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2:00 in is ++
MDF is smooth
particle can be pretty smooth
chip board is usually a mess
can always nail thin steel on top

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Q Where Will TechShop Los Angeles Be Located?
A We have not yet identified a building for the first TechShop Los Angeles facility.
they emailed me like HI DO YOU HAS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!?

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macegr: we have that fdm machine
CNC readers?
computer numerically?
why is there no LA techshop yet
dammit i want a big cnc for my amp plates

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anyway ima go practice
wtf did i just miss
why am i a pedo because im going to practice fake racing =\
i cant stand those shows
when i say practice, i usually end up chatting more with you guys
and then mblunt gets all pissed
because i flaked on him
what, no with an austin mini

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happy customers is like the most credible form of advertising
we have a bryston active xover at work
i think only single channel 2way/3way
it might be two channel 2 way, 1ch 3 way tho
we have tons of other companies shit
the warehouse is mostly engineering stuff, so lots of competitor products
i think you showed me that
oh, no this one is different
oh, nice sinks
hes on an air purifier trip
he got one now he needs a better one

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thats it
did yours get into a car accident or what
do you still have it?
how is it now?

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it prob clips when the supply folds back tho
i know
yeh rly
one of the class D amps at work had weird pulse performance
eval thinger, i think maybe it didnt have feedback after the output switches
like when the psu dropped out, the signal scaled with it
so it would handle tons of power for a little bit
then it would scale down
without clipping
heh i didnt smoke weed for 3 weeks and it wasnt awesome but i didnt bother me so much
i stop smoking for a couple days and everything is horrible

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i seen those packages on alot of 80s stuff
in green too
basically same era
chipamps cant do that =(
i have that natsemi driver opamp
just one sample
they almost always use parallel shit
heh run the power thru the chip?
thats kinda madman
zzzz_: purifier fetish
its prob ok

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pharkus: do you mean like a current feedback opamp, with like on input driven, or do you mean feedback as a function of current thru the driver
so an amp like that for speakers is supposed to be an improvement
transconductance amp
speakers are current devices
cuz i guess the magnetics have to do with current thru the coil not voltage across it
it sucks when you have equipment that tells you how a driver sucks
like plots magnetic force and suspension linearity/symmetry
front panel?
or just been serviced in general

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i should buy more tooling for the taig
myyyy power donut.
what about them
i dont know
but toroids are less noisy
yeah, they get hot
if you dont have massive voltage rails, prob shitty
i still have to mail someone a genesis

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Forwhatever reason, demagnetizing an LP definitely removed highfrequency glare and seemed to enrich the midband. It did. Everytime. Period. The difference was obvious. And do not try one of these devices unless you.re prepared to buy it!.
- Michael Fremer, Stereophile, October 2006
whatever is a big reason
fuck both those companies
please try
be thurough

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wtf @ demagnetizer
`nico: also audiophiles hate chipamps
because theyre are precise
or as they like to say, 'ice cold'
well, they prefer tubes because they dont hard clip
and i guess it actually matter with stupidly dynamic music
so either classical or poorly mastered tracks
tubes are for preamps
id build a tube preamp
yeah headroom > soft clip
tho solid state soft clip is insteresting

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so basically youre inventing a speaker to power your speaker
omg its so cute
i want to decide on speakers
then acoustic plot them
then used the expensive softwares at work to match the filters
because apperently this is totally the shit and just how its done if youre wanting to be ninja about it
`nico: we pretty much have industry standard test gear and software at work
so yeah, might as well take advantage

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70V, neat
i want something like 100V, signal power
well, more than signal
to direct drive AB outputs
theres class D that do that i think
power donuts
#1 audio psu
it start with the copper and ferrite donut.
but then people complaining it too heavy
so now everything is offline switchers instead
you would need pneumatic speakers

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almost all pcb are kinda sloppy
especially 1 layer stuff
spec LM3886 do that
with the cap
the ones at work have really big caps, have like under 3mv on the ones i tested
you are running like 1/4 the cap
1/2 as much as natsemi app circuit
`nico: what voltages?
im not limp with enthusiasm
because teh bridge
`nico: yeah but whats max for those?
LM3886 is 80V opamp

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yeah in your case its a huge improvement
i want to try a salen key filters built into a gainclone
like, 2 pole filters built onto the amps
ultraminimalist biamp
thats not full roloff tho
i dont think those amps were inverting
so they cant roloff under unity
tho on a power amp, with lots of gain, thats alot less significant than in preamp circuits
but still
theyre prob american?
the design of the amp
yeah but i was commenting on the pcb sloppiness more than performance

