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kid icarus #1

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Sorry, Service Temporarily Unavailable.
and wtf at that burger thing

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like the code isnt hard, and simple parts it wouldnt be that hard to math or cad the points you need
like, cam app prob makes it a ton simpler

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theyre all going random speed doing this double throb
so im like tripping the spasms but i think its just another shiftbrite hitting $ff
actually i guess this is common problem!
macegr said how to fix
will it blend?
and isnt syncing them up the problem
yes and no?

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macegr: okay like i did sb_disable; sb_latch; [like 50 nops @ 20MHz here]; sb_enable
and i think spasming is fixed
i tried going to 200KHz pwm instead of 800KHz
that just makes it worse

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blue is intermittent again

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blue is fuckin up on that led again
flickers white/yellow
it stopped

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heh it has soft limits?
that is kinda neat

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all new cars suck
did the fix its ass?
so they are trying to slowly style out the bmw fail trunk

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its an SUV
yeah i prob get around that on the freeway
my shit is all stop and go
nico and macegr have the same car
you have an i6?
oh shit how many cherokees have an i6?
i6 run so awesome

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so you get 25mpg?
ha @ meter
both my last failcars are 20mpg
the volvo is understandable
the accord was like wtf failhonda, whats your problem
why hasnt the government cashed the big check

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fuck you
and fuck you too dx
rsx owning pos
they killed the prelude to sell the rsx =(
gov tax assholes has cashed two of my checks
just the rl and tl, or whatever?
crx became the del sol
which isnt really a crx but its def a sporty civic
wtf @ 3.2L
what are you driving?
ha @ suv/minivan

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timecop: pics of board with unfucked pour edges

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pharkus: these are built into preamp style envelopes
so like a 12AX7, but with a single 7seg display

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