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k i need foods and maybe sleep

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thats not the bottom edge!
placements kinda mostly done
well, for two of the chips

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your rf connector resistor/cap things are on a grey line
why did wait bold
oh you mean the edge shit
yeah i know about those
wait so you want led on the right by the led connector

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like bottom edge

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yeah which side tho
he paid months ago
month ago?
i dunno some time ago
wait for what
to your your open cap or leds
you didnt connect them?
theyre on gpio1 and gpio0
no i just nudged it a bit to fit decoupling caps
oh neat those will fit easy

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guess so
so txtoutn from thru a 0r to clk0
i know you laughed when you made that pin
nope its thru a cap
to ground
anyway, theres a cap coming from the other ic
thats open, that prob needs to be deleted if you want to leave that circuit out
haha k
i can route on both sides?
and where you want your leds

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im guessing the iso cone setups in the haas minimill and the router at the cabinet cnc job were spring and pneumatic setups
i think they just use the air to blow the piece forwards that grabs the end of the cone
timecop: you have an unconnected net
like, an open cap
des the negative just connect to the other clko on ic1?
or clk0
there is alredy a 0R
i can copy that?

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i think someone managed to strip one tho
heheh, those machines were so abused

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tekrad: oh weird its like a threaded drawbar on an air ratchet
omfg buffering again
i wonder what kind of threads they have on it
i never had problems with the drawbars on the bridgeports at school
i dont remember them being very coarse

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ball screws and a speed controllable high speed motor would be cool
and a tool changer
its hard to justify on a machine that cheap tho
quick change tooling might be worth it
yeah ive thought about it but its hard with collet based machine
its not like a taper and drawbar type thing
yeah the pulley is open
loading slow

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most cam apps use really generic code
its ugly as fuck, sometimes huge file sizes, but it works
like they just use linear and arc movements, not as many canned cycles
hes just replacing the bed
not very much of the machine
no he wants to extend the y
so hes making a longer bed
yeah i think so

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yeah im sure its not so hard
twingy prob knows better, hes prob taken apart the screw couplers by now
it steps @ .00025 and its backlash isnt very bad
no i use emc on ubuntu
i just use the emc/ubuntu livecd installed on my hdd
if you have the cam processor thing, i dont see why it wouldnt work
depends on the controller, emc uses rs274ngc, nist stuff, which is pretty standard
documented ok, has some variable based programming stuff
its all numbered variables tho, so it can drive you crazy
or actually i think they updated it
i hope they did

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omg what did you do with the cableman dx?
like $2k turnkey, with a xylotex 4ch and psu in an enclosure, and 4 steppers
and yes
i have a toy
it came with it, its a cheap tiny 3jaw chuck on a stepper shaft, stepper mounted to some angle aluminum
or maybe it was angle steel, i dont know where it is

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she reminds me of my sister
shes like the same height too
if you wanna do that to yourself go ahead
just dont bring her over if you come visit me

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tekrad: youd rather believe its all made up?
or you believe in the jezus
because if you believe in the jezus i wont even entertain having a serious discussion about religion with you
dx^: which
haha what
tekrad: do you have evidense to refute any of their links between diff religions?
because if theyre not made up, i dont see how their logic is broken
that is short

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your shit is failing
c51 on the ic1 side isnt connecting
yeah because there is no txtoutn on the other side of that bus
i bet it connects to clk0

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tekrad: what astrology claims
i dont think they claimed anything abut astrology except explaining how eras coincide with constellation position
i didnt think anyone was denying that, heh

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heh, you guys are just watching zietgeist now?
tekrad: also millienium nuts were right!
2001 was the first year of the new millenium, not 2000
some pretty significant shit happened in 2001!

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it doesnt have a datasheet or something?

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is it normal usb pinout?
like on mobos?
i would try it or find out before you start attaching random resistors and coils to a connector

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i mailed tax checks, i reserved this time for crying about it

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because there are some people who think any war is a good war
and that money for weapons is always a good thing
anything like that means more defence spending
yeah hinds are neat

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and being a big empire fuckhead
take your pick
europe would have nuked them
they were losing in afghanistan
they were just losing in general
ussr fell because soldiers brought back weed and heroin
man im hungry
no but i dont think it helped!
and heroin is hardly recreation

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yes and the war on drugs and etc etc
the people running our gov are from the cold war
theyre not your age
so yeah
america breeding terrorists
being a big empire fuckhead
or america lying and fucking itself to start a war

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not the government
were the government, kinda
people did it
dude even if it was terrorists
we made those terrorists
cheney and rumsfeld have been with their dicks all in this shit since the 70s
so i mean, you can be right if you want to be
but it was still our government
dude we trained them and gave them weapons
yeah like training people who dont like you how to be guerilla soldiers?

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i think we were capable of either actually
if for some reason we couldnt have, we prob would have faked it
russians, you know
but i think we could have done it then

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the very fact that they fell straight down
danielson: oh the roller bases?
er, blackmoon:
i kinda wonder what the actual dimensions of those are in application
i liked how it fell on the roller base one and it was still ok

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but somehow a wallet in the middle of the explosion ends up perfectly fine on top of the debris
whats your point
none of the evidense says what happened to the central column structure
even the animations for popular mechanics or whatever
okay pancake collapses dont happen at freefall
exactly freefall
fire has never taken out a steel structure like that, ever
pancake collapses take forever
blackmoon: im sure
its never happened with fire
demolition fail
haha earthquake collapses take looong
structures fold into each other
and forces are shifted around
cause other structures to fuckup
fire has never taken out steel buildings
because its fucking steel

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they were renovating the building constantly
there were whole vacant floors, and vacant offices all over the building
flushed them when the planes hit and gtfo
danielson: when they do it normally
and they car about not destroying nearby buildings and hurting people
missed bad
cmon rly, wat
because gov and media wouldnt lie to you
like, the wallet the found of a terrorist?
fire hot enough to take out steel like 100 stories down

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no how you dont understand how they could have set up explosives secretly
heh, ive given it to people with prescriptions cuz they could afford it
i wouldnt give the valium to anyone, thats some hardcore shit!
were not in canadia its not like, free
i did a rab =\

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danielson: did you read my response to your weak attack on loonish conspiracy theories
you need better reasons, yo

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how are you driving the fet?
sciatica, insomnia
i actually had the bottles of valium and vicodin they prescribed me on that
yeah they still have pills in them
i told him i couldnt be taking that shit

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my guess is changes in gate response with current
maybe temp related if its loaded enough

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timecop: fucker, is the schema you sent final?
or did you mail new shit...
k no new shit so im going with what you sent
`nico: k i got a medical card, you can stop feering for my freedom
buying retail was like straight outta new jack city, heh

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score there is a medical herb dr in the valley open on saturday \o/

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did the email actually say that?
because thats some wicked rev psychology
credit in unreliable these days!
*is is is

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youre religious now?
i sent an email like, im not paying shipping twice, ill dispute it and blah blah. but if you plan on shipping for free, neat.

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mufuckers if they charge me for shipping twice i will stab
Our policy is to hold orders for shipment until all items are in stock in order to minimize shipping costs.
see im not insane

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heh wat
online metals, yesterday, is like oh we dont have your .1" plate to cut and ship until monday
today i get email like, oh hi we shipped all your shit, track here
mmmmmm 6061
shit i think need endmills
or i guess i could use .250" ones
oh wait
i dont think they shipped the plates
4 piece(s) Ordered
4 piece(s) Shipped
for the square bars
2 piece(s)
for the plate

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