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timecop: naw this los angeles gov

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hmm fuck
case number on the check and on my receipt for payment dont match
like, the third of seven digits is off by one
but the $ amount is identical

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i sleep in a little slice of bed by the wall

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doesnt even have a phone number
i gotta clean my room up
i have like a big piece of cardboard on my bed that is like my workbench for weeks now

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servo spindle or badass 3 phase
sherline is 3/8"-20
their nut looks pussier
hmm what
i got a check
from ls superior court
for $1300
doesnt even come with a letter telling me why
fuck i dunno
i think i paid 1346 for the fix it shit from forever ago

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macegr: need more shiftbrites, or leds for them
acme thread prob isnt gonna be close to 20tpi on a 1/2" screw
it wont wear
its clamped between brass
yeah the nut is brass
its got way covers =)
kinda, youre missing th big stud that fits into a hole in the machine bed

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im not sure but i dont even think the taig has acme screws
just checked, def not
its like 1/2"-20, normal threads
and that somewhat consumable brass leadscrew nut
thats how they all were at school, if not worse
so you use the dro or a linear dial indicator or you just feed in one direction

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heh, shim stock
yeah their whole heads are on rotating surfaces
and you tram them by turning bigass bolts\
my minimill has a column rotates parallel with the Y axis
500 is prob broken or almost
tho maybe prices have dropped the way test gear prices have dropped

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it depends on the machine too, like who owned it
like ways just dont rust if you run the machine over the entite length of travelevery motning
keep everything oiled
but yeah you do all your work in a tiny area and dont ever reset the machine and dont ever oil it and yeah, sucks
tekrad: how much?
4 axis would be neat
i need to buy or hijack some cam software for it to really be worth it tho
blackmoon: its not a bridgeport

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theyre like industry standard cuz they dont suck
same with the haas stuff
its why theyre almost the only cnc builder left in america
blackmoon: we had ancient bridgeport mills and leblonde lathes
like chunks of machine missing from tool and chuck collisions
and we could do .001 if we were careful enough
our tables werent loose!
complicated machines
anyway, that machine is light
it wont last forever if youre using it hard
but youre not going to be doing crazy production shit with it
so i mean its prob okay

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manuals #1
controller, foolio
especially on older 80s stuff
as long as their not rusted
oh, yeah sucks
so they bypass the controller or what?
ucnc is what the controller runs?
i fucking hate windows for cnc control
theyre tanks

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blackmoon: newer cnc are usually built into tankish enclosures
and the controllers arent so basic
why they start at like $30k
old shit didnt even have guards
it was basically a basic mill with servos on ends of the axis
and like the controller above the table or in a box to the side
is that booklet the manual?

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so like just a mill with the controller thing?
like, without guards or an enclosure
heh the 80s controller on the school bridgeport was goofy
older thing
yeah still usefull
dont be running with knives

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tekrad: what kind, how big
tekrad: i went to westec on thursday
haas brought the most stuff by far, and alot of the toolmakers were using haas mills to demo their shit
heh, fadal is totally pwnt i guess, not even there
hmm, so spindle on a multiaxis thing or what?
oh like robotool a company

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we had a ficus tree in the dining room when i was a kid

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