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i did
and its not like if she asks me something or says something to me i dont talk back
im just not trying to return her semi constant glances

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moderately geeker cute girl is looking at me and sometimes talking at me again
i am mostly ignoring her because she didnt say hi back when i said hi to her the first time
k i needs a food

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heh @ trig class
so we are like graphing sines
and teacher is like, okay we need 5 points so divide the period into 4
and im all smiling
and hes like 'what else do you notice about this blah blah'
and im like, do you know about nyquist theory?
and hes like yes yes!
and i tell him how i make a joke like, nyquist was a minimalist, because if you divide the period into two, and get 3 points, measured in phase, you just gets zeros
and hes like yes exactly!
and i have this crazy smile on my face because at least the math teacher is fucking sane about sampling waves
whole class is like, 'wut'
whatever nyquist can fuck himself!

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meh, school day
once i leave i dont get to come home for like one thousand hours
or something
so wtf, i havent smoked in like 2 weeks or whatever
im like more tired, less rested feeling

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not if you are bacon

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we can turn him off here
yeah that would be ideal
like, !avr send status of beacon sim
i think its maybe more than 3 years now
hell i maybe did beacon sim 3 years ago

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18 years of uni he should have at least 3 degrees
jezus fuck someone ask him if he actually has any degrees, like if he was just doing a pauly shore for 18 years
like my mom has been going to school as long as i can remember
so more than 20 years now
shes not exactly a genius
i doubt he has 3 degrees
if he had *any*, wed know
wed be constantly reminded

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avrfreak must not be a fag or a sissie, as he doesnt seem to ever fuck with electronics
er, well i guess he did make the toilet paper tube/coil/spring/magnet contraption
i think im going to go make some fried egg/jew crackers
hahaha @ 18 years of uni
2%, wat
oh all but 2%
daaamn thats some bighead shit right there
yeah he put a magnet and springs in a toilet paper tube and wrapped wire around it
he made mV, mofo
but srs, wtf @ 18 years of uni

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mostly because i actually know machine level avr coding pretty well
and he really didnt at all when he first showed up
avrphreaq: stfu!
so is beacon sim done?
i joined #electronics and asked if beacon sim was done
hmm seems like no response
unless that person is trolling
trip out i actually have enough time for breakfast

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avr freak didnt do drugs
he abused diet coke
so is he done with beacon sim yet?
!avr on
talking about himself again
tekrad: avrfreak hates me

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alot of times spectators will help flip the car back over
and then they drive away, heh
also, if the car breaks during a run, alot of times the driver and codriver will get out and fix it
like, changing tires or doing brakes
heheh yeah
they might have automatic jacks
dont remember
theyre just little jacks tho
i dont remember what race series has them but it would make sense in rally
naw theyre like little bars that pop out by the wheels
prob pneumatic or hydraulic
it might be one of the open wheel series im thinking of tho
k need to get ready for work bbl

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yeah basically
theres a rule that you have to have a metal strip between the chassis and the wheel hub
so if you crash and the CF suspension shatters, it stays with the cars
instead of flys off and kill track workers
happened at an australian GP =(
well, in racing in general but prob not much in F1
rally race spectators are by far the most insane
you fuckup in rally, you maybe kill people
haha, they rarely have barriers in rally =\
yeah kinda
when they get in accidents, and like flip the car

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makes sense
cuz the matrix material could be anything
well not anything, but def shit that would breakdown over time
look at the front suspension
hehe, look theyre gonna have slicks this year!
(they been running grooved tires for almost like 10 years now)
that was always standard
they regulate how much tire wear you could have
like how many grooves needed to be left, how deep the remaining grooves were to count
because eventually they would become slicks
it was an FIA rule to slow cars down in turns
tire changes take like 3 sec
theyre prob pretty hot when they pull them off
naw you can see it while they run

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i wonder how much actual frame they have
mostly CF now
like i wonder if they build up the CF around a Ti frame or if its mostly CF with Ti anchored in for mounting suspension and engine shit
oh, yeah that was maybe an old F1
they shatter now
when they get into accidents at the start, its like CF shards everywhere
i think even suspension links are CF
theyre kinda flattened, aerodynamic
i think CF with metal hardware at the ends
heh F1 cars arent even run for a full year

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damn wtf
does he use an o2 tank or something?
like, to breathe
yeah cant let a silly thing like breathing get in the way of badass welding technique

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