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what is dot for
i only took the intro c++ class =\

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i need to make another digital vaporizer
yes long time ago
i sent the triac switch to tekrad
i think i still have the controller
that shit needed an enclosure
i gotta do laundry

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about 125 joints
actually no we created cocaine
god made coke leaves
thats from coughing to hard!
well if he was 'god' thats all hed have to do
no fool god is the laws of physics
its no fucking man in the sky with a fucking beard

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its different
because its usually sativa
but its more a whole body, fucked up thing
haha @ future, like 20 year project
hello timecop, i went down the street
and bought my weed from a shop
on my fucking debit card
illegal my nuts, dis california
weed economy is huge
buying weed from a dispensary was like some new jack city shit
like i bet there was topless chicks with hairnets and latex gloves and paper masks
baggin it up in the back

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its tasted line pine
anyway weed is weird shit ive easily tasted maybe like 20 diff distinct flavors
you can grow dirt/brick weeds into pretty good stuff
theres like two types of mids here, theres like really seed/immature indica buds
so like, bunk ass chonics
and then theres amazingly well grows, seedless brick style sativa
like itll get hairy and xtally, the bomb ass stress

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you can tell with alot of strains
especially kush
when there was only 3 major strains of kush, you could easily tell the diff
there was og kush, which is pretty unmistakable
then bubblegum kush, which kinda did have a pinkish, bubblegum flavor
and purple kush, tasted like kush mixed with purple weed, heh
kevtris: yeah i dunno purple weed tastes like purple weed
the leaf and the hairs
not really grapish
blackmoon: but then it usually looks messed up
theres weed that tastes like fuit tho
i was getting this citrus flavored stuff for awhile
theres like, pine tasting weed, and sage tasting weed
naw its not grassy

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i bought it retail down the street
i got a free gram for being 1st time customer
also got some full melt hash
i have kush
and some diesel hybrid
not at all
and because someone named it that
oh i didnt get the diesel
i got snowcap + trainwreck hybrid
and candy kush
and velvet full melt
see i know because the medicine bottles have stickers that tell you what it is
as long as its chronic
if you tell the dr that, no probably not
blackmoon: its semi consistent, so not completely meaningless
but growing skills have alot more to do with it
haha, no not rly

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kevtris: we dont all use mirc =)\
that i dont use mirc?
i havent used mirc in like 5 years
i cant stand that shit
works in irssi

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