chip
k back to fucking homeworks
wtf is break
thats prob the sanest option

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looks like it

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that an RF dealy?
so prob want to keep that by the connector
well, theres alot of space
i think you just get afraid when you see a ton of ratwires
i see those R arrays
you mean female cable male device?
i think ive seen devices both ways
pc are pretty retarded
its the only male pin connector on a pc
but at least theyre really fat pins

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one sec
ha you havent even really started
theyre female on an stk500
i dunno if theres a standard really
okay so all the ic you want in those location
the stuff already in the boundaries
oh nice

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well i cant work on it tonight
maybe friday late, im actually being social after work
you should really know that, crack usage is an important decision in a persons life
did you send?
im checking mails you better have sent
o hi
wtf are you french now?

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macegr: did you read about shiftbrite death?
i was throbbing them with white with dot correction all the way up
one died
so i turned dot correction down so the others wouldnt die
just blue died
it came back
so im guessing it has thermal shutdown that actually works
well at the time it was hella dead
cool it works
stk500 rails right now
so under 5v
possibly all the one ones were fine
also they seem to have a flicker with my new throb table
pretty random, so def not a glitch with the table values
an image or what?
and not really im only half done with homework
the schema is pretty done tho?

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fuck i should be doing homework like two hours ago
phone procrastination w/ girl buddy ftw
until its over
k homeworks bye

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so good health insurance gets me halfway there
also i would have health insurance
i need that shit
im sick of ghetto clinic and ghetto insurance drs
pee in a dixie cup WTF
`nico: no for next year
im paying estimated quarterly stuff
i want that shit back, yo
i only got fucked $1k for 08
pomona is 60mi away!
omg there is #tax or something?
i wonder how many lawyers and accountants efnet has

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at one point they were $13 a unit
got up to $32, but now theyre back down to $20
i usually get fee waivers, anyway
i need to ask troublemaker girl about what health insurance is good
she been working in a hospital for a couple years, shes like useful and stuff, now
i dont think theyll do it because im not an employee
i should ask tho
other hacker says i should build a reltionship with the florida HR girl
only way to get discounted company stuff
apperently they lag to make sure youre not trying to resell
he said at yamaha, they would have your shit in like 45 minutes
`nico: i know
which is kinda what i need
i need like 8k in deductions i think, or im 25% tax bracket

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hell they have excel, im sure, they can make a fucking graph even
yeah i didnt know you could do that
i havent paid them yet =\
haha what
like a deduct school expensses since forever?
i dont know what you mean by lifetime credit then
but yeah good health insurance seems like a plan
wtf is hope credit
k neat
i didnt tell tax guy i was going to school
that was prob dumb
i need reciepts to deduct shit?
i dont have receipts for the turntables
thats def a research thing!
like almost nothing
and itd only be like $300 or so
CA schools are fucked, except for the community colleges

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i am so many tired
k time for homeworks
i should go deposit my check and then write tax checks and send away to irs and cry and cry and cry
ima get health insurance
if i get good shit, thats already half of the deductions i need to get me out of this wtf 25% tax bracket
srs wtf @ tax brackets
like we couldnt make up some sort of smooth transistions or omg even some linear ramp in percentages
not even a flat tax
just like a linear upslope tax
i know these fuckers have calculators they can figure this shit out

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anyway, gotta go

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thats basically what theyre using
looks generic, tho in some of the parts kits we have from the factory, i found a bag of avx caps from mouser that look like theirs and the wimas
their generic stuff looks like the avx stuff, but i doubt its real shit
i have to fit two caps around the same value, .2" pitch, like maybe .1" apart
and i have a height limitation because its panel mount
theyre already soldering in a connector solder side
like, soldering on the top of the pins
you cant really do it with the wima boxes
well, i can (did), but itd be fucked on an assembly line
but epoxy dip caps it would be easy, maybe even fit them both on component side

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cuz theyre using those polyester box caps alot, if i can use epoxy drop caps, they can bend the pins in and push the caps to the sides to fit both
like, the resistor is right on the amp pin but theres a trace maybe 1" long coming off of it, kinda towards the edge of the pcb

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rab: 430K resistor in a filter circuit
noise/emi suicide?
that its noise/emi suicide?
cuz i have to rework the response of this china pcb
originally i was using 1uF cap
but it doesnt really fit very well
with .22uf it ends up being like 430K resistors
i have to ask if i can get a list of what the factory stocks and can source

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he apologized hardcore about it
it was pretty respectable what he said, but yeah he was being a dick
but yeah in reality, when you fuck a scene like that, usually you get chewed out
more common to be chewed out by a director
cuz that shit is $$$, fucking mic boom in a scene makes it unusable
he just fucked up because he did it himself, recorded
director does it, its not even news
ha big fuzzy mic

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