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omg layer and grid profiles

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doesnt seem that bad

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so we should do it because breaking retarded laws is the american thing to do
macegr: what eagle are you using?

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im not sure they can
tho people who right laws are stupid at technology, i wouldnt be that surprised if it was felony evasion of copyright protection software

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ok so $50 eagle light is like for profit use
and i guess its free if im just fucking around
so you can play a game from the install without loading a cdrom
or yeah loading an iso into a virtual drive
you fix the exe so its just clickplay
i paid for morrowind i think i nocd fixed that
yeah thats why that type of crack is semi legitimate in not pirate situations

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ok scary
the only software ive paid for in years
was gtr2
and i had to nocd crack it because it thought my gcc loaded windows system was going to compromise it
like wtf if i was a honest law abiding person who didnt know how to fix software?
id have to like return the game and kill myself or something

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rab: if i pay for eagle is it forever?
do i get updates
i bet i dont
mother fuckers
you have spoken to german horses who program cad?
weeks, nice
so these are people in FL?
funny the HR people at work are in FL
they can take weeks with paychecks sometimes
oh fuckit we dont need the money
puts it in a stack

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fuck the servos use massive smt caps
def gotta have another business card for psu decoupling
you paid or what?
yeah but only once
then you learn
im not sure i think its possible
project dies
eh eh eh

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wait wtf
isnt eagle light free?
for real eagle
thats def tax deductible
quad 50W chipamps
parallel sets for configurable stereo/bridge/parallel operation
business card would be interesting
5W smt resistors and 0402
ssop buffer

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lots of programs prob run better on macs
media apps are weird, theyll drop windows before macs
like big commercial shit
well because fbsd isnt lunix
well thats neat
am i going to hate right click context menus?
what is 100x160mm
pls to be inches
and now you have discovered the beauty of tiered pricing

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rab: i has quad 2.4GHz and nv 9600gtx, with more memory on both than i remember
so it should be more ok than the last time i tried
wow that bad
no wonder i hated it on the barton 3200
you have gaming rigs
you prob have more machine than me
i dont even know what those number mean
i have 4gb
see it kinda sucks that it takes quad 2.4ghz and 4gb mem to make windows smooth and consistent
i never liked eagle on lunix
it always went slower on my hardware than in windows
linux on both?
yeah i tried it on nvidia driver for sure
and nv driver
pretty sure, i dont remember it being very diff
theres a mac version?

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radioshack dips always look dusty
and alot of their cap packs have stupidly short clipped leads like they were pulled off of devices
i dunno if i want to convert mine to all red or all green
120Hz ripple should be hard to notice
kinda the edge of visual perception
oh, h4x
so yeah thats prob noticable, heh

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i was giving advice to your pretend avrfreakin self
he took some test and is flaunting that percentile, no?
heh, i pwn on those tests
it obviously doesnt translate into practical life decisions!
if youre not a homeless wandering genius, you aint that bad
those people have truly let go, and have a credible hate for society
i was the poster boy for that shit

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efnet is assburgers defined
im def part of the 'so fucking what' school of psychology on that one
so youre a normal frustrated geek

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alice in chains second coming
use the group/cut thing
do you know about that yet?
dont copy
group and cut with all layers visible
you need to open the library, group the whole symbol or footprint, and cut it
then open the new library, do a new part or whatever, then paste and save
dude it took me like 3 or 4 years to figure that out
i wont even discuss my scratch symbol method
but its why theres a tqfp footprint in the adveclone lib for no reason
i just assumed group/cut/paste wouldnt work across libraries
and im still pissed you cant do it from control panel
or maybe you can with the new new version im still using eagle 4
rab: are you using new eagle yet?

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100W 4R stereo, or 200W parallel into 2R or 200W bridged into 8R
i want to do that, all the good pro audio amps at work are like that
omg media player found genesis in the 90s flac pile
wtf is this song about
oh great
george micheals
heh godsmack

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oh you mean chip for the servos?
i havent dought them
i want to do that
its standard in pro audio
and you can drive negative of one output
and always invert to that output
and brige from the inverting speaker- to the non-inverting speaker+
i think thats how car amps do it
then you need an inverter
to do both
i want to do that tho
have 4 LM3886
and have parallel pairs
so you can drive 100W into 2R
er no
okay 8R rails
parallel them, for 4R 100W operation
per channel, stereo operation
then you get 200W into 2R or 8R
yeah i think dual parallel sets with 8R rails
is prob most versatile

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im not wure bending lm3886 pins is sane
because theyre preformed
bending a crease again might weaken them, maybe hairline fuck them
oh, sry sec
two convos distracted
heh @ cadie autopilot
i think the smallest load on those amps is like 230K?
300uA, even if you somehow get 70v across that resistor
which wont ever, ever happen

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school, work, sleeping sometimes, etc
yeah at my worst/busiest, im still not worse than avrfreak
ha cool
oh, then whatever
but even if they do, if its a very small nick it prob just wears a tiny groove in the gibs
mrtube: eh
oh hmm
yeah for sure
but it all has to go thru vias
and let the power ones go to the bottom?
well, for production stuff, total ultimate fail
china girls would hate you
but for homebrew, sounds neat
you want to bend the back row back, tho?
thatll be interesting to solder

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did you make a lib?
haha and its not on a .1"?
dunno if i have one for LM4780
'routing power is harder with them all the way on the edge
blackmoon: hi!
mrtube: k found it
im just sending the lib for your biamps
with everything
blackmoon: lagging on all projects except the 5 way rgb ultra beacon sim

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(industrial tech trade show)
oh and i was pretty much done with the versatile LM3886 pcb
and wires
even without the symbols my schema are easy to read because i keep power rails straight, positive rails above ground and negative beneath
but i just had to rework grounding for the extra faston tabs i added
to bypass the output resistor

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you should be using the net tool to draw wires
else they wont always connect right
it looks like 3 green bars
with a big blue wire dimmed out
hover over it, it says net
if you use wire tool, itll do weird shit with net names and connected wires wont really connect
ground symbols are in the libraries
i dont use them, shrug
im going to westec tomorrow \o/

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power testing metal tweeters hurts =(
even thru mad hearing protection
for the dual 4780?
using eagle or just drawing it out?
you dont want to do the 4780s?
i dont think the layout will be much bigger either
because the width comes from the servo amps and the output resistors
and the power rail caps
so with a 4780 setup, you have the same width but you have to break out the traces from a central point
theyre effective
just cross them

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