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hmm sure
send to email if you have that
pretty sure dcc isnt setup on this client
im reading the dspguide freebook thing
i am to the part right before the FFT stuff

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wtf you pay for music?
like from itunes?
way to not get your money to the band
im reading about dsp and fft stuff
we have dsp crossovers at work
2 into 6 units, i have a crush on them
behringer makes a $300 one
but then itd be a behringer
so yeah if i could learn how to do dsp filters, i could make my own little crossover god box

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05:49 <@MrTube> the 1970s ones were decent, anyting remotely recent is terrible
hes totally right
early 80s was like, eddie murphy and a bunch of fail
late 80s/early 90s was prob best recent shit
theres always funny shit every one in awhile
but i cant watch whole shows for like 10 years
brawn gp, yayay
formula one
fia stuff
ive beenm mostly boycotting for years
because of how stupid rules and enforcement got
and other really silly shit
my mom gets the tv stuff
if it were just me id just have internets

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some of them are really bad!
that ones better

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heh if the beats arent horrible that shit cracks me up
dunno thats how almost all slang is

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time i bet you are running lunix on two thing
okay, 1 = popcorn hour
okay cygwin and mingw count, so i bet on some virtual pc somehwre you has it tucked away
because they got when people not like them, for example you, go wtf are they saying why do they talk like that?
anyway good ragga vocals are pretty neat
its like brit cockney stuff, except not
np im typing over my wheel with my fingers wrapped in dental floss

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joshua_: heh what

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ive seen dual rails from dual secondary switcher transformers with only one side regulated
then someplace else there was this elaborate bjt sink/buffer/divider thing to flip the feedback polarity to feedback into the switcher

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heh @ 2 dozen
and what do you mean no regulation
like it had poor feedback response or just didnt have feedback

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15:05 <@Tekrad> 02:16PM <dioxide> porn that doesnt move is worthless
i would have just gone with that

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mrtube come back
want to know which heatsink pads he got for his chipamps

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its just a big 1/4hp motor and some pulleys
i hate how grandprix.com shows ads during page loads now
theyre prob overloaded now, shit is taking forever

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15K for a ridiculous amount of tooling
R8 taper
looks like they have ER20 holder as part of the package
hmm few weeks i think
SprutCAM 2007 w/USB Dongle (30691)
Alibre Design (30491)
tool indexer like a turret or something?

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because i drill from like .1" or something
and the colors are pretty consistent
have you seen the tormach stuff?
like $15k gets you a medium/small machine but like completely tooled up
its not desktop like the taig, alot bigger/thicker
oh that bitch professor from #electronics has one
Travel: 18. x 9.5. x 16.25. (X,Y,Z)
thats prob comparable to a haas minimill
but yeah its a stepper cnc, i dunno if it has feedback or what
its like 10K for the machine and a stand and some operators tools

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haha yes
i think i like the new rules
the wings are kinda stupid tho
i dvr'd it and woke up aftyer and watched the end that i missed
i think
yay barichello
brawn 1 2 finish
impressive for a team barely exists built from dead factory team
yeah i might get that
i could do multiple tool code
right now i cant i have to break up programs
because i need to set Z every time i change the tool in the ER collet setup
no the tools arent in fixed holders
like, 'cnc' style holders
and emc wont let you re-zero tools in the middle of a program
like, i can do multiple drills with the pcb drils

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so i can basically extend the table forward and to the sides
so i can hold big plates easy, repeatable

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i wonder how well the servos route around dual amps
so i have to buy single amps from digikey before i can test anyway
haha or do some horrible horrible hax shit with the dual amps and the dip sockets and maybe some phone wire
ac-130u: http://www.hightechsystemsllc.com/links_videos.html
check out top and bottom vids
its like $350, but you get 3 of those er16 quick change tool holders
the holders by themselves are $60 each =\
i think i might buy two of the tool plates in the last vid

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hmm fuck
i need to buy single channel opamps
so i guess china is like fuck single ch amps, theyre impossible to find
so yeah thats what most people do in designs
cmon do you really thing china has tons of $5-20 instrumentation amps lying around?
no but anything i do for work has to be with parts they have/can get
typically everything seems to use pretty generic parts
like shit thats been good for 20+ years
servos for chipamps
its a bridge parallel amp
so i put them right on the amps
haha i even bought a bunch of dual amps
no this is done
and no its not stereo
but its parallel
so i could have used two
well, duals, i used 2 per side of the bridge

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why is avrfreak doing my homework
who is throwt
so you are a stu spy
thats a good point

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or it has some adc junk so maybe not
oh but its heat input so maybe yes
yeah but if you wanna do oversampling or something

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heh @ 5 watt digipot
see: fet or relay switched resistors
hey man i dont ask why i just give solutions
i guess this is for an RC scr gate trigger?
because yeah we has better ways of making you timed
your project is neat because you can put it on like an external triggered 120Hz system timer and have eons of free processor time
can do avrseti or something

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