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danielson: ive only used 555 in lab =\
and wtf @ engine flare
'engine speed flare' just sounds like a change in engine acceleration
they dont like, try to quantify it somewhere?
whats it for
power on upshift and traction control?
or what

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i think maybe its time to get gecko drives
or maybe i can stick something goofy on the d shaft and damp the resonance

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sucks i have some weird 7 ipm resonance issue

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k i found a pyramid cutter that wasnt labeled broke that looks wicked pointy
rewound a bit, is like recutting without barely cutting anything

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it broke more

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all i could find was pyramid cutters in a vial marked BROKEN
broken in red ink
so i really meant it
seem to be working ok

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so what i love about the taig, i leave it sit for weeks or months, i turn on the drivers and run emc and it acts like it always does
30 ipm rapids like whatever
i really need to break it down and clean it =\
so far eagle 5 pcb gcode is non fail

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yes i am fakeracing
every sunday, yo
efnet historic gt
there is like 20 of us, maybe half are #cars heads, most of us even show up

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omg i got points
houston alms/champ street course = teh suck

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pfft wood router would suck at pcb
also itd have to be huge to be sexy
have no space

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about to do some single sided thru hole pcb shit
i think im just going to machine off the component side with an endmill

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haha what

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blackmoon: heheh rawk
also i guess i officially like eagle 5
kill it with something
we are racing at this fucked up houston track tonight
where they do champ car and american lemans
fucking sucks
i hope stimulous bill has money to fix tha track in this game
if you hit any curb it flips your car over, and theres cracks and changes in road material and stupid big radius turns which obviously a mini sucks at
its like redneck monaco

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tekrad: trying to find paranoia media guys claims its mandatory service, but it kinda just looks like $ for community service and tutoring and shit
doesnt seem mandatory
lawyer speak is the suck

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danielson is maybe about the age that it affects him

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heh neat

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