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havng fled america, he actually maybe turns out to be the most sane and clear headed of all of us
how frightening is that?
timecop didnt start in japan

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i bet you didnt know you were actually timecop
yes, the one you just stated, as a matter of public record at this point
you being timecop
no im a stating as fact actually
its easily a magnitude more amusing in this manner
ok yes really
history will tell
wtf am i doing up so early
timecop isnt asian
hes alaskan
youre a dork

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and that no other building, ever, has fallen from fire, that *none* of the supposed gov explanation explains what happened to the central towers, why all the people at UL labs who disagreed were fired, even tho the 'oficial' explanation basically says UL certs are meaningless
that pancake collapses take a large amount of time, and have never in the history of history have happened at freefall speed
but anyway, back to your original point, they were having touble leasing all the offices, so it had whole entire vacant floors, and there was workers in the building with heavy machinery, constantly
thats not conspiracy theory, thats just how you renovate whole floors of buildings at a time
and it was noticed by people working in the offices even if it wasnt heavily reported
also what about the little building that fell, it was barely on fire
nothing hit it
and vid shows perfect implosion characteristics
well, yes i believe some of the people involved were indeed jewish
but thank you timecop for your qualified opinion

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`nico: we make bi-wireable speakers and sell them as bi-ampable
even tho there is no way to bypass the crossover
=( =( =(
01:41 <@daniels2n> You can't secretly plant bombs and implode a building, have to weaken it first...
why not?
half the building was deserted and there was constant renovation work being done
people did notice it
explain the molten metal and the perfect 45deg shears in the ibeams, and the perfectly spaced, perfectly timed explosions easy to see on the low shots

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for why

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dual core processors are old

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for $240/mo i can get zero deductible, zero copay, $2500 max out of pocket, $200/day hospitalization, $25 dr visit health insurance
but its HMO at the kaiser fortress
tho its way less ghetto than the bluecross/anthem network dr i went to
fuckin peed in a dixi cup and they did the lab test in the checkup room sink in front of me
w t f
dr was russian with a degree from mexico before new york
the more expensive shit wants me to pay coinsurance %
like they think im made of money or something

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omg jezus fuck you are going to breed arent you
im sure its not so hard
busy doing other stuff
ha, rf will never change that much
anyway bbl
of course it is
id prob get myself in trouble tho!

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like, $7 sandwich
oh then i guess i should shop for health insurance
happy anniversary
thats late for alot of people
29 in a couple months
i spent years and years in limbo tho
hahahaha, no
shit im not even moved the fuck out
its better than being homeless!
why do you need 3 bedrooms?

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tekrad: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/26793903/the_big_takeover/
meh i need to hookup, its been weeks
k i deposited paychecks ima go write tax checks and cry
no rest for the wicked
i would prob but some tools and a sandwich
i really good sandwich, tho

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k bye

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we have one at work
neat project tho, be careful blah etc

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prob use a wood surface plate, im just doing edges and vent slots so Z flatness isnt super critical
`nico: hi
a vacuum setup would be pretty neat
what did you end up getting?

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in one setup, or what?
its 12" x 5.5" envelope
so multi setup, like about 10" Y, X is like as much as you are willing to hang off the table and what can fit in your enclosure
this is if you figure out how to hold the part
which is what ive been thinking about for awhile, cuz i want to machine the 10x19" plates i got for my amps
so i might use tyhe drill press at work to do the hole for mounting the heatsink square bars
and then use the holes to mount to the table

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most people use the sherline one
actually not so bad looking

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i should get a tek mainframe and generator/counter/distortion analyzer plugins
tekrad: test gear is getting ridiculous cheap!
alot of used shit is almost half what it was couple years ago
couple months ago i think?

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the flash drive is sdb
the partition on the flash drive that you access is sdb1
heh @ kick msg
k gotta go

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wtf check your dmesg
or i dunno maybe nico hacked your box and that is your dmesg
holy fuck i am late already
me too

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i love how my companys name has a - and a ! in it
cerwin-vega! still fuckin up your databases
sometimes, i dont watch any anymore tho
but i do consider richard pryor a god
didnt he die?
hes funny
i used to watch a lot of standup and sketch comedy as a kid

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or they just want it to stand out
in case your application involves babies chewing it
oh huh
thats alot of zinc
riviting is prob a fuckton more consistent than human welders
alot less drama than machine welding
haha what
oh haha nice disclaimer

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stronger than 6061 according to the tables
i wouldnt be surprised if it was used in airliners
their wings are made to flex
$28 shipping to canada
Here's the cost comparison for an average Canadian order: $60 USD, and about 12 pounds.
danielson: run avg, go get lunch, come back, wipe the run nodes in the registry, done
prob better to do that in reverse order
almost as strong as 6061
hehe its like brass style aluminum
it doesnt include lead in its chemistry
but it gets ir owns line

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and theyd be asleep while im ordering this shit
tho maybe i can call and ask now
they dont have .1" just .09" (3/16)
and its not 6061 either
they do have .125" in 6061
i think 5052 is the copper alloyed one
no 5052 is the softer one, more formable, not as machinable
2024 is the copper one, it corrodes
Finally, the fatigue resistance of 2024 make it a primary choice when the application is expected to be under stress or strain for prolonged periods. It is commonly used in aerospace applications.

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wow they only charged me $3 for the cuts
(i got 8" lengths of 1" square bar and .1" sheets cut down to 19x10")
omg moon
they have clickies *just* for canadians
a) local place didnt have the metal i wanted
b) $5 for cuts (which really isnt bad, locally)
c) kinda pricey for the Al they did have, and it wasnt 6061
a place that primarily does steel
all they had was .250 plates of aluminum, too
so he would have had to special order, and prob would have been more $
i think it was $10+ per 8" of 1x1" bars there
im getting ir for $6 a bar at online metals
metals depot was cheap too, but they didnt have easy clicky custom size dialog
id have to call them

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aluminum from online metals is only $7 shipping
haha @ knowing standard rate of fraud
ya rly

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