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timecop: pics of recently finished failboard
omg i didnt mean real pics but fine ill wait

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`nico: are you still doing ic fridays?

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racoons are trippy the same way
it will ruin all your shit
and live to piss you off
have you seen the youtubes?
a whole series of those, that one is def the most wtf
like, it was just ripping up the drywall
its like an undomesticated cat with hands
its basically not a pet
even big house cats are almost too insane

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danielson: you brought it up i was merely doing analysis
when you first brought here back was she like that?
dude most the time that running/hiding/offended/angry shit is them fucking around
like your back at her house so she doesnt need to be nice to you to get foods and water
and attention, but with cats i think mostly food and water
they has very adaptive algorithms.

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i have not kicked you like 10 times
well, maybe since you got here
i kick you like every 20th time youre a smartass
and usually when its an especially bad joke
also youre new
you need to be funnier
damn way to reinforce my point
i think some of us have been in this channel for like 3 years =\

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i wish i had eggs
see its not that your humor is offensive its just thats its so fucking cliche or out of context or just bad
thats really fucking annoying
inittab: can you take danielson off the bot, kthx
your bot is so fail
so you kicked my while i was checking the spelling of labyrinth
youre like when sting sings in labyrinth
its embarrassing you just want it to go back to like biting fairies and fucked up mazes and shit

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is he around?
!avr on
i need to get vid of the new stk500 beacon sim
shit i think blue is dead again on that one led
wtf @ dance techno
bots are annoying for this reason
haha what

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that was before darkside
theres some twisted bass in that
distorted bass sounds like 20 years ahead of its time
2:50 into that youtube
like, nothin in the early 70s sounded like that
i dunno if theyre playing cymbals backwards or their recordings are just totally failing at the attack after the hit

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what about it?
theyre diff, shrug
wtf @ floyd overatted
better watch out youre gonna get rockshoxd
all youve mentioned is darkside
but i bet you can pull the wall out of your ass
meddle/pigs/wish you were here are amazing
up there with zeppelin and first 3 sabbath albums
yes, they were dorks
it took me like 8 years to finish the 3rd book
i dunno about that
the movies are shit
they cut bombadil
fuck the movies

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danielson: exploded
even semi legalization has kinda fucked up pricing and consistency
unless they regulate is heavily
the retailers control it
they would just add a tax most likely
and if the corp farms pay them enough, theyll bust private people for growing
it just seems like the american thing to do
danielson: its been retail here for like two or three years
the prices were affected almost immediately
only because of nico
and i dont think it fits
also darkside is one of my least fav floyd albums
its just old

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btw do you want link to drunk vs stonered accident numbers?
it was lik 60-80% of fatal accidents involved drunks, stoners were under 10% and half of them were drunk too
dude i couldnt even race the big oval track in ridge racer 5 with like a half bottle of southern comfort in me
every stoner i know cali stops at red octagons
actually like every human being i know

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i used to race with a dualshock2
its silly compared to my force feedback wheel
like, why even bother racing with a gamepad
especially in this mod
they did their own force feedback, it improves feel sooo much
because that doesnt involve race cars and historic race tracks fool
`nico: yeah thats kinda why gamepads are lame
it honestly doesnt feel like a car
like, it should take time and effort to go full reverse lock

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fakeracing > mmorpg
efnet historic gt @ limerock park this sunday
i dont think im going to pwn this one

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nicos parents cat ftw
when we (people) take ourselves out, its going to be a battle for world domination between house cats and racoons
emovitae: there is also debugwire, using the reset line on an isp connection
but you still need a capable programmer
stk500 will not, avr dragon will
but avrdragon will die and leave you alone, in the cold, with no realtime chip debug to keep you warm at night

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