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mine are .07
because they ran out of .1
i dunno alot
i put .1
on the schema, thats what natsemi specs im pretty sure
its 1A
1A * .1V = .1W
it prob wouldnt hurt anything
does it go negative?
yeah if its oscillating @ 1mV sun 1Hz, whatever
i found them in schemas at work
for bigger discrete shit

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speakers, if its enough
yeh pretty much
yeah theyre good about that
like 100mV offset on the bridged amp, within spec
thats what im saying
50mV+50mV, more actually
but yeah thats on opposides of a bridge
hahah @ opposite + sides typo

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the ones with the servos and stuffs?
no, mostly time
and i want to test these servos out
mostly on the 1% vs 0.1%
also other hacker at work says he usually sees them oscillate at low speed
servo stabilized stuff
oh no i guess sees
well he prob means sub DC
so youd prob need a storage scope
sub 1Hz is 'dc'
heh, like i guess its not oscillation anymore its sinusoidal DC offset instability

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i think i might have that
my power donut.

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and have like 6 amps to do power speakers with
could try all sorts of diff setups, real quick
omg you are bleh at dsp crossovers!?
they exist but maybe just runs for products

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like ~70V for 8R, ~55V for 4R
its the same thing but you offset its ground
i think you maybe need output caps too
and that would be the big reason its not used for power amps
chipamps are low cost/minimalist
you know what would be neat?
smps to fit into a 1U rack to power dual LM3886
setup for stereo/bridge/parallel like PA amps
i dont think they make toroids small enough to do it
i really want to buy or make a dsp crossover

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dont remember is they had any curves for it
you want a mains switcher?
im sure someone makes them
we have some at work
i dont remember the china companies they come from tho
for LM3886?

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i dont want to solder them in them solder them to the final thing and crack them or something
yeah else id have done it
i wish i had access to a big mill
maybe less
could be either way
yeah if you got a good virtual ground setup
because youre lifted above normal ground noise
assuming it doesnt get into the virtual ground
but yeah you could get all sorts of shit from rails and ground and maybe rfi
because single supply is harder to design and you get less dynamic range for peak voltage
cuz if you fuckup virtual grounding/half supply bias stuff pssr and distortion can be way worse
natsemi has single supply app circuit

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no i got the metal tho
so i have to machine down the blocks a bit and buy standoffs and drill the plates at work
or maybe cnc them
i think maybe some blocks of wood hanging off the ends to clamp them by will work
so prob this week
i want to do an aluminum plate to mount the toroid to so it doesnt warp the back plate

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hmm wut
is that whole thing a giant steel plate
ha i thought the white stuff was leftover paste
wtf with those frames
i bet they fit into some sort of automatic paste squeegee machine
free always sucks, on way or another

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they laser cut them?
the frame is sized for your pcb?
or wat
its just a case?
k now im more confused

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F1 tonight
1st race w/ slicks in almost 10 years!

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response graphs of those are pretty nice
i have tang bands with the same bullet extension on the pole
no dustcap

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hi wat
its light, and its prob paper made from bamboo
i think parts express has a bunch of those
just those
neo motors
cheaper than kevlar/carbon/glass fiber reinforcement

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dioxide: its got some hardcore steel pieces inside
it doesnt even creak when i grab the top of the wheel and push/pull it back and forth
i guess next one better is g25
doesnt have a psx controller built into the wheel hub
but it has 6 way gated shifter
with two button on the steering wheel and i think like 6 on the console forward of the shifter
but i guess it has better feedback
two motors, and has a clutch

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i wonder how much if the week i spend typing with my chest on my feedback wheel
elbows out all funny
dfpro is pretty hardcore, ive had it maybe year now, used it at least couple times a week, im always leaning on it like an idiot

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haha what
so youre not just calling him a pedo, like he was a pedo
whats an icekiller
damn i always do macegr instead of macgyver0
no i mean who is this guy

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i dont think so
avrfreak prob didnt know what an avr was in 2001

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no idea
has he done it yet?
has he put any kind of pwm on an led yet?
it puts the value in the timer register for the win
i dont understand why this is taking him like 4 years already
im dissatisfied at the colors available
some geeks need to invent new colors already

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!avr on
aw is he gone?
i would have dug up some batteries for the camera
so he can see 5 way RGB beacon sim action
built is a bit of an overstatement
i hooked 5 shiftbrites up to an stk500\
tho i bought some perfboard to build the controller on today
and some of those 18W wallwarts from all

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