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yeah i needed to aim it
i was stapling speaker gaskets onto 2x4' sheets of particle
like feet

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i dont make the decisions
theyre prob more expensive so no way itll happen at work
oh i know what you mean

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maybe is just sore be fine in the morning

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hmm i seemed to have fucked up my hand
staplegun yesterday, probably
trying to remember if i did something stupid and landed on my hand or wat

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try your links
i just got category pages for nuts, and precision acme nuts and flanges
mmmm haaaash
yeh def
you have to do a terminal page
with the add to order panel on the side
yeah i seen those there
never in the wild
looks shitty

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oh hes gone anyway
i was gonna say he should do basical int fail handling
reti;nop or jumps to a label with reti
with what
im still tripping you can direct link at mcmaster

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13:27 < danielson> I believe jmp is 2 bytes and rjmp is 1 byte
words, foolio
rjmp is 2 bytes, jmp is 4 bytes
rjmp has a range of like 256 or something
jmp can address all of dataspace
you use jmp in vector tables for uC with more flash
you can rjmp and nop but itll just create issues if youre code is elaborate
man fuck thinking this is too hard

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nop eggsalad end of line
sometimes he says random shit to no one
he didnt do that before

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