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holy shit its 2am

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check out that block of ugly
inittab: friend is doing thesis art show thing, ceramics and glass, work is very tidepool life, she wants biological looking led stuffs
so now i can just have her draw colors in gimp and put them on the leds
i guess she wants to shine them upwards thru glass rods, kinda coming out of ceramic tube forms
i think with spiky feet
i havent seen any of the recent stuff

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macegr: ty for blanking tip they work perfect now
wow, 150us color/throb processing and shiftbrite driving time on a 1ms system
because im good

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he prob has a sexier setup
so this is actually pretty sexy
and no flicker at all
im pretty sure i have enough space to do color tables for all 5 shiftbrights

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256x1 px gimp image saved to html into pspad to chop and .db format w/ macros then coding into shiftbrite throbbers dds acumulator lookup table thingy = win
hahaha i need to take vids and paste for avrfreak to see
5 way parallel RGB santa fe beacon simulator
i can simulate different types and thicknesses of smog

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holy shit
i has colors

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omg its 1a why am i doing the asm!
so ive been coding a ton with zero comments
no this code is like several weekends old now
and i kinda get it
theres alot of register juggling with instant div/256 fixed point shit happening all over the place
<3 the hardware multiplier

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im hungry
interesting foods is gone

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what do you do with the letters
i keep thinking, and then?
but thats prob it, huh

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so it works for any numbers with an even number difference
jezus fuck you can do that fast
i dont think you are shocking anyone
hahaha wat

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guys whats 64*8
oh i guess i did 4 bytes to even be compatible with silly 80char terminals
yeah but i mean 64*4 so its ok
haha wow thats h4x
me too =\
i think everyone does weird math things
well, like everyone who can do math
cuz sometimes people do shit out loud im like, wat
okay i def need to store more color tables

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assembler doesnt know that editor line wraps at 2049 chars
my macros lagged pspad for like 4 sec
then it did 5 at once
ha damn i did F5 like 10 times and it lagged maybe 20 sec
then all my lines appear formatted
damn pspad using 40% of the quadcore

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line is 3072 char long
haha it wrapped
avr studio text editor wraps at 2049 lines
you become less efficient
your extra muscle mass is burning energy
more than your weak ass self would be burning
.db $ff,$00,$00,$ff,$04,$00,$ff,$0a,$00,$ff,$10,$00,$ff,$17,$00,$ff,$1d,$00,$ff,$22,$00,$ff,$29,$00,$ff,$2e,$00,$ff,$34,$00,$ff,$3a,$00,$ff,$40,$00,$ff,$46,$00,$ff,$4d,$00,$ff,$52,$00,$ff,$58,$00,$ff,$5f,$00,$ff,$65,$00,$ff,$6b,$00,$ff,$70,$00,$ff,$76,$00,$ff,$7d,$00,$ff,$82,$00,$ff,$88,$00,$ff,$8e,$00,$ff,$94,$00,$ff,$9b,$00,$ff,$a1,$00,$ff,$a7,$00,$ff,$ac,$00,$ff,$b3,$00,$ff,$b8,$00,$ff,$bf,$00,$ff,$c4,$00,$ff,$ca,$00,$ff,$d0,$00,
haha i tried to paste avrstudio error
looks like even tho the msg is highlighted, ^c does nothing!
nice, i kinda broke lordpil.com

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file is 256 lines
dollar sign injection is go
making color table for shiftbright throbbers
this line is 2300 characters long
and theres still 63 lines of color words to format
heh @ putting into avrstudio ll as one line

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there is only 254
there should be 255
but really i fucked up there should be 256
i lost a word

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heh, 1x255 pixel image in gimp saved as html, macro chopped and formatted in pspad
macro is destructive
it got to the end and started eating the fucking data
im have to add
to the end and shit

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eggsalad: basic grammar failure
heheh, nice

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i think i pwnt the trig midterm

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cant throw away $80 book with mad factory pics like that one has
she just doesnt like you and/or your place
she is making it more like home
get a smallcat later today

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yeah really
you couldnt even blame the cat for thinking its a cat toy
why dont you have a cat
what kind of a haxor are you
its not about need its about edge.
thats a badcat
you need a cat made of win
hahah sucks
`nico: you has to get the cats as a tiny creature
you have to program them yourself, cant just be owning random firmware cat
badcat pissed on my mclaren F1 road car book
like, the one mclaren produced that was $80 used

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sounds like NES propaganda
hey man i blog post about once every 4 months now
my notblog is almosted defeated by time
k blanking during latch is win
also when your bag breaks, $2 trashcan wont fuckup your carpet
thats a deathtrap baby walker
with no wheels, fucked up

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is that eastern euro for blog?
oh i thought he meant your 1000 lines of explanation
and thats actually pretty awesome i didnt know what a vlog was
fu for pointing it out
you are a bad influence mr ielson
like i even smoke joints, nub
rice papers are for setting Z offsets
actually i quite prefer a joint over a blunt

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