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i dont at work tho
sketchup can be really annoying
is it free like in money?
what is
dunno peoples keep showing up

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get a sander?
plexi is win
or steel sheet
nail it in
smiley steel ftmfw
mdf will erode
also prone to catostrophic failure
it doesnt bend so much like real wood
it just breaks like cheap cast metal
kinda folds and crumbles
yeah warps
plywood and thin lexan sounds pimp
at my cnc job everything was +1"
you mean inches
i thought you meant like sheets
im going to take a nap i think
yeh =(

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why arent you using a brace in the center
didnt you learn anything from fantastic contraption?
plywood is less sucky
it wont disintegrate on the edges like mdf

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heh, itd be fun to take my technics chipamp reciever to work to see how well it performs
heh, they meant it when they used the term monilithic back then
chip is like 4x2"

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anyway analyzers and level meters are pretty much always dB scale

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average that shit itll go away
oh theres not enough?
i know
i thought you were getting too much
should be more responsive looking
itll boost the lower values
so theyre more centered
lower like amplitude not frequency scale
the meter will look more saturated

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and i cant think of any super effective way to normalize well without lookahead on the music
which includes a delay/desync if youre just using some realtime FFT output values from itunes but i dunno
then yeah just average peaks for your limit
its usually mixed or just one channel
limit/clip lights you can do an OR on comparator outputs for each channel
which is kinda like what youre doing

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be a proper ninja and use a dB scale based on derived some max limit
er some derived max limit
fail insertion
danielson: i the FFT is linear scaling, convert to log, so you have more movement in your mid and high leds

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woo dialup
why is my scanner deciding to calibrate

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